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子曰: “ 君子之德风,小人之德草。草上之风,必偃。 ” Confucius say: Politician attitude like wind, Ragpicker attitude like grass. Wind blow, grass lean; when wind blow stronger.

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Presentation on theme: "子曰: “ 君子之德风,小人之德草。草上之风,必偃。 ” Confucius say: Politician attitude like wind, Ragpicker attitude like grass. Wind blow, grass lean; when wind blow stronger."— Presentation transcript:

1 子曰: “ 君子之德风,小人之德草。草上之风,必偃。 ” Confucius say: Politician attitude like wind, Ragpicker attitude like grass. Wind blow, grass lean; when wind blow stronger above grass, grass lean lower. 子曰: “ 君子义以为上。君子有勇而无义为乱,小人有勇而无义为盗。 ” Confucius say: Politician see voluntary as top value, when Politician only have braveness without voluntary, this Politician will create confusion concepts & endless split; when Ragpicker only have braveness without voluntary, this Ragpicker will become robber. 礼仪超越法律,统一世界礼仪,成就大同世界 ( 永恒 ) 生活方式,进入仁义和禅定心境,满足 ( 随缘 ) 中不断学习贡献。无竞争,只有补缺。 全民永恒幸福。 Righteousness exceed laws, standardize world righteousness, build communism-unity value habit, lead into contributive- righteousness-easy attitude, satisfy-all (logical-overview) then constantly learn contributive. Non competition, only ending needs without creating gaps. World easygoing ending-forever. 子曰: “ 君子周而不比,小人比而不周。 ” 【译文】 孔子说:君子善于团结人,不结党营私。小人则不团结人,制造分裂。 Confucius say: Politician expert in unite people with overview-solution, forbidden comparison to form endless groups. Ragpicker not unite people, but compare-everything to form endless-groups-leadership. 子曰: “ 君于中庸,小人反中庸。君子之中庸也,君子而时中。小人之中庸也,小人而无忌惮也。 ” Confucius say: Politician selfless-overview-reaction, Ragpicker disagree but rely on Politician. Politician can achieve selfless-overview-reaction, because they can connect infinity-ending-link from one case, exactly match the needs; Ragpicker disagree, because they want infinity-endless-pick, extremely grouping people needs. 子曰: “ 举一隅,不以三隅反,则不复也。 ” Confucius say: When teach one case who cannot connect it to infinity-ending-link, no repeat. 子曰: “ 君子和而不同,小人同而不和。 ” Confucius say: Politician emphasize voluntary to participate, Ragpicker emphasize extreme-grouping to be independent. 《孔子礼运大同篇》天下归一,成就大同世界是孔子的理想。 Communism-unity-world is Confucius ambition. china revolute world 1/2

2 子曰: “ 君子之交淡若水,小人之交甘若醴。 ” Confucius say: Politician friendship depend on same-ambition-within-infinity-ending-link, honest discuss case-by-case link the fastest solution for all, Politician friendship like fresh taste from water. Ragpicker friendship depend on benefit exchange, benefit over friendship over, Ragpicker friendship like sweet taste from wine. >> Honest is to find way link-ending all cases; Lies is to pick from survive case-by-case. >> Honest see all needs. Lies maintain one strategy. All & Freedom belong to Honest. 孔子曰: “ 君子以行言,小人以舌言,故君子為義之上,相疾也,退而相愛;小人於為亂之上,相愛也,退而相惡。 ” Confucius say: Politician action to express, Ragpicker talk to express. That’s why Politician be voluntary suffer same like every citizen, show citizens independent living ways then move away for citizen independent-unity; Ragpicker need to live in confusion to be leader forever, when-gather exchange benefit, when-leave to compete. 舜亦以命禹,曰:予小子履,敢用玄牡,敢昭告于皇皇后帝,有罪不敢赦,帝臣不蔽,简在帝心,朕躬有罪,无以万方;万方有罪, 罪在朕躬。 Shun say: Any citizen sadness, the king guilty. 子曰: “ 君子喻于义,小人喻于利。 ” Confucius say: Politician expert in voluntary-solution, Ragpicker expert in benefit-survive. 子曰: “ 君子求诸己,小人求诸人。 ” Confucius say: Politician own-adjust-show to link everything, Ragpicker set-rules-categorize listeners together control everything. 子曰: “ 君子泰而不骄,小人骄而不泰。 ” Confucius say: Politician react easy-adjust-stable but not proud, Ragpicker react proud but not easy-adjust-stable. 子曰: “ 君子坦荡荡,小人长戚戚。 ” Confucius say: Politician easy-mind-easy-heart, Ragpicker doubt-everything. 子曰: “ 君子成人之美,不成人之恶;小人反是。 ” Confucius say: Politician help people succeed ending, not help people succeed endless. Ragpicker do opposite. 子曰: “ 君子上达;小人下达。 ” Confucius say: Politician like to react feedback-with-ending-solution, Ragpicker like to command. china revolute world 2/2

3 Communism include Democracy towards Ending Logic Team guide change Logic no Team Team has Logic

4 Learn Ending for Politic Action make things easy for peopletogether succeed great solution GuideFill forever be new student - righteousness constantly link new factor - contributive

5 Ending All Dynamic dynamic for everything End

6 Forever Freedom Ending self Feeling react Not All Forever Freedom

7 Together Fill All Gap Ending decide Responsibility talk Together

8 Grow without Drop towards Ending Joint Venture Establish Company Co., Ltd Innovation research Function Demand Application sales All Ltd Centralized Management 2+4 Decentralized Management Service HR Financial Design

9 Democracy system Link Guide citizens UnitySystem control EndingTolerance

10 Team Dynamic – The Highest Efficiency System Software ProceduresAdjustment Meeting Self Team

11 From Empty to Full Ending Automatic full Core Universe Forever End Link Fill Gaps Nature empty All want All … End

12 Don’t Scare Freedom suit responsibility system Independent build safe network freedom ? feel exceed logic

13 Communism Leadership – No matter which way, as long as contribute to all Leader give opinion, everyone fill gaps link everyone dreams, everyone action, immediate success Two persons don’t have one direction (possibilities), multi levels return unity (fill gaps link), no branch, all jobs success

14 Logic Base-to-All-to-Base Overview Learn try Teach link all Fair no branch with auto After feel base-to-all-to-base, auto logic & overview, only filling gaps, form communism, towards union

15 Country choose best leader – Government choose, give people most perfect, all responsibilities guarantee success, influent all Greatest Love empty + loyal = totally contribute without conditions, from unsuccess turn to success Brain Wash steady + clean = out-link-out, perfect link perfect, unable to link, change, from perfect turn to most perfect

16 Autonomy is Federal, Independent Actions & Plans, Central Filling Gaps

17 Multi-Subjects-One Examination System, Everyone be Politician

18 More than one no most, Everything equally, Auto Fill Gaps is most No largest, No many auto Forbidden self-empty first, not stop learning = learn righteousness empty-fill gaps link-auto Holy War = die to kill others, must die righteousness

19 4-layer tunnel link to share from Capital City to All Rural Towns, build 5 hours Nationwide Network Maglev Train, 500km/hr 3 lane highway Based in Urumqi, Work in Beijing, Service customers nationwide secondary link via sub tunnels Gas, Petrol, Crude Oil, Water pipe Electric & Fiber Optic

20 Share create new desert croplands, below sea level lands, and new sea routes

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