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Hydro Milling Group, Inc. welcomes:

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1 Hydro Milling Group, Inc. welcomes:

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3 Hydro Milling Group Power Plant Pre-Commissioning Specialists
Visit our website at

4 What HMG Has to Offer! Reduction of steam blow duration by 70%.
“Zero Ping”: HMG is the only company in North America that has ever accomplished a zero ping. Debris-free pipeline ready for steam and air blows. Ultra responsive team ready to serve you. Competitive Pricing

5 Why HMG’s “Zero Ping” Test Results Are Important to You:
Provide reduction of steam or air blow duration by as much as 70%. Multiple “Zero Pings” have been achieved. “Zero Ping” Target Typical target

6 Applications Include:
Hot Reheat Cold Reheat Condensate Lines LP Steam HP Steam Main Steam Aux. Steam Underground Fuel Gas Lines Condensers Condenser Tubes ACC Ductwork Closed Cooling Systems

7 Quality of Work Sampling of mill-scale found in steam pipe prior to the hydro-milling cleaning process.

8 Quality of Work After HMG’s high-quality, high-pressure cleaning system is utilized, the pipe is clean and ready for steam or air blows.

9 Process

10 Process Overview Hydro-Milling Group offers the latest in high-pressure hydro lazing for mill scale removal (new power plant construction). Our process utilizes a 510 hp continuous duty Duetz engine and K Kamat high-pressure pump which is coupled to the “Hurricane” system. This cleaning process is state-of-the-art and provides superior pipeline cleaning ability. A rotational feeder controls the nozzle tracking and cleaning path.

11 Process Overview As the nozzle is rotated around the inner diameter of the pipe, all mill-scale, weld slag and debris is removed from the inner surface of the pipe. The thrust jet ensures the cleaning jets are held closely to the interior pipe wall.

12 Equipment All Hydro-Milling rigs arrive on site equipped to handle every anticipated need.

13 Mobile Control Room/office
Hydro-Milling Group rigs arrive on site complete with a mobile control room/office.

14 The Kamat High-Pressure Pump and Engine

15 High-pressure Pump The Kamat high-pressure plunger pump produces a maximum pressure of 21,750 psi with a maximum flow rate of 65 gpm. Powered by a 510 hp continuous duty Duetz engine. Enclosed within an industrial, sound insulated steel container. Remote-controlled emergency shut-down in one-tenth of a second.

16 Emergency Control The remote control emergency button allows the operator to remotely shut the entire system down in one-tenth of a second. The remote control contains a primary plus a back-up stop button. Should the remote cable accidentally be severed, the entire unit immediately shuts down completely.

17 Feeder The feeder controls the forward and reverse function of the rotating nozzle while maintaining the predetermined spiral.

18 Hurricane Rotating System

19 Hurricane Rotating System Is Capable Of:
Providing highest grade of steam pipe cleanliness. Cleaning piping diameter from 3 inch (76.2 mm) to 21 ft. (7 m). 1500 ft. (457 m) continuous in length performed. Vertical runs up to 350 ft. (107 m). Cleans horizontal, vertical, u-bend, and submerged piping. Capable of multiple changes of direction. Pump distance to work area up to 600 ft. (183 m). No damage to pipe material.

20 Nozzles Specialty nozzles are selected for each application to meet our customers’ needs. Multi-orifice nozzles are rotated around the inside diameter of the pipe providing precise, thorough cleanliness. Our proprietary nozzles are designed and built in-house.

21 Safety and Quality Extensive project experience.
Comprehensive technical training for operators, technicians and supervisory staff. Proper planning and communication prior to job commencement. Specialized safety and training for employees. Daily safety meetings are mandatory. HMG has maintained a “ZERO” rating on our OSHA 300 Log since the inception of our firm.

22 Hydro Milling Group, Inc.
Power Plant Pre-Commissioning Specialists Visit our website at Direct contact: Or to be contacted, simply fill out our contact request form Click here

23 Visit our web site at
Reproduction of Material Appearing on This Presentation Is Strictly Prohibited Without Written Permission.   © 2003 Hydro Milling Group. All Rights Reserved. Visit our web site at

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