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CLICK TO START. There are 28 million teenage girls & boys between the ages of 10 and 18 in the US today? 4 million of these teens actively go for facials.

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2 There are 28 million teenage girls & boys between the ages of 10 and 18 in the US today? 4 million of these teens actively go for facials monthly and have to use adult products on their skin because there’s barely a product available for them made specifically for their young skin? The global skincare market is estimated at US$43 billion, showing an annual growth of 8%? 60% are female baby boomers (aka Moms!) driving this sector? Serious, natural skincare for tweens/teens is the new emerging market, and is totally UNTAPPED!? Did You Know???..…

3 True Girl skincare was launched in May 2011 when I was inspired by my teenage daughter, Alexia, who was starting to have issues with her skin. I felt there was a growing awareness and need for a basic – all natural – ‘starter’ range of skincare products aimed entirely at teenage girls skin. “Being a Mom of 2 teenagers, I feel their pain when they have sudden breakouts! As a teenager, you already have so many conflicting emotions and have so much else to deal with, that the last thing you should have to worry about is your skin. Your face, being the first aspect of you that everyone sees, shouldn’t make you feel miserable but rather reflect your glowing personality!” Being at the forefront of skincare technology through Skin Nutrition for almost 12 years, it became my goal to design a range of skincare products that not only needed to be free of all nasty ingredients, but gentle on the skin, as well as gentle with the environment. Introduction

4 Bio – True Momma Hi, I’m Joanne Purvis, mom of two teenage kids, Darian (18) & Alexia (15). With 12 years of ‘biotech’ anti-aging skincare experience under my belt, I felt there was a massive need to introduce a skincare line, designed specifically for young teenage skin. With a history like mine, coupled with my 10 years of experience in Sales & Marketing through a large pharmaceutical company, and the Coca Cola Bottlers distribution network, I have the expertise to take True Girl to every corner of the world. Recruited by SAB (South African Breweries) to secure, implement and manage sales of 4 beverage brands through 6 Coca Cola Bottlers, afforded me the opportunity to reach sales levels above and beyond expectations. In addition to these accomplishments, I’ve held the responsibility of leading a 50 strong sales team, business development, operations management, production management and market strategy, all the while conceptualizing, creating and designing successful product ranges in the market today.

5 True Girl celebrates all that embodies the true all American girl. Bold, friendly and outgoing, she is in touch with the planet and careful what products she uses on her skin. She does not have cash to spend on high-end beauty products but wants to start taking care of her skin responsibly with a comprehensive range that is gentle yet effective for teenage skin. Core Philosophy

6 There is not one product in the market that is designed and marketed for teenage boys. We plan to introduce ‘True Guy’ which comprises 5 basic products: Cleanser SPF (Oil-free moisturizer) Wipes Zit Zapper Shaving Gel The message will be to keep the skin clean ergo avoid the breakouts. As with the True Girl ‘doodles’ True Guy will be ‘grafitti’ artwork/logo. This range can be sold into any of the True Girl retailers as well as into all the sports stores and surf shops. Pricing will also be under $20 per product. True Guy

7 True Girl love’s our Mother Earth and we’ve done whatever we can to keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum by ensuring sustainability through 100% recyclable packaging and components, manufactured and sourced only in the USA. True Girl is manufactured in Southern California and Head Office is based in Newport Beach, California. The planet that we love

8 Cleansing Wash (100ml) Toner Splash (125ml) Moisturizer Oil-Free (50ml) Bright Eyes (15ml) Zit Zapper (15ml) Wipe-Outs (30 wipes) Mask (50ml) Exfoliator (50ml) True Girl Products Coming soon… Sleepover Survival Kit Mini’s of the core line, which will also include a mascara, lip gloss and hair band Moisturizer SPF15 Night Treatment

9 Cucumber Extract Allantoin Aloe Vera Gel Green Tea Leaf Extract Grape Seed Extract Billberry Extract Milk Thistle Extract Maritime Pine Extract Gingko Biloba Extract Beta Glucan Carapa Guaianensis Seed Oil Verbena Officinalis Extract Vitamin B Complex Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Protein Soybean Protein Shea Butter Jojoba Beads Powerful Antioxidants Green Packaging Cruelty-Free 100% Vegan No Dyes The good stuff we love No GMO’s Sulfate & Paraben Free We do not use any methylparaben, propylparaben, or sodium laurel/laureth sulfates and Phenoxyethanol in our products.

