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2010-11 Inaugural General Meeting October 18, 2010 WELCOME.

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1 2010-11 Inaugural General Meeting October 18, 2010 WELCOME

2 Please Sign In On the White or Yello Cards – Put your name, today’s date October 18, 2010; and sign it After 7pm please use the other color card When completed please give all cards to Freddy Roman

3 AGENDA 1)Account Status 2)Service Awards 3)Registration Overview 4)New Fingerprinting Procedure 5)Book Packets 6)Important FHSAA Dates 7)State Series Clinics 8)Commissioners & Season Dates 9) Varsity & JV sked review 10) Mentor Program 11)Meeting Dates – Key Dates 12)Committee Introductions – Training Dates 13)Evaluations 14)Our Uniform 15)Rules & Mechanics Changes 16)Liability 17)Other Business

4 INTRODUCTIONS Executive Board President – Lee Lazerson 1 st Vice President – Jermaine Gammage 2 nd Vice President – Carl Lendinara Treasurer – Robert Wicker Secretary – Freddy Roman Sergeant of Arms – Darryl Williams Booking Commissioner – Harry Kennedy Rules Interpreter – Dave Dunning

5 ACCOUNT STATUS Wachovia $11,118.63 Paypal$ 680.84 TOTAL$11,799.47


7 Jim Mulchay Award Rookie of the Year 2009-10 Presented To Ruben Troncoso

8 Bill McFadden Award School demonstrating exceptional hospitality towards our officials 2009-10 Presented To Coach Jason Looky

9 WELCOME NEW REGISTRANTS We have over 45 new people who have completed, or in the midst, of registering for this season. New Officials Intros


11 If you have not registered: For the BCBOA go to For the FHSAA returning officials: FHSAA new officials : Returning Officials: Register with the BCBOA ( online $55 includes a $10 Late New Officials: $45

12 Registration Status REGISTRATION OVERVIEW

13 ~184 Registrations to-date (includes) Fully completed Only FHSAA Only BCBOA Over 45 Brand New or returning after years of absence When you are complete and fully paid, Harry is notified to add you to Arbiter

14 Registered with FHSAA but have not completed registration with BCBOA Need Registration Form or Payment Jimmy Batmasian* Bill Berry Teddy Brown Joe Calamaro David Clark Gwen Smith-Clark* Mark Desrosier Paul Diaz Clarence Dixon Yancey Durham Myra Forman Fred Goldman Benjamin Marcello* Jamison McKire* Mark Montimurr Derwin Moore Marc Pavao Bob Perlman Richard Plaskett Warren Powers* Ira Schwartz* Anthony Smith Robert Snyder Percy Stubbs Marc Thomas* Mallory Thompson* Glen Wilder Roosevelt Young * Need just payment

15 Registered with BCBOA but not with FHSAA Geri Bartelle John Bass* Damon Bates Nickisha Burger** Christopher Clarke* Fredrick Conroy* Keith Dunbar* Mark Egger* Barry Fishman* Bill Friedman** Marcellus Green* Rafael Guzman* Derrick Harris* *Need just BCBOA payment **Need just BCBOA registration Randy Hively* Arnold Hopkins Dimitry Joachim* Darrell Jones* James Jones* Jay Judson* Charles LaRue Robert Lee Ramon Looby* Rafael Mainardi* Horatio Major Sean Reynolds* Johnny Richardson* Bryon Rostanzo Mike Rush* Jeffrey Schofield** Jarrod Spann* Jim Todd Ryan Wechsler* Washington Woodburn

16 New and/or Transfer Officials Registration and Fingerprinting Procedure 1.Register and pay with BCBOA 2.Register and pay with FHSAA 3.Your BCBOA registration is sent to L1 ID w/out your SS# 4.L1 ID sends you a customer ID# and the locations where you can get fingerprinted for $94.50 and then $20 per year after initial year. 5.L1 ID notifies BCAA when you have cleared the background check 6.Must mail or give copy of SS Card to me. I will give this to BCAA. 7.BCAA, when you are cleared, provides you with a Vendor # to be used for all home Public School games

17 BOOKS You must be fully registered and paid with BCBOA and FHSAA to receive Included in packet are” Rules Book Case Book Exam and Exam Key FHSAA Insurance Coverage Overview Patch Access Card FHSAA Pregame Statement NOTE: There were no Officials Manual. However….


