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10,000 HOURS TO MASTERY Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan LESSON 5 THE DOMAINS OF MASTERY.

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1 10,000 HOURS TO MASTERY Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan LESSON 5 THE DOMAINS OF MASTERY

2 “On this earth, one pays dearly for every kind of mastery…for having a specialty one pays by also being the victim of this specialty. But you would have it otherwise -- cheaper and fairer and above all more comfortable…” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

3 HOURS OF WORK PRODUCE CHANGE Despite all the faces and stages of mastery, the endless hours of work produce changes in the seeker. These changes transcend education. Formal education can actually inhibit the development of mastery, because it stifles daring, dangerous thinking. As a child, Jean-Francois Champollion learned that no one could read Egyptian writing and determined that he would be the one to do so. By age 16, he had learned all the known ancient languages on his own.

4 HOURS OF WORK PRODUCE CHANGE (con’t) By the early 1800s, he was eager to work with scholars who were attempting to translate the hieroglyphs with the help of the Rosetta Stone. Though they turned him down, he doggedly pursued his passion on his own and at age 30, had a sudden breakthrough. While studying the name of a Pharaoh copied from a temple wall, he discovered that the characters were not just related to meaning, but also to sounds.

5 HOURS OF WORK PRODUCE CHANGE (con’t) Champollion made these leaps without formal education in hieroglyphic writing. His dogged and passionate study had changed his brain and his Mind. He made himself a scholar.

6 3 DOMAINS OF MASTERY Scholarship, physical training, spiritual discipline produce transformation in the three domains of mastery: Body, Mind and Spirit Body: With time, muscles become stronger, reflexes sharper, cellular memory more acute. Laborious movements become fluid and natural. Sandy Koufax: the Hall of Fame pitcher had incredible raw talent but no control. Only when he taught his body to harness and control that talent—to develop precision—did he become the most dominant pitcher in history.

7 3 DOMAINS OF MASTERY (CON’T) Mastery is the development of precision! No wasted movement, no wasted energy. There is a reason the Law of the Conservation of Energy is a fundamental law of nature. Mind: Changes in mind overlap with body. Thought becomes swifter and sharper. Secrets about the new skill that seemed arcane and mysterious become clear. Thought speeds up as your brain becomes a fine instrument.

8 3 DOMAINS OF MASTERY (CON’T) As Daniel Pink points out in A Whole New Mind, repetitive training actually changes the brain so that one side becomes dominant, depending on the nature of the skill. Left brain: linear, analytical, rational, logical. Mathematics, engineering, law, science. Right brain: creative, intuitive, emotional, leaps of insight. Art, music, drama, poetry, invention, entrepreneurship. Mastery is also the full realization of one’s dominant brain hemisphere—left or right!

9 3 DOMAINS OF MASTERY (CON’T) Spirit: Leaps of understanding and insight take place. New awareness about mastery comes not through reason but through intuition and revelation. One becomes connected through one’s growing mastery to the Oneness that underlies the Cosmos. Changes in spirit are the last changes to take place, because they can only come when the body and mind are not consumed with simply mastering repetitive movements and thoughts.

10 3 DOMAINS OF MASTERY (CON’T) When body and mind are free to create, then the Spirit is freed to soar to revelation, invention and connection. Mastery is the freeing of the Spirit to wield as much influence over the self as the body and mind do. It is trusting the Spirit as a guide and compass. In the end, after 10,000 hours, the full being should be transformed into something unlike what it was when the learning began.

11 BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT Body: More finely tuned for its ultimate purpose. This may mean greater strength or stamina, but it may also mean greater precision. Mind: Purer focus and swift perception in the area of knowledge. After 10,000 hours, the student becomes both genius and newborn seeker. Spirit: Fully centered in your Divine purpose. The spiritual transformation of mastery takes you to the heart of what you were meant to do, your passion.

12 BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT Passion: the word literally means “suffering.” When you follow your passion, you suffer to reach your ultimate objective. The Passion of Christ. The work, sweat and sacrifice of mastery are passion on display. There is no other path to heaven, as there was no other path for Jesus but the one he trod.

13 10,000 HOURS TO MASTERY Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan LESSON 5 THE DOMAINS OF MASTERY

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