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GSJ Increasing the Heritage Tourist Spots in Hyderabad from 21 to 50.

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1 GSJ Increasing the Heritage Tourist Spots in Hyderabad from 21 to 50

2 Here it is!!

3 Stakeholders Sponsors:  Tourism Department Users: – Visitors – Local Vendors – Restaurants – Hotels/Lodges – Cabs

4 TT Identified Destination @ Hyderabad Qutub Shahi Tombs Mecca Masjid Charminar Salar Jung Museum Golconda Fort Chowmahalla Palace Complex Paigh Tombs Falaknuma Palace Hussain Sagar Lake KBR Park Mahavir Harina National Park Nehru Zoo Lumbini Park Shilparamam Ramoji Film City Birla Mandir Chilkur Balaji Temple Jagannath Temple St. Mary’s Church Mecca Masjid Ujjaini Mahankali Temple

5 The Lesser Known Heritage Sites 1. Ameen Manzil, Saidabad 2. Ancient Gateway - Kukatpally 3. Andhra Patrika Building, Basheerbagh 4. Asman Mahal, Lakdi-ka-pool 5. Azha Khana-e-Zehra 6. Baradari of Nawab Khursheed Jah Bahadur 7. Baitul Ashraf, near Niloufar Hospital 8. Baquer Bagh, Saidabad 9. Bella Vista (Administrative Staff College of India) 10. Secunderabad Clock Tower 11. Devdi Imaad Jung Bahadur, Gunfoundry 12 Errum Manzil 13. Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Public Garden 14. Maharaja Chandulal Temple, Alwal 15. Moghulpura Tombs 16. Moazzam Jahi Market 17. Osmania Arts College 18. Parsi Fire Temple, Secunderabad 19. Spanish Mosque, Begumpet 20. St. Mary's Church, Secunderabad 21. Roshan Mahal 22. Heritage well, EFL University Heritage Buildings Heritage rock formations in Hyderabad 1. “Obelisk”, Jubilee Hills 2.“Mushroom Rock” inside the University of Hyderabad Campus 3.Rock Park, on Old Bombay Road near Dargah Hussain Shah Wali 4. Rocks at Maula Ali's Dargah, Moula- Ali

6 MONS RAYMOND OBELISK: 1755 AD The tomb is a black granite obelisk, and it has the initials JR on it. At the foot of the tomb lies a Grecian-styled pavillion, which is said to house the graves of his family. At the bottom of the hill lies another obelisk which was built over the remains of Raymond's faithful dog and horse. Even in his death, the people of Hyderabad saw to it that he was surrounded by those he loved and who had loved him back. The years have not been kind to Raymond's memories, with a handful of people knowing the location of the tomb and the stature of the man interred therein. The dilapidated tomb was rebuilt in April 2003, and an open-air theater around the Grecian pavilion was also constructed. And the tomb is still used as a venue for qawwali evenings held in his memory every year. But what you find when you go there today is weeds, graffiti and a sense of desolation.

7 How will do… Survey of the Heritage Site Gather the History of the Heritage Site Initial Rating – Gather Feedback from Stakeholders and Customers – Qualitest - Type Evaluation & Rating Enlist the Site with the Tourist Department – Associate it to the Existing Landmarks on Tourism Campaigns & Maps & Routes Promotion & Campaigns – Pamphlets – 3-D Visualization Videos (The Show Stop) – Show Stop Mobile App – Website & SEM – Infoboards – Feedback in Mobile, Web, Kiosk or Paper Smart Ticket – Can include 4-5 Heritage Spots which are associated Enrollment of Guides Formation of Maintenance Trust Enrollment for Event Organizers Review Rating of the Spot – Use the Feedback – Qualitest Rating Update The Tourism Dept on the Rating Iterate till Promised Rating Handover to Tourism Department

8 Landmark Attributes - Rating Years of History Awareness & Popularity – Search Rating Online – Rating from Surveys Unique or Superlative Influence of other Landmark – Distance from Nearest Landmark Ease of Access – Distance from Nearest Landmark – Availability of Public Transportation Frequency Geographical or Ethnic Importance – Religious Importance – Location Importance Events – Attendance – Duration Calculated Rating of the Landmark – 4.5 / 10.0

9 Evaluation of the Performance of Tourist Destinations - Qualitest Qualitest – Guide for Evaluaiton Integrated Quality Management Key Elements Tourist Satisfaction Local Tourism Industry Satisfaction Local People’s Quality of Life Environmental Quality working with QUALITEST will give the tourist destination: A set of indicators that can be used to measure the effects of quality management on the overall level of tourism quality in the destination and to monitor developments over time, An opportunity to see the linkages between the various aspects of quality in the destination, to the tourists’ perception of quality in the destination, A means of communicating quality performance to other stakeholders in the destination, and A tried and tested set of indicators that can be used for benchmarking with similar destinations. Importance of the Services in Tourist Spot Quality

10 Qualitest Cont… Quality Evaluation

11 Feedback Questionnaire

12 Pamphlet/ Smart Ticket About What will you experience Fees Testimonials How will you get here – In – Out Food Places Other Attractions and Stores Which are the other place to visit Advertise and Call Details – Cabs – Nearest Hotel/Restaurant Upcoming Events Feedback gathering Page 1: Page 2:

13 3D Visualization – The Show Stop


15 Feedback Questions – Rate to scale of 1 to 5 How did you find the place? Will you visit again Which suggest someone to visit?

16 Trip Advisor Lonely Planet Instagram Google Maps Facebook

17 Revenue Model Cost Survey10000.00 Gathering information/ Research5000.00 Pamplets5000.00 Site Content20000.00 Feedback5000.00 Event120000.00 Total165000.00 One time cost for 3 yrs. Tool Cost50000.00 3D Visualization setup500000.00 Mobile App50000.00 Website/SEM100000.00 Maintenance50000.00 Total750000.00 Cost per month 20833.33 Cost for 3 months 62500.00 Cost per site 227500.00 Miscellenous Expense 30000.00 Total cost 257500.00 Charges of our Services 350000.00 Profit 92500.00

18 Sustaining the Tourist Spot Enrollment of Guides – Social & Online Activities Event Organizers – Rent location for an event – Collect donations for events Trust managing the tourist spot – Local Stores – Local Business – Trust maintains the spot

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