19 FHSAA CALENDAR IMPORTANT DATES Books and Info will be sent out from the FHSAA by Sept 3 rd BCBOA Training Sessions are due to the FHSAA by Sept 17 th October 1 – Winter Registration Deadline October 8 – 21 Winter Rules Video Presentations Online October 22 – October 27 Online Open Book Exams Nov 1st – Written Closed Book (6:30PM) November 4 – 15 Online Closed Book Exams December 3 – 7 Online Make-Up Exams December 7 – Last day to Register Winter Sports January 14 – State Series Recommendations are due DONE

20 BCBOA 10-11 Training Dates Note: If you attended our State Field Clinic in June or are planning on attending one of the remaining SFCs; you will not have to attend the Three- Man training sessions on Oct 23 or Nov 6




24 2010-11 FHSAA WINTER SPORTS CALENDAR JV begins Week of Nov 20 MS begins Nov 22, playoffs begin January 10

25 2010-11 Varsity and JV Public School Overview Varsity – There will be games every night of the week. Dominant nights are Tues and Fri Majority of nights it is girls/boys Varsity contests beginning at 6pm at same location Some nights will be single nights with Varsity game at 7pm JV – Vast majority of games will be played on Saturdays Saturdays 9a – 2p Ten Sites 3 Schools at each of ten sites in Round Robin Play Game every hour Six (6) min Quarters Five (5) min halves

26 2010-11 JV Public School Vendor Payment JV Vendor Payments One contact at the school Hand each vendor form to that one contact That contact will put your vendor form in the correct “pony” envelope so the correct school receives and can process payment Know who the visiting school is for the game(s) you do Follow up promptly to see AD received form Advice is to not let it go past a week to see if form was received


28 Experienced officials in support of our newer officials New JV Schedule lends itself well for program Goals: Observation, advisement, partnership, support Commitment for one season Mentor Goals – Pregame, constructively during, and post game guidance, effective communication skills Mentee Goals – Observation. Listen effectively and ask questions

29 BCBOA 2010-11 MEETING DATES On the Website

30 KEY MEETING 2010-11 DATES September 20 Genr’l Mtg – Seek approval for changing dates in our governance to offer Amendments. If approved, we will review proposed changes in governance and amendments. MUST be a member in good standing to vote (all BCBOA and FHSAA Registration and dues paid- no suspensions). Arbiter Training October 18 Genr’l Mtg – Vote on Amendments. MUST be a member in good standing to vote (all BCBOA and FHSAA Registration and dues paid- no suspensions). Arbiter Training. Test Review. December 27 – List of 42 Publicized January 3 – January 16 - Interest and Nominations for Board of Directors January 10 Genr’l Mtg – List of 42 Approved. January 24 Genr’l Mtg – Formal nominations for Board of Directors, seconds and candidate presentations. Mon, Feb 7 7am through Wed, Feb 9 11:59:59pm – On-Line Elections for Board of Directors Feb 15 Genr’l Mtg – Presentation of Elected Candidates, annual review

31 CHARITABLE GIVING Our Association would like to add a charitable component to what we do November 15 General Meeting - December 13 General Meeting - KEY MEETING 2010-11 DATES


33 Committees Board Liaison – Freddy Roman Assignment Committee Pete Battaglia, Teddy Brown, Israel Hepburn Board Liaison – Freddy Roman Grievance Committee Scott Puleo, Jerrod Neal, Alan Senger Board Liaison – Robert Wicker Hospitality Committee PJ Battaglia, Geri Bartelle, Jeremy Westbrooks Board Liaison – Carl Lendinara Training Committee Dan Eberly, Jeff Eicholtz, Bob McKinney

34 Committees Board Liaison – Darryl Williams Evaluation Committee Curtis Evans, Bryan Chouinard, Melissa Thomas COMMITTEE INTRODUCTIONS Board Liaison – Jermaine Gammage Recommendations Committee Dave Bowie, David Cheeseborough, Jay Pitts, Eddie Santana, Phil Serfass All five members vote State Series Crews Guidelines

35 STATE SERIES CREW GUIDELINES & STRUCTURE Our goal was too provide an environment where the best officials can excel and more opportunity can be given to those who put the work in to achieve a higher standard of officiating. Minimum Requirements Member in-good-standing with BCBOA and FHSAA Rank 1 or 2 official State Field Clinic within past four years BCBOA Three-Man Training (unless you went to SFC in June or planning on attending this Fall)

36 STATE SERIES CREW GUIDELINES & STRUCTURE 1.No member of Recommendation Committee on first two crews for boys or girls. – approved by Board on 4/26/09 2.No general member can be on top Two Crews for girls and boys in same season. – approved by Board on 4/26/09 3.If on State Crew in any given year, the following year you can be on State Crew for opposite sex competition only. – approved by Board on 4/26/09 4.Any member cannot attend States, boys and/or girls for more than two years in a row. – approved by Board on 4/26/09

