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Worry-Free Security Solutions Client Server Messaging Security SMB 3.5 Customer Presentation [Name and title] [Date]

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1 Worry-Free Security Solutions Client Server Messaging Security SMB 3.5 Customer Presentation [Name and title] [Date]

2 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 2 Agenda Threat landscape Costs to businesses New Worry-Free Security Solution Release (Client Server Messaging Security for SMB 3.5) Competitive Advantages Customer Benefits

3 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 3 How Large is the Malware Industry? The FBI claims financial loss from spyware and other computer-related crimes have cost U.S. businesses $62 Billion in ,150 unique phishing variations counted in August 2006 by the Anti-Phishing Working Group Costs of goods and services in cybercrime forums: $1000 – $5000: Trojan program, which could steal online account information $ 500: Credit Card Number with PIN $80-$300: Change of billing data, including account number, billing adress, Social Security number, home adress and birth date $150: Driver‘s licence $150: Birth certificate $100: Social Security Card $7 - $25: Credit card number with security code and expiration date. $7: Paypal account log-on and password

4 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 4 Malware, Spyware, Vulnerabilities Prevalent 15 infections/computer

5 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 5 FBI Survey: Threats Cost Real Money Average loss = US$33,868 62% = Installed additional security software

6 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 6 Spyware Revenue Source “Spyware vendors are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their efforts to make money from users’ PCs.” -Ben Edelman, spyware researcher

7 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 7 Spyware Industry Outlook Spyware/Adware co.’s profitable and growing –Over 90 % of Spyware is funded by Online Advertising Over next 3 years we expect: –Spyware Co. revenue will keep growing –Spyware business model is maturing, but Delivery methods get trickier –Digital infrastructure will create more vulnerabilities than it closes E.g. Vista has 50M lines of code. 40% more than XP –Security industry will not develop “magic pills” that eliminate the need for spyware research & timely updates

8 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 8 Spyware Evolution: Where the Action Is Innovation in evading anti-spyware solutions Fairly stable money-making spyware operations

9 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 9 Spyware Infection / Vulnerabilities on the Rise 30% 88%

10 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 10 In the News: Spyware Theft

11 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 11 Worry-Free Security Solutions for SMB spyware, and emerging threats (rootkits, bots) One solution, one deployment, one update and one management system protects PCs and servers against traditional threats (viruses, spam), spyware, and emerging threats (rootkits, bots) Quickly understand threat level and protection status with single Web-based Security Dashboard including detailed spyware infection information. Automatically prevents, contains, and cleans up outbreaks—continuously and without IT intervention: extends real-time protection against spyware other emerging threats Automatic Threat Protection All-in-one Integrated Defense Zero Administration

12 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 12 Worry-Free Security Network Diagram Anti-Spyware (New!) Anti-Spam Antivirus Anti-Phishing Content Filtering Threat Protection All-in-one solution protects data and digital assets

13 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 13 CSM SMB 3.5 Resolves Customer Pains Installing/deploying > 1 security solution to stop latest threats Managing 2 or more threat-specific security consoles Going desk-to-desk to configure various tools/products Doing random checks to monitor overall security status

14 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 14 Overall Worry-Free CSM SMB 3.5 Messaging Worry-Free™Reliability All-in-one solution protects data and digital assets –Eliminate direct/indirect costs of non-integrated suites or threat-specific products/tools Automatically stops rapidly-spreading threats –Keep computers operating and preventing interruption of business activity Prevents productivity drain from threats/solutions –Single solution to deploy/monitor prevents threats (spyware and spam) from harming employee productivity

15 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 15 CSM SMB 3.5 New Features and Benefits Key FeaturesBenefits Integrated spywarePrevent PC and network slowdown/instability Eliminate cost/effort needed for additional point products/tools Avoid spyware-related information leakage, identity theft, and privacy concerns Detects and removes emerging threats like rootkits Server-side spam quarantine* Minimize spam impact on employee productivity by filtering spam on the server, (won’t even see spam). Client update source Provides quicker updates by allowing a branch office client to become an update source Doesn’t require installation on server or additional server software

