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Impulse Ellen Hopkins By DeMarie Meza Pages:688. Author Mary Ellen Hopkins Born: March 26,1955 ( going to be 55) Adopted at birth by Albert C. Wagner.

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1 impulse Ellen Hopkins By DeMarie Meza Pages:688

2 Author Mary Ellen Hopkins Born: March 26,1955 ( going to be 55) Adopted at birth by Albert C. Wagner 72 at the time, and Valeria 42. Has been writing since she could put words on paper, she loves to write poetry, and didn’t start writing for money till 1992. Married Twice Divorced Once One bad relationship, with father of one of her kids. 3 kids, 2 different dads.

3 Protagonist I believe that the Protagonist characters would be Tony and Vanessa because they improved so much during their time at Aspen Springs. They were also able to face their fears and open up to one another which involved into a great friendship, and once they are able to rejoin society they will have each other to help through any challenges that they might face.

4 Antagonist I believe that the Antagonist characters would be the parents/ adults that were in these 3 teens life’s. Because of the way they treated and let others treat their children, they deserve some of the blame for why the teens attempted suicide.

5 Favorite characters favorite character : My favorite character would be Tony because he has had a really rough childhood, he was raped and then jailed for killing his mothers child molesting boyfriend, which confuses him about his sexuality, but in the end he and Vanessa have a romance of their own, and he was able to gain something from Aspen Springs.

6 Least favorite character Least Favorite Character: I don’t have a least favorite character. But if I had to choose one I would say Conner, because he just gives up in the end, and takes his own life. He passes all the levels at Aspen Springs, but in the end he didn’t gain anything.

7 Plot Summary “Exposition” Conner tries to kill him self with a gun. Vanessa attempts to kill herself by cutting. Tony tries to kill him self by enjoying a martini of multiple sleeping pills. Because of their poor choices they end up in a psychiatric hospital called Aspen Springs.

8 Rising action When Tony, Vanessa, and Conner pass all the levels in order to get more freedom. When they reach the final level which is a wilderness survival excursion to prove that they are ready to be let back out into society.

9 Climax Tony, Vanessa, and Conner must pass certain levels in order to get more freedom. They must complete the final test which is a wilderness survival excursion to prove that they are ready to go back into society. Tony, Vanessa, and Conner make it to the wilderness challenge, they are ready to complete this challenge, with the help of each other.

10 Falling Action When Conner decides to end his life during the wilderness survivor challenge. He believed that there was nothing out there in the real world for him. That all he would go back to is his over controlling parents, that gave him everything but their love.

11 Resolution After Conner’s death, Tony and Vanessa go back to Aspen Springs willing to get better so they can go out and have their second chance in life, with the help from their families, and each other.

12 Setting Present (2007) This is important because it helps us see that there are many kids today that have had this kind of experience. The story takes place in Aspen Springs, a psychiatric hospital. This is important because Aspen Springs is a place for those who have attempted suicide, and a place to receive help.

13 Themes Suicide Dysfunctional Family Teen misery

14 Rating of 1-10 I give IMPILSE a 9 I really enjoyed this book, the ending was a little disappointing, other than that I believe that this book was a great read and educational. This book helps people realize that depression and suicide are anything but a joke! It affects and changes many lives. This book helps people see the reasoning behind 3 teens attempt to end their life and what challenges they will have to face in order to get out of aspen springs and re-join the real world.

15 Social Issue “Suicide” What will you miss if you leave?

16 INFO about “suicide” Definition: The act of deliberately or intentionally taking one's own life. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in all teens 15- to 24-year-olds in the United States, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. nearly 60% of all suicides in the United States are committed with a gun. Girls think about and attempt suicide about twice as often as boys, and tend to attempt suicide by overdosing on drugs or cutting themselves. Boys die by suicide about four times as often as girls, perhaps because they tend to use more lethal methods, such as firearms, hanging, or jumping from heights. Warning Signs talk about suicide or death in general talk about "going away" talk about feeling hopeless or feeling guilty pull away from friends or family lose the desire to take part in favorite things or activities have trouble concentrating or thinking clearly experience changes in eating or sleeping habits self-destructive behavior (drinking alcohol, taking drugs, or driving too fast, etc) Its all about talking! FOR HELP CALL! (800) SUICIDE or (800) 999-9999

17 Info about “Suicide” continue Factors that increase the risk of suicide among teens include a psychological disorder, especially depression, bipolar disorder, and alcohol and drug use. feelings of distress, irritability, or agitation feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness that often accompany depression (a teen, for example, who experiences repeated failures at school, who is overwhelmed by violence at home, or who is isolated from peers is likely to experience such feelings) a previous suicide attempt a family history of depression or suicide (depressive illnesses may have a genetic component, so some teens may be predisposed to suffer major depression) physical or sexual abuse lack of a support network, poor relationships with parents or peers, and feelings of social isolation dealing with homosexuality in an unsupportive family or community or hostile school environment

18 Suicide expressed today Video that illustrated the challenges of Suicide. ( Good Charlotte “Hold on”) g g Music that has incorporated Suicide into the lyrics. (suicide by Rihanna )

19 Poem The pain and glory of the intruding incision! By DeMarie Meza The pain and glory of the cut, the adrenaline of the intruding incision, towards the vain, the blood protrudes out, splashing on the death cold granite counter. Black mascara glides down my rosy cheeks. I see the human I want to forget in this stain glass mirror, the life I wish I would have never played with. This lonely soul wants to be set free to roam with no limits holding it down, Body trembles from the shock of a over dose. Body seizing. I collapse. Body freezing. I see no light. Body lays still. No warm welcome from the man above, but the eyes of an old friend I once knew. So with the last shutter of this poor suffering body and last gasp of toxic polluted air, the soul is set free; with only the regret of leaving the suffering masked body behind.

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