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1 Messengers

2 Messengers  Cognitive science has demonstrated time and time again that what is being said can matter far less than who is saying it.  The key is to be intentional about choosing messengers who are viewed with trust, respect and the appropriate level of authority on your issue. Choosing the right messenger is a critical step in every strategic communication effort. Without the right person delivering it, your message is just a nice set of words.

3 Messengers Messengers 50,000 Videos created and uploaded to the It Gets Better Project.

4 Messengers Messengers $112M Raised by the ALS Association in the Ice Bucket Challenge (as of September 2014).

5 Messengers Messengers 71% Percentage of foundations using social media who have not developed a formal social media strategy.

6 Messengers “ “Though the foundation speaks to what we're learning, we never wanted to be a soloist. Instead, we find ways to make sure that others can effectively "join the choir" and use what we learn.” PROGRAM LEADER Private Foundation

7 Messengers “ “We only achieve our goals through the efforts of others. We need to communicate so that our goals and objectives are shared by others. If we can enlist others into our perspective, we have more of us working toward our goals.” EXECUTIVE LEADER Private Foundation

8 Messengers “ “We are working on integrating communications into the grant cycle with communication capacity provided to our grantees. Their reporting helps provide more stories, media outreach, and impactful outcomes for our internal and external communication efforts.” COMMUNICATION LEADER Private Foundation

9 Messengers Who are the right messengers for your organization?

10 Messengers What is your social media strategy?

11 Messengers Have your messengers changed over time?

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