16 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 16 At-a-Glance Differences: CSM for SMB 3.5, 3.0, and 2.0 versions Features Client Server Messaging Security SMB v3.5 Client Server Messaging Security SMB v3.0 Client/Server/Mes saging Suite SMB V 2.0 Spyware detection and removal- New! - Spyware referential cleaning- New! -- Rootkit detection and removal- New! -- Spyware exclusion list- New! -- Bot protection- New! Server-side spam quarantine,- New! - End-User spam quarantine - Vulnerability Assessment (install, scheduled, outbreak) - Generic clean functionality- New! -- Security Dashboard - Client update source- New! - Auto-deploy Exchange protection - Outbreak Virus Defense -

17 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 17 Trend Micro Worry-Free Security Solutions Trend Micro™ Client Server Security for SMB v.3.5 (CS) Trend Micro™ Client Server Messaging Security for SMB v.3.5 (CSM) Protection PointsCSCSM PCs Servers Mail Servers- FeaturesCSCSM Antivirus Anti-spyware- New! Anti-rootkits- New! Anti-bots- New! Personal Firewall Vulnerability Assessment Anti-Spam- Anti-Phishing- Content Filtering-

18 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 18 CSM 3.5 Beta Customer Feedback “I believe the total integrated environment is much easier to setup and manage and now including the Anti Spyware makes it a complete solution.” “The new version is better than the old versions. I can not compare with the other brands. Trend Micro is the one.” “CSM is invaluable to our business. I rate it one of the top products we use” “Integration of A/V and Anti-Spyware into 1 dashboard was great!” “Excellent Product. I have been very impressed with the spam detection built into this product. It seems to be more effective than our barracuda appliance.” “Better than the previous versions. By the way, since 4 years, I've never used other products than Trend Micro.”

19 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 19 Benefits Delivered Increases protection from viruses, spyware, spam, and other threats Simplifies support with a single all-in-one solution Provides an intuitive console for easy monitoring of all systems Automates deployment and updates for minimized administration Solution Trend Micro™Client Server Messaging Security, Release 3.5 CSM for SMB 3.5 Case Study Glenwood Development Company, L.L.C. “Trend Micro™ Client Server Messaging Security for SMB just keeps getting better with every new release. The things I’ve liked from the beginning—the all- in-one protection, the ease of deployment and updates—are even better today.” -- Ken Shufelt, Director of Property Development and IT Manager Business Objectives Protect vital resources ( , business data, desktop and server systems) Ensure productive environment (no viruses, spyware, or malware slowing performance or bringing systems down) Minimize deployment and support time Avoid clean-ups of unwanted content

20 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 20 Competitive Landscape Completeness of solution Ease of implementation and use AntiSpyware/Defender Integrated All-In-One One solution, one install, one update, one console to manage Point Solutions Administrative nightmare, increased cost/overhead Suites Multiple components, increased complexity and management effort

21 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 21 Competitive Positioning SMB products by Symantec and McAfee : –Provide: Inconsistent, unpredictable installation/upgrade experience –Require: More effort configuring/managing –Missing: Any type of proactive defense against rapidly-spreading threats –Unable: to check for Microsoft vulnerabilities from central location * Symantec, McAfee

22 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 22 Competitive Comparison - Deployment Key Feature Trend Micro Client Server Messaging Security for SMB 3.5 Symantec Client Security 3.1 with Groupware McAfee Active VirusDefense for SMB Installation and Deployment Number of product components to install 19 [1] [1] 7 [2] [2] Number of steps to install server 1910 Number of installation actions Integrated component installation YesNo Settings replicationYesNo [1 There are six (6) required components for Symantec Client Security 3.1 with Groupware Protection (Symantec Client Security Server, Symantec System Center, Symantec Client Security clients, Symantec Client Firewall Administrator, Symantec Mail Security Server, Symantec Mail Security console) and three other addition components ( Symantec Central Quarantine Server, Symantec Quarantine console, Liveupdate administrator) [2] Composed of six (6) required components (Pilot Protection, ePO Agent, VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i, Anti-spyware Enterprise, Desktop Firewall, GroupShield) and one (1) optional component (Alert Manager).

