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Short Story Unit: Plot & Structure

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1 Short Story Unit: Plot & Structure
AP English Literature

2 August 31 Agenda Background on Graham Greene, London Blitz, & Christopher Wren Discuss Graham Greene’s “The Destructors” Essay test: “The Child By Tiger” & “The Destructors” Homework: review stories up to this point

3 Contextual Information, “The Destructors”
Boy against ruined background: Image of St. Paul’s Cathedral during Blitz: People sleeping in subway stations during Blitz: Winston Churchill image: chill.html Sir Christopher Wren ( ) Astronomy professor, became Britain’s main architect to rebuild after 1666 Great Fire in London: supervised all work on palaces and rebuilt 51 churches often using the old foundations to save $ ( St. Paul’s Cathedral:

4 Destructors discussion ?’s p. 124
Raise your hand if you’d like to begin discussion on a question. After the first response we’ll take follow up and clarification from other students. Listen carefully to each other and check interpretations against the story. Offer text- based responses to each question.

5 Essay test (40 min.) Essay Topic: In serious fiction, no act of violence exists for its own sake. In both “The Child by Tiger” and “The Destructors,” the central event of the plot is a violent action or actions that might make the headlines on the evening news. In a well-organized essay, explain how the author of one of these stories gives significance to this action(s) – makes it reveal a general truth about human experience. Do not summarize the plot but do refer to details of the text in support of your argument. Write about only one story. Timer link:

6 Homework Review stories up to this point. Make sure your story cards are in excellent shape and that you have several entries in your vocabulary bank.

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