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Engaging school districts to Enhance Kindergarten Readiness.

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1 Engaging school districts to Enhance Kindergarten Readiness



4 Four Key Measures 1.Kindergarten Readiness: Ohio’s Kindergarten readiness assessment (KRA-L) 2.Third Grade Reading: Ohio’s Achievement Assessment 3.Transition to High School: #of students who earned at least 5 credits in core classes by end of 9 th grade 4.Exit from High School: # of students who earned college credit in high school; % enrolled in college and graduating within 6 years

5 Ensure all children in Montgomery County are ready for kindergarten and reading proficiently by third grade.

6 ReadySetSoar Advisory Cabinet 1.Public School District 2.Private Child Care 3.Head Start 4.Home Visiting 5.Private Foundation 6.County Staff 7.County Department of Job & Family Services (subsidized child care) 8.PBS 9.University faculty 10.United Way

7 ReadySetSoar Early Learning Strategies 1.Kindergarten Readiness 2.Summer & After School Learning 3.School Attendance

8 Measure of Success: KRA-L scores BandScoresAssess for… 10-13Intense instruction 214-23Targeted instruction 324-29Enriched instruction KRA-L is Ohio’s Kindergarten Readiness Assessment-Literacy given within the first six weeks of school

9 Measure of Success: Gains on KRA-L Source: Montgomery County averages calculated from Ohio Department of Education Reports. KRA-L is Ohio’s Kindergarten Readiness Assessment – Literacy given at the beginning of the kindergarten year.

10 Roadblocks to Kindergarten Readiness 1.Disconnect and misconception between preschool and K-12 2.Lack of a common understanding of kindergarten readiness 3.Lack of community awareness and engagement 4.Lack of local longitudinal data about the impact of preschool

11 8 Ways We’ve Taken Down the Roadblocks

12 Summit Icon/Pictures #1: Kindergarten Readiness Summit

13 #2: Community definition of kindergarten readiness Handout: Kindergarten Readiness Skills

14 “Ready Formula” Framework

15 #3: Community Campaign

16 #4: Readiness Coalitions Video

17 Community Fact Sheets

18 #5: Passport to Kindergarten

19 #6: Kindergarten Parent Survey Handout

20 Handout: “Why a Preschool Promise?”

21 KRA-L is a good predictor of 3 rd grade reading success

22 Key Finding from Survey Low-income students who attended 4-year-old preschool scored on average 2-3 points higher on the KRA-L.

23 1,300 Low Income not attending PreK

24 #7: ROI Calculation Handout: Wilder Research Full Report at

25 Third Grade Reading Connection Secure dollars to allow ReadySetSoar to connect kindergarten readiness with third grade reading. Local Data says Preschool Promise is a good investment

26 Nearly 1 in 3 not Reading books Third Grade Reading Guarantee

27 Read On! Toolkit #8: Read On! Community Engagement

28 0 Ritika Kurup Assistant Director, ReadySetSoar 937-236-9965 office Tom Lasley Executive Director, Learn to Earn Dayton 937-229-5773 office


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