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Predict & Prevent Detect & Respond

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1 Predict & Prevent Detect & Respond
KNOw New Pathogens Predict & Prevent Detect & Respond to new plant pathogen introductions

2 Invasive Terrestrial Animals and Pathogens (ITAP) Plant Pathogens subcommittee (ITAP-PP)
Dr. Kerry Britton National Program Leader For Forest Pathology Research USDA Forest Service

3 Who is ITAP-PP? Amy Rossman, chair Kerry Britton, exec sec
Doug Luster -ARS Mary Palm -APHIS Matt Royer -APHIS Joe Bischoff -APHIS Marty Draper -NIFA Kent Smith -ARS Gail C. Wisler -ARS David Chitwood -ARS Carissa Marasas -ARS Mary Ellen Dix -FS Peyton Ferrier -ERS John Bowers -ARS Russ Bulluck -APHIS

4 “31 new plant pests detected in 2009”
APHIS PPQ Roadmap to 2015 “31 new plant pests detected in 2009” So we know our current system isn’t working too well.

5 TNC- NCEAS work group: predicts invasive FOREST pests will cost 2 billion/yr over next 10 yrs most costs are borne by state & local governments, and homeowners ¾ of infested plant shipments pass undetected through plan inspection stations

6 Propose improvements:
Diagnostic infrastructure Research infrastructure Information sharing Outreach, extension, education Training the next generation

7 THORNY Issues: Plants for planting Data sharing Collaboration
across agencies 38,220 infested shipments slipped through between FY06-10


9 BREAKOUT SESSION: Are there other issues that need to be addressed?
Are there other or better solutions? How can we best solicit further input & ACTION?

10 Please come: APS Workshop
Saturday, August 6 8 am to noon Beautiful downtown Honolulu

11 Your assistance would be

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