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2 David Coyote’s Den Presents Art Gallery 1 Slides advance automatically, or by clicking anywhere on the screen.

3 Artworksby David Coyote All images © 2007 David Coyote


5 'Hank, Clay Bust' © 2007 David Coyote This is a bust in clay I did of my friend, Hank - circa 1955 - (I think) No idea where it is now.


7 ‘Frank Sadilak Bust' © 2007 David Coyote This is a bust I did in 1970 of Frank Sadilak, voted at a few years earlier as Lifetime President of the San Francisco Hells Angels. Frank and I lived in Hawaii - he worked for Helco. Rode his bicycle to work every day. For free, taught kids about road safety and sponsored bicycle races around the island. Frank burned his draft card on the steps of the Federal Building in San Francisco before moving to Hawaii. He was a serious Viet Nam war protestor and wrote letters weekly to all the politicos - insisting that they get us out of that immoral war. Four of our friends were killed in Nam. Frank couldn't swim - I did my best to teach him but, without a life vest, he sank like a rock. That led to his untimely death when his small rubber raft overturned on Hilo Bay. Frank, out there alone, wasn't wearing his life vest. It was a loss of one of my dearest friends.


9 Dreaming Sculpture' © 2007 David Coyote I did this sculpture in 1965 while Jacqueline and I lived in Oakland, California. It's about two feet in length - I call it Dreaming. Jacqueline, mother of my son, Jascha, died in Hawaii this year of a wasting form of dementia, an extremely sad loss to all who loved her. She was a kind, humanitarian soul.


11 The Marriageable Maiden Bamboo Flute' © 2007 David Coyote A bamboo flute, titled The Marriageable Maiden, Hexagram 14, symbolizing thunder over a pool, Chen over Tui. The I-Ching says, "The Superior man knows that to achieve an enduring end, he must be aware of his mistakes at the beginning." This flute is one of sixty-four I made while living in Hawaii, each named after a Hexagram in the I-Ching. I gave all of the others away to people who wanted to play a flute. If one looks closely, one can see the ivory Kuei Mei hexagram carved into the flute.


13 ‘Maya, Beaded Skull' © 2007 David Coyote I covered the skull of my beloved part wolf pal, Maya, with thousands of glass beads, each one glued on with the memory of her in mind, a meditation on love that transcended her passing. She was one of my best teachers. I hope I've learned the lessons she taught.


15 ‘Mauna Kea Embroidery' © 2007 David Coyote To learn how to reuse damaged fingers, I embroidered the back of my denim jacket after almost cutting off my right thumb while using a radial arm saw. Never finished the embroidery, but fortunately, I did regain the use of my thumb. This is the view of Mauna Kea I had from our small home I built in the Hawaiian rainforests in 1976.


17 ‘Backyard Fireplace' © 2007 David Coyote I designed and built this fireplace in my back yard a few years ago - had intended for years to build one in the house, but this is a much better solution. There's a Bar- B-Q on the right island where, after I move a few plants, I whup-up goodies on occasion. Room for wood storage below on both sides. Sure enjoy kicking back in front of the fire on cool fall evenings with some favorite wine and good bread and cheese.


19 ‘Wooden Box' © 2007 David Coyote Pamela and I often went camping, stuffing the food preparation stuff into a cardboard box the back of our old Jeep. Yep, the cardboard boxes never lasted the trips, so lazy me finally built a solid box out of ash, redwood, cedar, pine and fir. I'd show you the inside if there was more room here, imagine built-in compartments, a lift out tray, and not one nail or screw in the whole box. Lift and turn over the top, and we had a cutting board. Put it back on, we had something to sit on by the campfire. The piece still serves us well after nine years of rough handling, even though we no longer have the Jeep or sleep out too often now. Our bones complain too much.


21 ‘Colored Pen Meditation' © 2007 David Coyote This is one of a dozen colored pen meditations I did one night when living in Hawaii. Doing these gave me something to do all night until the time came for my son's 'on his own' go at life. He was born September 2, 1970 - 11:10am, delivered into my hands. Some day I'm going to give him the knife I used to cut his umbilical cord - when he and his lady- love needs it.

22 All artworks & photography in this presentation is copyright protected. © 2007 David Coyote Thanks for stopping by.

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