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Study Guide Seeker of Knowledge.

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1 Study Guide Seeker of Knowledge

2 Question 1 What were most of the symbols that were used in the hieroglyphs according to the pictures in this selection?

3 Answer 1 They were animals that the Egyptians were familiar with.

4 Question 2 Why did the author point out that Jean-Francois was turned away by the scholars?

5 Answer 2 To show that he was judged on his age rather than his ability.

6 Question 3 Which is a main idea from the selection?
1. No one was ever able to read the black stone from Rosetta, Egypt. 2. Jean-Francois was determined read the hieroglyphs.6

7 Answer 3 2. Jean-Francois was determined to read the hieroglyphs.

8 Question 4 How were Jean-Francois and Napoleon alike?

9 Answer 4 They both dreamed of doing something great.

10 Question 5 What was ONE of the Egyptian symbols that was used to show the word trouble?

11 Answer 5 A crocodile

12 Question 6 After the battle of Waterloo, why did some people call Jean-Francois a traitor.

13 Answer 6 He and Napoleon had become friends.

14 Question 7 When did Jean-Francois first begin to translate the hieroglyphs?

15 Answer 7 After a friend left a package for him.

16 Question 8 What was the KEY that Jean-Francois discovered that helped him to understand the hieroglyphs?

17 Answer 8 That the Egyptian symbols stood for syllables and whole words.

18 Question 9 Jean-Francois worked very hard to achieve his goal. Which supporting detail best supports this main idea? 1. He studied the Rosetta Stone and other inscriptions. 2. He got sick from not eating while he was working.

19 Answer 9 2. He got sick from not eating while he was working.

20 Question 10 Which of the following BEST states the main idea of this selection? 1. Jean-Francois discovered how to read hieroglyphs. 2. Napoleon was interested in Egypt’s secrets.

21 Answer 10 1. Jean-Francois discovered how to read hieroglyphs.

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