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1 BIRTH THROUGH 3 RD GRADE (B3) KCUSD Implementation

2 Birth through 3 rd Grade Challenge Reading proficiency by third grade is one of the single most important predictors of high school graduation and career success. The Birth Through Third Grade Challenge is working to significantly increase the percentage of Fresno County children reading at grade level by third grade.

3 57% of Fresno County’s 15,000 third graders are reading below grade level 80% of English Language Learners 66% of Economically Disadvantaged Students Fresno County’s Reading Gap

4 Fresno County B3 Goals  Engage districts and schools to develop birth through third systems  Engage and align community partners  Identify key policy and practice changes required for children to be successful

5 Birth through 3 rd Grade (B3)  Collaborative effort to implement intentional, integrated, and sustainable systems of support for families  Focus on prenatal through 5 years of age – early intervention  3 rd grade reading as critical benchmark of short and long term success

6 B3 Sponsoring Partners

7 B3 Challenge Districts  Central Unified School District  Firebaugh-Las Deltas Unified School District  Fowler Unified School District  Fresno Unified School District  Kings Canyon Unified School District

8 B3 Challenge Phases  Design Phase – September 2013 to April 2014  Implementation Phase – Began in the 2014/15 School Year  Districts receive matching funds to implement their plans over a multi-year period  Attend series of Professional Learning Community meetings  Receive coaching and technical assistance

9 KCUSD Demographics  9,954 students total - 3,299 k through 3 rd  70% students qualify for free and reduced lunch. Washington – 91% Lincoln – 93.6% Jefferson-93.3%  30% are English Language Learners. Washington – 47% Lincoln – 60.4% Jefferson – 64.1%  31% of 3 rd graders are proficient in reading Washington –29% Lincoln – 18% Jefferson – 46%

10 KCUSD Video

11 Systems Change Effort Meeting Parents before child’s birth Early Intervention 0-5 Preschool Parent Academy Parents Involved in child’s education Meeting Parents at Kindergarten Entrance Interventions: Preschool & 1 st Grade P.T.C. Involvement limited From: To:

12 KCUSD’s B3 Scope of Work  3 Main Goals  1.) Establish formal partnerships with early care providers and agencies across the community to build professional staff capacity, align curriculum, and coordinate program services in order to enhance learning within our common children and families from pregnancy to 3 rd grade.  2.) Create a systematic approach to screening children 0-5 and providing necessary services and supports for children and their families.  3.) Develop and strengthen the Parent Academy program at Washington and Lincoln Elementary Schools.

13 Hired Key Personnel  B3 Systems Coordinator  Experience in ECE quality and Special Needs Services  Social Workers  Full time for each challenge school

14 KCUSD Implementation - Preschool  Opened additional preschools – 5 total in the district  Washington – 5 Stars  Dunlap  Jefferson  A.L. Conner  McCord

15 KCUSD Preschool  Align Curriculum - Blueprints  Establish weekly planning meetings  CSEFEL Teaching Pyramid  Enroll all KCUSD preschools in the Fresno County Early Stars (QRIS)  Achieve 3 or higher star rating

16 Parent Academy  Washington and Lincoln offering classes for parents  Inspired by Jefferson’s Parent Education program  Classes began September 15 th

17 Parent Academy  ESL  Computer Literacy  Latino Literacy  Parenting Partners  The Successful Woman  Health/Nutrition  Gymboree

18 Gymboree Play and Music  Develop cognitive, physical, & social skills through play  Parents learn to play with their children & understand their child’s development  Specialized equipment used

19 Parent Academy’s Mission Statement  The mission of Parent Academy is to provide parents with educational opportunities to integrate them into the district, and connect them to our community. Parent Academy seeks to empower parents by increasing their awareness of and involvement in their children’s education so that all students can achieve their highest potential.

20 Health & Nutrition Workshop

21 Parenting Partners

22 Washington Before…..

23 Washington Daycare After

24 Lincoln Before…

25 Lincoln Daycare After…

26 B3 Next Steps  Establish unified screening and referral process  Establish partnerships – KC Kids, EPU, CVRC, Public Health Nurses, CIBC  Connect families to school based health center – Adventist Health  Connect Family Child Care Homes and Center based ECE programs to KCUSD  Share PD resources  ASQs & establish standard referral process

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