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Education By Ellen G. White Poetry & Song 1Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas.

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1 Education By Ellen G. White Poetry & Song 1Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas

2 2 Poetry is language used in special ways so that its sound reflects it’s meaning more powerfully than in ordinary speech or writing.

3 Poetry in the Bible God’s spoken word. He was the earliest poet. Moses recorded His words to Job. God paints a vivid description of nature and creation. Job 38: 4-27 Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas3

4 A Song is a short musical composition with words and a distinctive or characteristic sound. Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas4

5 Songs in the Bible Songs make you familiar with spiritual experiences. Songs have the ability to appeal to the heart. The children of Israel praised God with singing. Song was used by many great men in the Bible to interact with God. Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas5

6 The ability to sing songs and write poems is a gift given to us by God. Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas6

7 Why is Poetry & Song constructive? They create positive nuances of emotions. An easy, effective and enjoyable means for parents to teach children about God. Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas7

8 Types of Songs sung: 1.Victory/ Triumph 2.Refuge/Strength 3.Praise & Thanksgiving 4.Faith & Trust Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas8

9 1 st Type of Song Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas9

10 Situations where songs of Victory/Triumph were sung  The children of Israel Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas10

11 2 nd Type of Song Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas11

12 Situations where songs of Refuge/Strength were sung  Jehoshaphat and the armies of Israel.  David as a hunted refuge when he fled from Jerusalem at the rebellion of Absalom.  Jesus in His earthly life. Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas12

13 3 rd Type of Song Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas13

14 Situations where songs of Praise/Thanksgiving were sung  The angels have used song to sing praise.  The hosts of Israel at the Red Sea.  Jehoshaphat and the armies of Israel. Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas14

15 4 th Type of Song Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas15

16 Situations where songs of Faith/Trust were sung  David after his great sin.  Jesus in His earthly life when faced with troubles.  The earth’s last great crisis draws closer. Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas16

17 Parents & Teachers must: Recognize the importance of Poetry and Song in both the informal and formal setting when educating children. Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas17

18 Circumstances under which Jesus sang: When faced with temptation When he was verbally assaulted Oppressed Frustrated Before his betrayal and death Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas18

19 Positive uses of song: Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas19

20 Positive uses of song: Communion with the heavens Gift from God Inspires and elevates the soul Subdues rudeness Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas20

21 Positive uses of song: Promotes happiness Reveals spiritual truths Recall God’s word A means of education Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas21

22 Negative effects of song: Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas22

23 Negative effects of song: Evil purposes Temptations Neglect the teachings of God Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas23

24 Songs and Worship  Singing is fundamental in worship; it is a part of our religious duty.  Songs and prayers are of equal importance, many songs are prayers. Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas24

25 Occupying our thoughts with positive Poetry and Songs from the Scriptures we are able to understand God’s word and establish a closer relationship with Him. Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas25

26 Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas26

27 1.Where is the earliest recorded poetry found in the Bible? (159, 160) 2.What are some of the circumstances under which Jesus sang? (166) 3.What song are we to sing as earth's last great crisis draws closer? (166, 167) 4.What are some of the negative uses of song? (167, 168) ……..Positive? 5.What type of songs would Jesus sing? (166) Ms. Mandela & Ms. Nicholas27

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