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Which liquid cleans pennies the best?

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1 Which liquid cleans pennies the best?
5th Grade Science Fair Project

2 Problem Which of the five liquids used will make these pennies the cleanest and shiniest?

3 Purpose To determine which liquid will make the pennies the cleanest.

4 Hypothesis The penny cleaned with cola will be the cleanest.

5 Research Before 1982, pennies were made of pure copper.
After 1982, pennies are made of zinc core with a thin copper plating. Pure copper pennies look dirty because the copper mixes with the oxygen in the air and makes copper oxide. All 5 pennies I am using are from before 1982.

6 Materials ½ cup measuring cup 5 clear plastic cups & 5 pennies
½ cup of each liquid: coffee, cola, grapefruit juice, banana pepper juice & pickle juice bowl of clean tap water Pen, marker, paper & camera

7 Procedure/Experiment
Pour ½ cup of each liquid into clear cups Take picture of pennies before dropping into liquids Drop one penny into each cup of liquid Wait 15 minutes Take each penny out and rinse in bowl of clean tap water Take picture of clean pennies after rinsing Take notes of which is the cleanest, next to cleanest and etc…

8 Procedure/Experiment

9 Results

10 kosher dill pickle juice
Results Best to worst: banana pepper juice kosher dill pickle juice grapefruit juice cola coffee

11 Conclusion My hypothesis that the cola would clean the penny the best was incorrect. In fact, the cola was in 4th place as a cleaner. My project clearly shows the banana pepper juice was the best cleaner. The pickle juice in 2nd place did a better job than the 3rd place grapefruit juice. And last, I saw no change on the penny that was in the 5th place coffee.


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