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By: Emily Williams, Dennice Anderson, Tania Jachens, Maria Emilia Jaramillo.

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1 By: Emily Williams, Dennice Anderson, Tania Jachens, Maria Emilia Jaramillo

2 The overall idea of our project is to present how fashion has transcended through time. Each of us has a decade and we will have two pictures, the first picture will present the fashion trend of the time in its actual context (which portrays the historical context of the time) and the other picture will have the fashion trend in a contemporary context. This will compare the effect that that trend had on its actual time and the effect it has now.

3 The 1950’s was filled with a lot of trends that ultimately made its way back to the scene in the 2000’s. Take the Pencil Skirt for example, it was a prominent look during the 1950’s and was a look that everyone desired. Throughout the years, pencil skirts vanished from the scene and making a come back. A modern twist on the pencil skirt is a Latex look. The Latex pencil skirt is a new look on something that has been on and off the runway for many years. This is something that is fresh new and definitely something new with the old.

4 One of my pictures will have a picture of Twiggy (fashion icon of the 60’s) wearing a really cute outfit of the time; the picture will be colorful and iconic. Then I will fit her into scenery of a modern city, with all the traffic and the people walking on the background. The background will be in black and white and probably dimmed. So, she would be the focal point of the picture. This will create a contrast between the actual time and this trend that is coming back. May be there can be a phrase at the bottom of the picture with some “slang” from 60’s.

5 The 70’s was dominated by a lot of opposition and protest to many different issues, one of those issues was the Vietnam War. People of this time began to advocate peace. Because of the events going on in history at this time my image will depict a protest going on in the background. The background will be faded and I will have picket signs and symbols of world peace placed around the image. The focal point of this image will be a model wearing the clothes of the seventies. She will have a mini skirt, platform shoes, and will hold a picket sign I her right hand. This will demonstrate how the fashion of the seventies was greatly influenced by events in history. The fashion was in a sense rebellious so that will be the message that my image will give off.

6 The 1980’s were a time of great social and economic change, which can be seen in the wilder trends as compared to the 70’s. The background will be an empty classroom, reflecting the trend-setting importance of teenagers and the prevalence of high school coming-of-age movies that came out in the 80’s. Since Madonna rose to stardom in the 80’s as a fashion and music icon, an image of her will be the focal point of the picture. Madonna will have a pair of Converse high top sneakers hanging from her hand, as well as several other 80’s trends near her feet. There will be an MTV logo on the board, a picture of Michael Jackson on the cover of a nearby book, and a poster of Ferris Bueller on the wall.

7 Since fashion always reuses trends from past decades, slightly toned down 80’s trends can still be seen today. Since Madonna is still very popular due to her music and constantly changing image, she will once again be the focal point of the picture. The background of this picture will be a laser concert with Madonna performing on stage (in 80’s-esque clothing). The fans cheering in the audience will be people dressed in 80’s clothes that can be seen on today’s runways.

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