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Saint Paul’s Cathedral Ophelia Luhur Kristin Pomeroy.

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1 Saint Paul’s Cathedral Ophelia Luhur Kristin Pomeroy

2 2 The First Three St. Paul’s First built in 604 AD Wooden church established by King Ethelbert of Kent Destroyed by fire Rebuilt by St. Erkenwald Destroyed by fire by the Vikings (1087) Third took 150 years to complete (1240)

3 3 Great Fire of London Destroyed Old Saint Paul’s in 1666 Charles II appointed Christopher Wren as architect for the New Saint Paul’s in 1668 Destroyed the Old Saint Paul’s First time an English cathedral was completed within the lifetime of the original architect

4 4 New Saint Paul’s The whole cathedral was finished in 1710 First section to be completed was the Quire, opened for worship in 1697 First service was a thanksgiving for peace because of war between England and France

5 5 Saint Paul’s Survives the Blitz Cathedral became an inspiration to the British people during World War II During the German’s attack (“Blitzkrieg”), St. Paul’s survived major bomb damages while buildings in the surrounding areas were demolished

6 6 Purposes of Saint Paul’s Central purpose is to bring people closer to God Focal point for trade Fortresses and sanctuaries in times of war Vast status symbol  Reflection of wealth and power of England

7 7 Please click on buttons for more information: Please click on buttons for more information: Bell and Lantern Golden Gallery Dome Stone Gallery Whispering Gallery Cathedral Floor Crypt

8 8 Bell and Lantern The ball and cross weigh approximately 7 tons For safety reasons, visitors are not allowed to visit the top

9 9 The Golden Gallery Runs around the highest point of the dome 530 steps from the ground floor Wren had to be hauled up in a basket each week to supervise the work, he was 76 Wren watched his son put the last stone in position

10 10 Dome Built in the shape of a cross, with the dome crowning the intersection of the arms Weighs 65,000 tons Supported by 8 pillars

11 11 Stone Gallery One of the two galleries above the Whispering Gallery that encircled the outside of the dome Can be reached by 378 steps

12 12 Whispering Gallery Runs around the interior of the dome Named so because a whisper is carried through to the opposite side of the room

13 13 Cathedral Floor 1. Nave 2. North Aisle 3. South Aisle 4. Dome 5. North Transept 6. South Transept 7. Quire 8. North Quire Aisle 9. South Quire Aisle 10. Apse

14 14 21 3 45 6 879 10

15 15 The Crypt Largest in Europe Nelson’s Tomb Wellington’s Tomb Wren’s Tomb OBE Chapel The Treasury

16 16 Miscellaneous Monday through Saturday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM £6, or £5.50 for groups over 10 people Crypt Café St. Paul's Cathedral Homepage

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