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ABc Book Of Us History Nykia Lloyd May 13 th, 2011 5 th Period [Social Studies]

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1 aBc Book Of Us History Nykia Lloyd May 13 th, th Period [Social Studies]

2 A Abolitionist-A Person Who Strongly Favors Doing Away With Slavery Abstain-To Not Take Part In Same Activity, Such As Voting Adobe-A Sun-Dried Sun Brick

3 B Boycott-To Refuse To Buy Items From A Certain Country Blockade- To Close A Country’s Ports

4 C Cash Crop-Farm Crop Raised To Be Sold For Money Cede-To Give Up By Treaty Columbus, Christopher-Discovered America

5 D Desert-To Leave Without Permission Diversity-Variety Or Diffrence

6 E Export-To Sell Goods Aboard Emancipate-To Free From Slavery

7 F Famine-An Extreme A Shortage Of Food Frigate-Warship

8 G Guerrilla-A Hit And Run Technique Used In Fighting Wars Global Warming-A Steady Increase In Average World Temperature

9 H Human Rights-Rights Regarded As Belonging To All People

10 I

11 J

12 K

13 L Landslide-An Over Whelming Victory Lynching-Putting To Death A Person By The Illegal Action Of A Mob

14 M Majority-More Than Half Mission-Religious Settlement

15 N Nullify-To Cancel Neutral-Taking No Side In A Conflict Naturalization-To Grant Full Citizenship To A Foreigner

16 O Ordinance-A Law Or Regulation Offensive- Position Of Attacking Override-To Overturn Or Defeat

17 P Plurality-Largest Single Share Precedent-A Tradition Privateer-Armed Private Ship

18 Q

19 R Ratify-To Give Official Approval To Recruit-To Enlist Soldiers In The Army Revenue-Incoming Money

20 S Suffrage- The Right To Vote Secede-To Leave Or To Withdraw Secession-Withdrawal From The Union

21 T Tariff-A Tax On Imports Or Exports Technology-The Application Of Scientific Discoveries To Practical Use Tribute-Money Paid For Protection

22 U

23 V

24 W

25 X

26 Y

27 Z

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