37 STATE SERIES CREW GUIDELINES & STRUCTURE 5.If you went to States in previous year you can be no higher than Crew#3 for the same sex in the coming year. – approved by Board on 9/20/09 6.Transfers to the BCBOA cannot be on Crews 1, 2 or 3 in their first year with the Association. - approved by Board on 4/26/09 7.If you are on a State Series Crew and the State removes you from that crew, you will be no higher than the fifth (5th) Crew in the following year. (exception, if Exec Board disagrees with removal) If you give back a regional assignment two years in a row, you will be removed from the list in the third year. - approved by Board on 9/20/09


39 If you are an official that wants to move up in rank, We have some three man and two man game opportunities coming up that we can get you evaluated. Your evaluation will then be included in your score to determine your rank. Please email me, if you are a JV official wanting to move up to Varsity…You will be evaluated on three-man mechanics Or a JV official wanting a higher level of JV game

40 OUR UNIFORM ~ cost $185.00 HONIGS will be at Oct 18 th meeting

41 RULES AND MECHANICS CHANGES Dave Dunning – BCBOA Rules Interpreter


43 NFHS Changes - 2-8-5; 3-3-8 Changed the guidelines and procedures for identifying and removing a player who exhibits signs, symptoms and/or behaviors consistent with a concussion. CONCUSSION PROCEDURE REVISED (2-8-5; 3-3-8): Any player who exhibits signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion must be immediately removed from the game and shall not return to play until cleared by an appropriate health-care professional. The previous rule directed officials to remove an athlete from play if “unconscious or apparently unconscious.” The previous rule also allowed for return to play based on written authorization by a medical doctor. The new rule requires that any player who exhibits signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion, such as loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, confusion or balance problems, shall be immediately removed from play and shall not return until cleared by an appropriate health-care professional. Officials, coaches and administrators should be looking for signs of concussion in all athletes and should immediately remove any suspected concussed athlete from play and make every effort to ensure a concussed athlete does not continue to participate.

44 From: [] Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 1:12 PM To: Shanell Young Cc: Subject: Concussion Rules Change (2-8-5; 3-3-8) Shanell, At the Evaluation Camp you discussed the new rule change regarding Concussions. You also mentioned that the FHSAA will be sending clarifications regarding the "signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion," and what constitutes a "Health-Care professional." Our Association believes that there is opportunity for liability regarding this issue and would like to have, in writing, what the FHSAA recommended protocol is in how to handle concussions and/or potential concussions of student athletes. Thank you very much. --Lee Lazerson President, BCBOA 954-464-6134 CONCUSSION PROCEDURE REVISED (2-8-5; 3-3-8):

45 Lee, This will be detailed in the rules presentation, which I am currently working on. It will Include a step by step protocol. One thing that the NFHS has said is that the officials will not have to get anything in writing, and your role would be only to remove the athlete from the floor. You will not have to worry about who the health care professional is. The liability would rest on the coach and school to have the athlete released by an appropriate health care professional. Shanell Young Director of Athletics 352-372-9551 ext.310 August 25, 2010 1:18 pm CONCUSSION PROCEDURE REVISED (2-8-5; 3-3-8):

46 NFHS Changes - 3-5-3a The list of permissible headband and wristband colors was changed to include any single solid school color.

47 Specific rules were added to address the unsporting acts of a player leaving the playing court for an unauthorized reason to demonstrate resentment, disgust or intimidation and team members leaving the bench area and/or playing court for an unauthorized reason. NFHS Changes - 10-3-6i; 10-5-5

48 NFHS EDITORIAL CHANGES 3-3-1a NOTE; 4-34-2 Clarified that when a substitute is not properly reported, the players in the game at the conclusion of the quarter/when the time-out was granted shall begin play for the new quarter/after the time- out. During an intermission, all team members are bench personnel for the purpose of penalizing unsporting behavior.

49 NFHS EDITORIAL CHANGES 3-4-2d Clarified that a school or conference logo/mascot may be located at the apex/opening of the neckline, in the corresponding area on the back of the jersey and/or in the either side insert. 3-4-2d Clarified that a school or conference logo/mascot may be located at the apex/opening of the neckline, in the corresponding area on the back of the jersey and/or in the either side insert.

50 NFHS EDITORIAL CHANGES 3-5-2 Clarified the requirements for guards, casts and braces and that a protective face mask shall be worn molded to the face.

