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NASM Job Board Instructional Guide for Job Seekers.

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1 NASM Job Board Instructional Guide for Job Seekers

2 Register Welcome to the NASM Job Board! The first step for a job seeker is to complete the registration form.

3 Registration Information First and last name Email address to contact you at Secure password How did you hear about us? Please agree to the terms of use and enter the security code to complete your registration. You will then receive an email confirmation with your login details

4 Create a New Applicant Profile Create a new applicant profile so that potential employers can find you

5 Applicant Profile Details Provide an applicant title that will appear in the search results for employers to view Provide a text version and/or upload a PDF or Word format of your resume

6 Contact Information Select whether or not you wish to be contacted by a potential employer Select the contact information you want employers to be able to view

7 Experience Summary Select your desired job category and the years of experience you have in that field Select your professional field Select your level of education Select all specialties that you have experience in Select the certifications you have acquired List any awards and accomplishments

8 Submit Application The final step is to upload a photo. After you have completed this, you have the option to save your applicant profile as a draft or submit it. Once submitted, your applicant profile will be activated for employers to view. Remember, you always have the option to update your profile at a later date.

9 Active Applicant Profiles Applicant profiles run for a standard period of 30 days. However, you can edit, extend, stop, or delete your profile whenever it suits your needs

10 Contact Us We hope this instructional guide has answered your questions to help you become a successful job applicant. You may now begin searching for jobs that best suit your qualifications and interests. For more information please see the FAQs or contact us at 800- 460-6276 or

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