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FY 2012-2014 Block Grant Application Joint Block Grant Planner Sandra Mena-Tyree.

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1 FY 2012-2014 Block Grant Application Joint Block Grant Planner Sandra Mena-Tyree

2 New Block Grant Purposes 1. To fund priority treatment and support services for individuals without insurance or who cycle in and out of health insurance coverage; 2. To fund those priority treatment and support services not covered by Medicaid, Medicare or private insurance offered through the exchanges and that demonstrate success in improving outcomes and/or supporting recovery; 3. To fund universal, selective and target prevention activities and services; including mental health promotion. 4. To collect performance and outcome data to determine the ongoing effectiveness of behavioral health prevention, treatment and recovery support services and to plan the implementation of new services on a nationwide basis.

3 Areas of Conc ern o SAMHSA Strategic Initiatives Prevention of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Trauma and Justice Military Families Recovery Support Health Reform Implementation Health Information Technology Data, Outcomes, and Quality Public Awareness and Support

4 Report Format Changes State Priorities Entity Inventory Report for each BG expenditures only. Planned Expenditure – reported based on Good and Modern service categories like, Medication Services, community support, recovery support, and system improvement. We will be recording what percentage of funds will be applied to that category. Expenditure Report – will be more detail on activities or services in each of those good and modern categories, like, parent training, SBIRT, Relapse prevention, behavioral management, peer support, just to name a few. We will also need to the number of units for each that are provided. Number Served this is an unduplicated count of persons serviced supported by BG funds. We have always reported total #served regardles in fund source.

5 What Doesn’t Change? Federal Allocation Formula for both Mental Health and Substance Abuse funding will not be commingled. Payment schedule—still tied to federal fiscal year and reports Set Asides, Priority Populations, and current federal requirements

6 Required Planning Steps 1.Assessment of systems strengths and needs 2.Gaps analysis 3.Prioritizing planning activities 4.Developing objectives, strategies and performance indicators

7 Also Required Behavioral Health Advisory Council started process to integrate MHPAC and CAC in the BHAC. This council will continue to provide a robust meaningful consumer voice. Advise and make recommendations Block grant application review Review and evaluate the adequacy of services provided. Public Comment Stakeholder input, specifically Tribal input

8 Other Planning Areas Use of Block Grant Dollars for Block Grant Activities Activities that support individuals in directing their care Data and Information Technology Quality Improvement Reporting Consultation with Tribes Services Management Strategies Dashboards Suicide Prevention Plan Technical Assistance Needs Process to Involve Individuals and Families Use of Technology Process of Obtaining Support of State Partners

9 What does this mean for us? A unified plan will allow us to look at behavior health as a whole. We can better identify communities with significant need and what services are lacking in other areas. We will be purchasing services that are more focused to fill gaps. We will have an opportunity to develop systems and/or processes that will ensure accountability that are meaningful, appropriate and outcome based. Developing contracts that are performance and outcome based which actually supports the new state contracting requirements.

10 Where do we go from here? Identify what will be impacted programmatically and fiscally Develop a plan on how to change and when can we make the change. Partner with each stakeholder/constituency group to develop a state plan that addresses the true need in each community.

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