51 NFHS EDITORIAL CHANGES 4-4-7d Clarified that the ball is at the disposal of a player when it is available after a goal and the official begins the throw-in count.

52 NFHS EDITORIAL CHANGES 7-6-6 Clarified that when the ball is awarded to the wrong team, the mistake must be rectified before the throw-in ends.

53 RULES, MECHANICS AND POINTS OF EMPHASIS 2010-11 POINTS OF EMPHASIS 1. Rules Enforcement 2. Sportsmanship 3. Perimeter Play 4. Closely-guarded Situations 5. Principle of Verticality

54 LIABILITY September 2010 Referee Magazine, page 68 }

55 PROPOSED AMENDMENT 1a) Change Article IX Section 2 of the Constitution to be as follows: "Any member in good standing may sponsor an amendment to the Constitution. A preliminary draft of a proposed amendment may be submitted to the Executive Board at any meeting for inclusion on the agenda (presentation to the general membership followed by discussion) at the October meeting. The final draft of the proposed amendment must be submitted to the Executive Board no later than the September General Meeting of the year. Amendments to change the Constitution will be voted on by roll call ballot at the October meeting of the year. Proposed changes become adopted by two-thirds (2/3) vote of a quorum (one-third of total members-in-good-standing) of those member officials present, in good standing and voting. Quorum members must be present and be members-in-good-standing”


57 OTHER BUSINESS Training 1 st - 3 rd Year Officials – Tomorrow American Heritage Next General Meeting October 18 th


59 Sign In with email and password An ArbiterSports Tutorial presented by your BCBOA

60 You are now into the system. See Tabs above for MAIN (screen you are on), SCHEDULE, PAYMENTS, BLOCKS, LISTS, MY REFEREE, AND PROFILE. Any announcements of general interest will be here as will as on

61 Click on PROFILE tab. Under PREFERENCES adjust Date Range Calendar, Page Size and Printing format to your personal preferences.

62 Still in PROFILE tab, under INFORMATION. Add your personal information. Then click on Phones. Add/change your phone numbers. Then click on Picture and upload your picture.

63 Still in PROFILE tab, under INFORMATION. Add/change your phone numbers. Click on the green + to add phone numbers. To Delete, hit the Red X. See below. When you are finished with your phone numbers and SAVED them hit EXIT Once you add/change your phone numbers hit the SAVE icon.

64 Browse your personal files to choose an appropriate picture then hit UPLOAD.

65 When your INFORMATION section is completed, click on the READY button and then hit SAVE.

66 Still under PROFILE click on the PASSWORD section when adding or changing your password.

67 Prior to the season or a scheduling period, if there are days, or parts of a day that you are unable to ref, you will need to BLOCK them out. If you do not BLOCK them and you are scheduled a game, you will be charged a “Turnback” if you are unable to officiate that game. { BLOCKS

68 If you are scheduling a BLOCK for an entire day. Click on the radio button for “Block All Day.” Then go to the Date Range section put in your date(s), and click on the day of the week, and then hit “Apply.” Do this for all the days throughout the season you know you will be unable to work. The date box in the calendar will be in RED for all BLOCKED days. } Date Range

69 If you are scheduling a BLOCK for a part of a day. Click on the radio button for “Block Part Day.” Then go to the Date Range section put in your date(s), and click on the day of the week. Also, go the Time Range section and put the specific times of that day that you are unable to work. Assume at least a half hour drive time if you would like to work games on this day. Then hit “Apply.” Do this for all the days throughout the season you know you will be unable to work parts of a day. The date box in the calendar will be in PINK for all parts of day that are BLOCKED. Hit EXIT when complete with all your Full Day BLOCKS and Part Day BLOCKS. } Date Range } Time Range

70 If you are Clearing either a full day or part day BLOCK. Hit the radio button for Clear Blocks. In the Date Range section put the date and day that you are clearing. Hit “Apply.” Your dates will be cleared and no RED or PINK color will appear. Then hit EXIT. } Date Range

71 To View your Schedule of games, Click on the SCHEDULE tab. Your games will appear in the white space above. You can adjust the View of your schedule By Day, Week or Month by clicking on that specific view. GAMES WILL APPEAR IN THIS SPACE

72 Under the LISTS tab, you can view an OFFICIALS list…


74 …a SITES list which will link to directions when you click on a school’s address…

75 …and the TEAMS lists available for each school.

76 Under the MY REFEREE tab there are resources regarding basketball, officiating, exercise and mental fitness; as well as other links to help you with your officiating career.

77 If you have any questions, please contact me at Don’t forget to SIGN OUT. Thank you.





82 WEBSITE OVERVIEW Training Tools }






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