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The CareerCare Ministry A Ministry of St. Anthony on the Lake I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 1.

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1 The CareerCare Ministry A Ministry of St. Anthony on the Lake I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 1

2 What IS the CareerCare Ministry? The Ministry assists people throughout the community in finding the employment they desire. There is no cost other than sincere effort. It succeeds in its mission by: ◦ Training people in the Job Search Process ◦ Providing the emotional support of their peers and a faith community ◦ Providing practical guidance and constructive criticism 2

3 The need for faith and support Becoming unemployed is one of the top three stressors we might endure. ◦ It shocks our “center”, our belief in our personal value and, frequently, in God. ◦ It places at risk our families The CareerCare Ministry provides the job seeker with the support and confidence necessary to not only survive, but … to thrive. 3

4 The Ministry offers… ◦ A safe place; mutual support ◦ An opportunity to learn critical job search skills ◦ Experienced advice:  How to develop and execute a successful search  How to cope with the stresses unemployment creates within families  How to locate social service resources ◦ To gain confidence in themselves (it’s hard to represent yourself if you don’t believe in what you have to offer.) 4

5 The Job Search Process There are 3 steps to finding a new job. ◦ “Get Noticed”  “Get Interviewed”  “Get Hired” (It’s actually a bit more complicated, but, in a nutshell, that’s what it takes…) 5

6 The Job Search Process This is where the Ministry comes in. We offer: ◦ The CORE workshops  6 modules that serve as the basis for any well executed search. They address the three steps  Get Noticed, Get Interviewed, Get Hired ◦ Weekly workshops  Evening sessions. One each Thursday.  They hone the skills from the CORE workshops  They open the doors to other opportunities  They provide emotional support 6

7 The CORE workshops Saturdays – 7:45 am to 5:00 pm Offered roughly every 8 weeks Accommodate 4 – 24 participants Perfect for jump-starting the search process. The content is… 7

8 Getting ready – part 1 Information management ◦ You are going to be managing a major sales and marketing project, with a lot of parts. ◦ You need to be able to keep track of information.  Network contacts  Prospective employers ◦  (computer resident -$99) ◦  “cloud resident” - $2-5/month (depends) CareerCare Ministry of St. Anthony on the Lake

9 Getting ready – part 2 Time management ◦ Establish a written plan. 30/60/90 days ◦ Each week, prepare for the next week, and track where you are. ◦ Keep track of your time. How much do you spend on what activity? ◦ Budget time for each principle activity. CareerCare Ministry of St. Anthony on the Lake

10 10 Month one Preparation  Complete self-assessment  Develop accomplishments list  Set Goals and Objectives  Draft Narrative  Draft initial “networking speech”  Set-up networking plan Execution  Create initial resume  Select initial Companies to pursue & start research on up to 6  Contact personal and business contacts  Start networking (contact personal and close business contacts) Month two Preparation  Finalize Goals & objectives  Continue company selection up to 15-18  Finalize Narrative and start introductory TFB  Practice Networking dialog (based upon narrative) Execution  Finalize initial resume (base document)  Draft additional resumes based upon target industries  Continue networking with existing contacts  Contact secondary contacts from primary contacts  Contact targeted recruiters Month three Preparation  Complete introductory TFB Execution  Research target companies  Grow and document network contacts  Mail introductory TFB to selected individuals (lower tier companies – as practice)

11 11 Week One  Develop financial plan  Hold family meeting  Initiate self-assessment  Draft networking speech (30 second elevator)  Contact personal and close business network contacts  Spend time with family & friends Week two  Continue self-assessment  Initial draft of Goal & objectives  Define first 4-6 target companies (based upon early self-assessment)  First draft of “Narrative”  Fine tune networking speech  Continue networking. Practice and take notes on speech and its reception  Develop method to manage contacts (network and target company)  Spend time with family and friends Week three  Review Goals & objectives with those close (spouse – significant others (those with “skin in the game” – who really care))  Additional work on narrative  Research target companies – “know them” – sort them.  Work on and practice networking speech. Incorporate what was learned during narrative work.  Networking o (attend networking sessions in area). Use the experience to select 2-4 sessions to visit routinely. o Phone time Week four  Draft initial resume  Networking meetings  Phone time for network development  Continue Company research  Additional work on narrative.

12 The hiring process Before we get started – a question Who has more at stake in an interview? The Hiring Manager or the Candidate? …. and Why? How does this affect how the candidate approaches the process? OK, how does the CareerCare Job Search series of workshops address this? Lets discuss… 12

13 Module 1- Self study & introspection Get your house in order. Make room for all you need to do by eliminating what’s un-necessary, and focusing on what’s important. Know what’s important to you. You’re looking for a new “2 nd home”, and if you’re gong to do well, you need to like what you’re doing, where you’re doing it, and who you’re doing it with. Realize the current reality. Employers really don’t care about a candidate’s responsibilities, job titles or years of experience. ◦ they care about their accomplishments 13

14 Module 1 This module does three things: ◦ Helps the job seeker consider, understand, and accept what they value in their family and work life. ◦ Guides the job seeker as they identify what they truly want to do ◦ Helps them build a list of their accomplishments.  S.O.A.R. –  Situation  Opportunity  Action taken  Results – Measurable as possible 14

15 Example - S.O.A.R.  Capacity Increase needed to meet sales: o Situation: The daily capacity of a production unit was too low to allow us to accept new business from a customer we dearly wanted to capture. I was the Assistant Plant Manager. o Opportunity: I had a Continuous Process Improvement background o Action Taken: I drew a team together consisting of people from production, quality, research, accounting, planning, and sales. We took the approach that some of the capacity would come from increased effectiveness of the equipment, and some would come from reduced time loss switching from one product to another. Applying team development skills, I was able to break down the communication barriers, which resulted in some “new” solutions. o Result: Over a 2 month period, the weekly capacity rose by 14% AND the quality reject rate fell by 6%, providing the ability to accept the new business. CareerCare Ministry of St. Anthony on the Lake

