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数 091-1 主办 主编:武法鹏 编辑 : 张鑫、刘云云、马雯、仝华珍、国倩 技术:颜世俊、裴有权.

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1 数 091-1 主办 主编:武法鹏 编辑 : 张鑫、刘云云、马雯、仝华珍、国倩 技术:颜世俊、裴有权

2 The hijackers intentionally crashed two of the airliners into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, killing everyone on board and many others working in the buildings. Both buildings collapsed within two hours, destroying nearby buildings and damaging others. The hijackers crashed a third airliner into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. The fourth plane crashed into a field near Shanksville in rural Pennsylvania, after some of its passengers and flight crew attempted to retake control of the plane, which the hijackers had redirected toward Washington, D.C. There were no survivors from any of the flights. U.S. 911 incident





7 Rain Man is a moving story about two brothers, one a selfish yuppie named Charlie Babbitt who cares only about the importance of money and the other named Raymond who is a autistic and doesn't know anything about the importance of money. Charlie realizes that his father left three million dollars to Raymond and little to him, as he also realizes Raymomd is his brother! Charlie kidnaps Raymond from his residential home and begins a long journey and discovery that will forever change both their lives. Rain Man is a completely moving, emotional, funny, and unforgettable movie. Dustin Hoffman is one of my favorite actors and plays his most memorable role as well as Tom Cruise, who gives a great performance that helped a lot in launching most of his career. The direction by Barry Levinson is stunning and of course, his best yet. Overall, the film is a timeless classic that moves me in every way. This is definitely one of the best films of the 80's and one of my all time favorites. Yea, definitely, definitely, recommend it!

8 New words disguise v. ① to change your apperance so that people can’t recognize you 假装、伪装 例: She disguised herself as a boy. 她女扮男装。 n. sth that is worn to hide who one really is, or the act of wearing this 伪装物、伪 装 例: The star travelled in disguise. 这位明星化了装去旅游。 ② to hide sth or change it, so that it can’t be recognized 掩蔽、掩饰 例: She couldn’t disguise the fact that she felt uncomfortable. 她无法掩饰她那不安的心情。

9 pledge n. a serious promise 保证、诺言、誓约 例: Management has given a pledge that there will be no job losses this year. 资方保证今年不会削减工作职位。 make sb or yourself formally promise to do sth 使保证、使发誓 例: They were all pledged to secrecy. 他们都宣誓保密。 v. formally promise to give or do sth 承诺、保证、给予 例: The government pledged their support for the plan. 政府保证支持这项计划。

10 drain v. ① to make sth empty or dry by removing all the liquid from it to become empty or dry in this way 排空、使流光、放于 例: The swimming pool drains very slowly. 游泳池里的水排得很慢。 n. a pipe that carries away dirty water or other liquid waste 下水道;排水管 例: The drains date from the beginning of the century. 下水道排水系统从本世纪初就有了。 ② to make liquid flow awa from sth;to flow away 使流走、流出 例: Drain off the excess fat from the meat. 把肉里多余的油沥掉。

11 restrain v. ① to stop sb/sth from doing sth esp by using physical force 制止;阻止 例: They have obtained an injunction restraining the company from selling the product. 他们已经得到阻止这家公司出售这一产品的锦销会。 ③ to stop sth that is growing or increasing from becoming too large 抑制、控制 例: The government is taking steps to restrain inflation. 政府正在采取措施控制通货膨胀。 ② to stop yourself from feeling an emotion or doing sth that you would like to do 约束自己、控制 例: John managed to restrain his anger. 约翰努力压制住自己的怒气。

12 1 . I was in charge outside where I administered justice by tracking down the parents of the kids who picked on my brother, and telling on them. 我则负责外面的事,找到那些欺负我哥哥的孩子们的父母,告他们的状,为我 哥哥讨回公道。 Translation:I was responsible for protecting my brother in the neighborhood, where I would find the parents of the kids who treated my brother unkindly and tell them what their children had doing. Sentence

13 2.Usually very agreeable, he now quit speaking altogether and no amount of words could penetrate the vacant expression the wore on his face. Translation:Usually he is very happy,but now he refuse to say a word and you can know nothing from his vacant expression. 通常,他是很快乐的,但是现在他一句话也不说,而且你从他茫然的 表情也看不出什么。

14 3.In fact, caring for someone who loves as deeply and appreciates my efforts as much as Jimmy does has enriched my life more than anything else ever could have. Translation:In fact,caring for a man like Jimmy who love me and appreciate me,enriched my life and noting can compared with that. 事实上,关照像吉米这样一个深爱有感激我的人,更加丰富了我的生活, 其他任何东西都不能与之相比。

15 4.I called on my faithful friends to help make it a merry and festive occasion, ignoring the fact that most of them were emotionally drained and exhausted. Translation:I asked my close friends to help make Jimmy’s party a happy and joyful occasion, ignoring the fact that most of them were emotionally tired. 我邀请了我的好友,请他们来帮忙把宴会弄得热闹些,增加些欢快气氛,没 去理会他们多数人在情感上都有些疲惫着一些事实。

16 5.The simplicity with which Jimmy had reconciled everything for us should not have been surprising. Translation:The simple way with which Jimmy had helped us to accept reaity should not have been supring. 吉米以朴素的方式为我们协调了眼前的一切,他做到这一点并不令人吃惊。

17 El Nino is the name given to the mysterious and often unpredictable change in the climate of the world. This strange __47__ happens every five to eight years. It starts in the Pacific Ocean and is thought to be caused by a failure in the trade winds, which affects the ocean currents driven by these winds. As the trade winds lessen in __48__, the ocean temperatures rise, causing the Peru current flowing in from the east to warm up by as much as 5°C The warming of the ocean has far-reaching effects. The hot, humid air over the ocean causes severe __49__ thunderstorms. The rainfall is increased across South America __50__ floods to Peru. In the West Pacific, there are droughts affecting Australia and Indonesia. So while some parts or the world prepare for heavy rains and floods, other parts face drought, poor crops and __51__. El Nino usually lasts for about 18 months. The 1982-83 El Nino brought the most __52__ weather in modern history. Its effect was worldwide and it left more than 2,000 people dead and caused over eight billon pounds __53__ of damage. The 1990 El Nino lasted until June 1995. Scientists __54__ this to be the longest El Nino for 2,000 years. Nowadays, weather expert are able to forecast when an El Nino will __55__, buy they still not __56__ sure what leads to it or what affects how strong it will be. 备选: A) estimate B) strength C) deliberately D) notify E) tropical F) phenomenon G) stable H) attraction I) completely J) destructive K) starvation L) bringing M) exhaustion N) worth O) strike

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