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Church Leadership Lesson 3. Review & Introduction.

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1 Church Leadership Lesson 3

2 Review & Introduction

3 Kouzes and Posner Edited book, Christian Reflections on the Leadership Challenge

4 “Five Practices and Ten Commitments of Leadership.” “Model the Way” – the two related “commitments” are –Find your voice by clarifying your personal values, –Set the example by aligning actions with shared values

5 First Lead Yourself Work on yourself before you work on others Work on yourself more than you work on others

6 Values are Guides It is easier to teach what is right than to do what is right People do what they see The example of others profoundly impacts our lives

7 The Second Practice is “Inspire a Shared Vision” Envision the future by imagining exciting and ennobling possibilities Enlist others in a common vision by appealing to shared aspirations –Inspiration and vision emerge from suffering –Visions have a rainbow quality –Fish with a net –Keep your eye on the horizon –Listen deeply –Sacrifice is the soul of leadership –Give life to your vision

8 The Third Practice, “Challenge the Process” Search for opportunities by seeking innovative ways to change, grow, and improve Experiment and take risks by constantly generating small wins and learning from mistakes –Who am I really serving? –Am I prepared to suffer? –Persevere in the face of challenge Beyond humility and suffering Risk

9 The Fourth Practice, “Enable Others to Act” Foster collaboration by promoting cooperative goals and building trust Strengthen others by sharing power and discretion –Jesus as a servant leader –In the tradition of the priesthood of all believers –The need to trust

10 Give your power away Put love into action Develop talent radar Fan people’s gifts into flames Make heroes of people Lead out of a servant’s heart

11 The Final Practice is to “Encourage the Heart Recognize contributions by showing appreciation for individual excellence Celebrate the values and victories by creating a spirit of community The heart –Serve others’ interests –Be grounded in God The head –Have a compelling vision –Live the vision –Pay attention –Exemplary leaders personalize recognition The habits

12 Summary




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