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My ABC Book of U.S History Whitney Michaelis 5-12-11 6 th.

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1 My ABC Book of U.S History Whitney Michaelis 5-12-11 6 th

2 A Abolitionist- a person who strongly favors doing away with slavery. Abstain- to not take part in some activity, such as voting. Annex- to add territory to one’s own territory.

3 B Boomtown- a community experiencing a sudden growth in business or population. Burgesses- elected representative s to an assembly Bond-a note issued by the government which promises to pay off a loan with interest.

4 C Cabinet-a group of advisers to the president. Cash Crops-farm crop raised to be solid for money. Cede-to give up by treaty.

5 D Debtor- person or country that owns money. Decree-an order or decision given by one in auythority Desert-to leave without permission

6 E Embargo- an order prohibiting trade with other countries. Emigrant-a person who leaves there country or region to live else where. Export- to sell goods aboard.

7 F Famine-an extreme shortage of food. Free man- a person freed from slavery. Frigate-war ship.

8 G Global warming- a steady increased in average world temperatur es. Guerrilla tactics- referring to surplice attacks or raid rather then organized war fare Genocide-the destruction of areca or cultural group.

9 H Habeas corpus- a legal order from an inquiry to determined whether a person has been lawfully imprisoned. Holocaust- the name given to the mass slaughter of Jews and other groups by the Nazis during world war 2. Horizontal integration- the combining of competing firms into one corporation.

10 Import- to buy goods from foreign markets. Impressments- forcing people into the navy. Ironclad- armored naval vessel. I

11 J Joint occupation - the possession and settling of an area shaded by two or more countries. Judicial branch-the branch of government including the federal court system that interprets the nation laws. Judicial review- the right to supreme court to determine if a law violates the constution.

12 K Kansas bleeding Kansa Kentucky-civil war Knox Henry- secretary of war.

13 L Landslide-an over whelming victory. Legislative branch- the branch of government that makes the nations laws. Lynching- putting to death a person by the illegal action of a mod.

14 M Maize- an early from of corn grown by the Native Americans. Martuyr- a person who sacrifices his or her life for a principle or cause. Majority- more then half.

15 N Neutral- taking no side of a conflict. Neutral rights- the right to sail the sea and not take sides in a war. Nullify- to cancel or make ineffective.

16 O Offensive- position of attacking or the attacked. Ordinance-a law or regulation. Override- to over turn or defeat as a bill proposed in congress.

17 P Precedent-a tradition. Prejudice- an unfair opinion Privateer- armed private ship.

18 Q Quakers- antislavery movement and women's right to vote. Quebec Act- passed shortly after the coercive act Quechua- incan language.

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