23 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 23 Competitive Comparison – Outbreak Defense Key Feature Trend Micro Client Server Messaging for SMB 3.5 Symantec Client Security 3.1 with Groupware McAfee Active Virus Defense for SMB Assess Automatically identifies and reports systems that are vulnerable to exploit by a new threat -- Prevent Automatic threat protection without an updated virus signature file -- Automatic deployment of outbreak preventive policy -- Automatic configuration of protected systems to prevent propagation, infection and attack -- Protect Increases update interval to every 5 minutes during outbreak -- Automatically initiates company wide virus scan, upon receipt and deployment of outbreak-specific signature file -- Clean-Up Automatically cleans system and removes all traces of infection - [1] [1] - [2] [2] No need to download a separate cleaning tool -- No need to manually execute cleaning tool on every PC and server -- [1] Symantec still uses traditional virus removal tool to cleanup infection on each client computer. The tool needs to be run locally on each infected machine with no centralized logging or reporting. [2] Some hard to remove viruses cannot be cleaned using on-demand or scheduled scan from McAfee VirusScan. In this case, it may require the use of a stinger tool which needs to be downloaded manually from McAfee web site, upload the install file and NAP to Protection Pilot, and create an on- demand stinger scan. There’s no centralized logging or reporting with the stringer tool.

24 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 24 Competitive Comparison – Threats Key Feature Trend Micro Client Server Messaging for SMB 3.5 Symantec Client Security 3.1 with Groupware McAfee Active Virus Defense for SMB Network-based antivirus -- Anti-spyware- NEW! Spyware deep referential cleaning- New! -- Anti-rootkit- NEW! - Anti-bot- NEW! ?- Anti-spam/content filtering (requires extra license) Anti-phishing - (requires extra license) Vulnerability Assessment -- Automatic Outbreak Prevention -- Intrusion Detection / Prevention System [1] Integrated Damage Cleanup -- [1] Client/Server Security Agent’s client firewall includes a rule-based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that detects common attacks on the client such as “Ping of Death”, “Syn Flood”, “Teardrop”, etc. Rules can be updated when the Common Firewall Driver is updated via ActiveUpdate. [3]Client/Server Security agent status is reported in real-time to the Trend Micro Security Server.

25 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 25 West Coast Labs key proof points Based on West Coast Labs report Worry-Free Security solutions enable resellers* to: -Perform 100% less installation actions -Deal with half the number of management consoles. -Find vulnerable computers 6x faster and with 8x fewer actions. -Spend 12x less time to protect against unknown/zero day threats. * Compared to Symantec Client Security w/ Groupware 3.0 and McAfee Active AV Defense 8.0i. WCL review:

26 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 26 Business Buyer vs. Technical Buyer profile Business Buyer (owner, partner, president, CEO) Technical Buyer (part-time IT) Main concernRunning the business.Keeping IT up and running to support business (satisfy “customer”). Security NeedsCost-effective, reliable solution that: Protect data/assets Keep computers/network up and running Provide productive environment for employees Same, but translate to an all-in-one solution that: Easy to implement/use and maintain Reliable and performs well (no impact on resources) IT security skillsNo time/interest for IT security. “How much does it cost, what’s the benefit?” No specialized security skills, general IT knowledge. Often in role because most skilled compared to co- workers. IT involvementAvoid getting involved with IT unless problem and no one else more qualified will try and figure it out. Monitors and maintains systems. Fixes things when they break. Buying processSigns check/makes final decision.Does research and provides recommendation for IT solutions. Vendor requestsVendor? Don’t know, don’t care. In absence of trusted recommendation will choose well- known brand. “Cheap” expertise (up and running quickly- intuitive UI, useful documentation) Tighter communication (upgrades/updates, threats) Fast and effective support- talk to expert within reasonable amount of time.

27 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 27 Business Buyer benefits Cost-effective, all-in-one solution protects data and assets –No- buying/renewing extra threat-specific products/tools Automatically prevent threats from crashing PCs/networks –No- suffering interruption of business activity due to inaccessible PCs/networks Stop productivity drain –No- threats or solutions slowing down PCs/networks or harming employee productivity

28 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 28 Technical Buyer benefits 1.All-in-one, easy to implement/use solution Single solution to deploy and single console to configure Avoid- additional effort installing/maintaining multiple products/components 2.Automatically prevent threats from interrupting business activity The only SMB solution that automatically stops rapidly-spreading threats before a pattern file/signature has been released Avoid- reactively manually fixing “broken” (infected) computers and dealing with user frustration 3.Easily confirm security status for your network Security dashboard provides at-a-glance protection status Avoid- viewing multiple consoles/products to confirm network is safe

29 Copyright Trend Micro Inc. 29 Customer Call to Action Contact your trusted advisor/reseller Download evaluation version: View Flash Demo: Visit SMB landing page: Renew online: Buy online*: * Option may not be available in all regions.

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