16 Module 2 The Narrative To “get noticed”, the candidate needs to be able to communicate what they have accomplished for others (as employees, or as volunteers) Based upon the accomplishments documented in the previous module’s work, participants learn to write a “narrative”, a story about themselves. This becomes the basis for their resume and other marketing documents. In developing and documenting their “story” (the narrative) they gain crystal clear recall. 16

17 A story… John Williams is a seasoned production operations executive with a substantial history of enhancing product quality, reducing costs and inventories while improving customer service scores. A long time resident of Wisconsin, John is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh with a degree in Microbiology. Leaving the University he worked for Baxter Laboratories, performing process development research in the production of enzymes by fermentation. Taking the mechanical background he gained while a youth growing up on a farm, he soon asked for and was granted the opportunity to develop a pilot plant to be used in transferring product and process improvements into the production facility. He wasn’t an engineer, but he had the innate “get it done” attitude, and the capability to make things happen. Of note in his background is the successful development and introduction of unique process improvements that reduced production costs by over 25%. The outcome startled people… in a very good way. After 4 years, and with that success under his belt, John was asked to transfer to the company’s South Carolina production facility with responsibility for ½ of all production. His ability to deliver the results necessary provided the opportunity to gain additional responsibility for down stream processing, a role he filled for an additional 2 years. CareerCare Ministry of St. Anthony on the Lake17

18 Module 3 - Marketing Marketing is the process used to determine what products or services may be of interest to customers, and the strategy to use in sales, communications and business development From a practical standpoint, in a job search the above calls for Understanding the customer Knowing your product Development of a way to demonstrate the value of the product from the view of the customer

19 Module 3 What do we know about resumes? ◦ On their own, they have VERY short lives. ◦ We frequently place too much credence in their value ◦ They tend to focus on what the employer does not care about…  Titles, years of experience ◦ They don’t discuss how the job seeker can make them SUCCESSFUL 19

20 Module 3 Marketing Tools So what do we do? ◦ Using the story the candidate has created we teach them to convert it into many high quality and well written resumes. ◦ Each focusing upon the relevant accomplishments in a manner that connects ◦ Each prospective employer on the candidate’s target list gets one that targets them, connecting their background with the employer’s needs 20

21 Module 3 (continued) Marketing Tools The Trifold Brochure ◦ An innovative tool to gain an entry to the decision makers at the target company. ◦ Incorporates a story form of the resume, less formal, more readable, and definitely more interesting. ◦ Sent to senior decision makers with a business card and a hand written note of introduction, it frequently stimulates a call to talk. 21

22 Module 4 Research (the targeted search) The days of finding the job one wants by mailing resumes to everyone are over. We believe the job seeker must decide: for whom do they want to work? Target 10-15 firms and then do research (internet, library, networking) to winnow down the list, taking into account: ◦ Size, culture, applicability of experience, future opportunities, risks, Then identify the right people to contact. ◦ We provide direction to the web-sites they can use to find the information they need 22

23 Module 5 Networking Networking has one function. It allows the candidate to get closer to the most important person in the process – the hiring manager at their target company Most jobs are found because someone knows, cares about, and communicates with the job seeker, then facilitates an introduction Networking makes use of our innate desire to assist one another People typically find this to be difficult. For most of us, it’s scary. But… it’s less scary when you’re prepared. We get the candidate prepared, we build confidence. 23

24 Deliberative or Formal Professional Associations Volunteering Workshops People you have worked with (former coworker, vendors). Networking groups Cold calling 24

25 Module 6 Interviewing The content of the first 5 modules is focused on the interviewing activity We teach: ◦ How to interview (practice, practice, practice)  We offer video recorded mock interviews ◦ How to communicate the important stuff. ◦ What not to do or say. ◦ What to do before and after the interview. 25

26 Summary of CORE Job Search Workshops One informative day Logical, organized Value packed They get the candidate going, but it takes more to make them capable and successful Our weekly workshops offer support. But, groups such as PONG maintain and enhance the effort 26

27 Weekly Workshops S.O.A.R. support and search coaching. ◦ Meet with skilled volunteers who cast a critical and supportive eye to the development of your accomplishments list. It’s not hard, but most of us need some encouraging words. Narrative draft support. ◦ The volunteers guide you through the process of turning your accomplishments, your likes, dislikes & values into an interesting story. 27

28 Weekly Workshops Resume review. ◦ You meet with skilled volunteers who cast a critical and supportive eye to the crafting of resumes (yes, more than one) that represent you in the best possible light. Interview practice. ◦ Need practice in this final step of the process? Meet with a skilled interviewer who will create a realistic, video recorded interview experience. You’ll receive a constructive critique, and a copy of the recording will be transferred onto your flash drive for additional study. 28

29 Weekly Workshops “We’re Unemployed!” Coping with unemployment as a couple. You will meet with a couple who have deep experience with the process of coping with life changing events and who have found they gained strength and knowledge of one-another. Best attended as a couple, as you’re going through this together. 29

30 Where? 30 W280N2101 Prospect Ave. Pewaukee, WI 53072

31 Have questions? Contact us via the link on the CareerCare web page. We would love to be of service. Remember: ◦ A job search is a process, not a single event ◦ You have others to come to for support ◦ Your job search is an opportunity ◦ Your new employer is looking for YOU. ◦ Your faith in God will provide strength 31

32 32 Thank you & Good Luck The CareerCare Ministry of St. Anthony on the Lake parish

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