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Social inclusion and people in the justice system Reintegration Puzzle Conference Hobart 23-25 June 2010 Don Mackenzie and Graeme Grant.

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1 Social inclusion and people in the justice system Reintegration Puzzle Conference Hobart 23-25 June 2010 Don Mackenzie and Graeme Grant

2 Introduction The Department Social Policy Group Ex-offender policy team Other Commonwealth agencies

3 Australian Government priorities DEEWR portfolio A positive start in life A brighter future through education A highly skilled, educated and productive community A participative and inclusive society A safe, fair, productive and successful workplace

4 Social Inclusion Resources, opportunities and capabilities to: Learn - participate in education and training; Work - participate in employment, unpaid or voluntary work including family and carer responsibilities; Engage - connect with people, use local services and participate in local, cultural, civic and recreational activities; and Have a voice - influence decisions that affect them.

5 Social Inclusion Priorities jobless families with children; children at greatest risk of long term disadvantage; locational disadvantage; homelessness; employment for people living with disability or mental illness; and closing the gap for Indigenous Australians

6 The Life Course Social inclusion is not just about assisting disadvantaged people – it is about improving the life of the whole society Research has shown that in societies where there is more equality, everybody has a better quality of life, from the poor to the wealthy UK research from Professor Michael Marmot and Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett Targeting offender’s community assists whole neighbourhood

7 A picture of offenders in Australia Around 50,000 people leave prison each year. Around 29,000 people are in custody on any one day in Australia Around 25 per cent of the prison population is Indigenous Around 93 per cent of the prison population are men Under 18 year olds [insert stat] Of the total offender population, around 67 per cent are in community corrections while 33 per cent are incarcerated

8 A picture of offenders in Australia (cont.) 60% of men and 85% of women in prison are not in full-time work at the time of arrest The average school attainment level of ex-offenders is Year 8. The average attainment level for all Australians is Year 12. 60 per cent of female prisoners have hepatitis C; 75 per cent of prisoners smoke; and 43 per cent of prisoners have had a head injury at some time Within 10 years of release, 40 per cent of released men and 31 per cent of released women had been reimprisoned at least once Indigenous young people make up 5 per cent of the population and 40 per cent of the youth justice population

9 A focus on prevention Court diversions Justice reinvestment Collaboration with state and territory jurisdictions Reducing risk factors and promoting protective factors


11 House or Representatives Inquiry into Indigenous young offenders Inquiry into high level of involvement of Indigenous young people in the criminal justice system 98 submissions received Public hearings in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Fitzroy Crossing, Adelaide, Darwin, Brisbane and cairns DEEWR made a submission on 2 February 2010

12 Job Services Australia INTEGRATION and ‘JOINED UP’ SERVICES Job Services Australia providers are a one-stop shop for help to find employment: no waiting for services – demand driven Flexible – tailored Employment Pathway Plan former stand-alone programs and activities are now wrapped into Job Services Australia job seeker choice.

13 Access to employment assistance for pre-release prisoners is available in states and territories where legislation and arrangements allow prisoners to be released on licence to engage in paid work State and territory corrective services case managers refer prisoners with less than 12 months to serve and with potential to be released on license for paid work to JSA for Direct Registration The level of Stream Services for prisoners referred to JSA providers will depend upon their Job Seeker Classification Instrument scores and Job Capacity Assessment. Pre-release Prisoner program

14 $41 million over three years to deliver Innovation Fund projects targeting disadvantaged job seekers Part of Job Services Australia Adult Voluntary Post Release Support Service (AVPRSS) for adult ex-prisoners returning to the Wollongong community, particularly from Silverwater and Parklea prisons Kitchen Social Enterprise in Abbotsford Victoria (in Melbourne) to provide accredited training and work readiness opportunities targeting ex-offender job seekers and those with complex needs Stay Connected in Western Australia to support released prisoners to stay connected with employment Better practice and Innovation Fund

15 Jobs Fund Jobs Fund delivers projects that build community infrastructure and social capital in local communities Discretionary grants program running from 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2011 Two projects funded through the Jobs Fund targeting ex-offenders and/or prisoners: Darwin Prison Construction Skills Inmate Training Facility (NT) Kwinana Community Men's Shed (WA)

16 $600 million over four years for skills training Focus on literacy and numeracy Apprenticeships – 2009-10 Budget measure: Custodial Australian Apprentices are eligible for Australian Apprenticeship incentives upon release Employers attract incentives provided they continue to employ Apprentice post-release. Skills Package in 2010-11 Budget

17 Please leave your name and details to express your interest in participating in consultation via email. Contact information: Don Mackenzie Director, Ex-Offender Policy Social Policy Group Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations More information

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