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Rockland Public Schools Budget FY 15 April 28, 2014.

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1 Rockland Public Schools Budget FY 15 April 28, 2014

2 Budget process Final budget number is the end product of a dialogue among District Administration, School Committee, Town Accountant and Finance Committee. Once this budget is approved at Town Meeting, schools live within this budget.

3 Preliminary Budget $21,487,831 6% increase Approved December 9, 2013

4 Budget History The district faced budget issues this year due to loss of revenue and increased costs Revenue: Circuit breaker -$200,000 Federal and State -$100,000 Grants

5 Budget History Costs: Increased utilities: $200,000 Increased SPED: $150,00 cost Total: $650,000 An attempt to mitigate these issues through an override failed.

6 70/30 split Under the 70/30 split, Rockland Public Schools receives 70% of any new income to the town after fixed costs. This has been and continues to be beneficial to the district. However included in this is any increase in costs associated with the Voc. Tech and Norfolk Aggie.

7 Town appropriation FY 15 $966,000 additional funding available to the schools $142,052 increase in vocational costs Net increase of $824,073 = 4.15%

8 FY 14 budget: $20,271,540 FY 15 budget: $21,095,613

9 Electricity Because of the town solar field, the town is taking over all electricity costs. This will deduct $305,000 from our budget but eliminate the electricity line item. New budget number with this taken into account: $20,790,613

10 Budget Shortfall FY 15 budget: $20,790,613 FY 15 needs: $21,370,654 Budget shortfall $580,441

11 Budget Adjustments Emergency maintenance only Eliminate acquisition of new equipment Savings from retiring teachers Staff reductions Busing cuts Increased fees Grant funded professional development

12 Summary Below level service budget means reduction in services

13 Recommended FY 15 Budget Rockland Public Schools $20,790,613 Vocational costs $ 2,101,208 Total $ 22,891,821

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