10 Acrylamides Alcohol denat (denatured alcohol) Aluminum ingredients Benzyl alcohol Bismuth Oxychloride BHA and BHT Diethanolamine Ethoxylates Formaldehyde Fragrance Glycol MMP (Matrix Metalloproteinase) Methylisothiazolinone Mineral Oils Phthalates Parabens PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) Petrochemicals Petrolatum Phenoxyethanol Silicone Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulfate Synthetic Dyes Talc TEA (Triethanolamine) The bad stuff we avoid

11 ProductRetail PriceWholesaleDistributor Cleansing Wash $18.99$9.50$4.65 Toner Splash$17.99$9.00$4.92 Moisturizer $19.99$10.00$5.48 Bright Eyes $14.99$8.00$4.16 Zit Zapper $15.99$8.00$3.70 Wipe-Outs $13.99$7.00$5.44 Exfoliator $16.99$8.50$3.69 Mask $16.99$8.50$3.90 Starter Kit 1 $28.99$11.50$18.40 Starter Kit 2 $29.99$13.50$20.25 Pricing

12 Product Description This tantalizingly tasty tangerine Cleansing Wash, will keep your beautiful skin squeaky clean, fresh and glowing all day long without harsh ingredients that will dry it up! Its mild anti-bacterial formula will reduce irritation. This Cleansing Wash infused with antioxidants and fruit extracts improve moisture retention and skin’s hydration as well as elasticity. Aloe Vera gel and our herbal complex, protects the skin against breakouts. Squeaky Clean – Tangerine Dream Cleansing Wash True Girl Zit Zapper’s Pineapple extract will do exactly that. Zap that zit before it has a chance to glow. Our unique natural formula helps dry up blemishes without damaging your beautiful skin with harsh chemical ingredients. Naturally Clear – Pineapple Blast Zit Zapper

13 Radiant – Green Mango Mask This True Girl Green Mango Mask will keep you free from congestion under the skin. Kaolin clay and enzymatic Papaya and Pineapple extracts, gently dissolve dead skin cells that block pores causing black heads and breakouts. Your skin will be left feeling fresh, soft and luscious with a natural glow. This gentle, mild exfoliating scrub will remove dead skin cells, allowing your skin to remain free from breakouts, keeping it looking clear and fresh Brightening – Melon Crush Exfoliator

14 Homework Keep that gorgeous young skin hydrated with this deliciously juicy True Girl Tropical Punch Moisturizer, its oil-free which means it prevents breakouts and reduces the appearance of acne. Powerful antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties protect and soothe the skin throughout the day. Fresh Glow – Tropical Punch Moisturizer Passion Fruit Toner Splash gives your skin that invigorating superstar boost that keeps it fresh and glowing. Cooling and soothing, it restores skin’s pH, vitamin B complex and anti-inflammatory properties reduce the appearance of acne, and powerful antioxidants protect the skin all day. Zingy - Passion Fruit Toner Splash

15 Cleansing – Pampering Pear Wipe-Outs These True Girl Pampering Pear Wipe-Outs will eliminate bacteria that stays on the skin after all your vigorous sporting activities! Be sure to keep a few in your sports bag, so you can keep that gorgeous skin of yours free from nasty breakouts. Banish puffiness and dark circles by applying powerful antioxidants that not only soothe the eye area but also relieves irritation and keeps the skin moisturized. Revitalizing – Fragrance Free Bright Eyes


17 Testimonials “True Girl really helped my skin with breakouts and blackheads! I love TG ” Sydney. I. 14 “As soon as I started taking care of my skin with True Girl products, I was amazed how all the bumps and small pimples cleared up, almost overnight!” Lexi. V. 15 "I love True Girl! I can clean my face and avoid break outs without drying out my face or ruining my clothes!" Allie M. 14 "True Girl has everything teens need to look their best! I really like the cool colors, fresh scents, and clean feel after using the products." Kirsten M. 16 "As a mom of two teenagers, I don’t want them to put harsh chemicals on their young skin. True Girl's products work to keep their skin clear, without the drying, redness and other side effects of other teenage skincare lines with harsh chemicals. Highly recommend True Girl to tweens and teens!" Doreen M. I have been using True Girl for almost two years now. I used to be bad about cleaning my skin and would just use soap and water. My skin is normal to oily and True Girl products have been great in giving me a beautiful complexion. I play a lot of sports and the daily cleanser leaves my skin super clean and fresh. My favorite True Girl products are the Mask and the Zit Zapper, they are the best. Thank you True Girl for making an awesome product especially for teens! Lily C, 15 I began using True Girl Products about a year ago. I am dark skinned and when my skin gets dry I get white patches. My mom gave me the True Girl Moisturizer to try and it has really kept my skin nice and soft. I do a lot of sports from soccer, swim and cheer and I need to keep my skin clean from all the sweating. True Girl has been great for me I love their Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer. I also like the cleansing wipes. I keep a bunch in my cheer bag and they do a great job of refreshing my skin after my practices. Miranda C, 13 I have been using True Girl products for a year now and my skin has never been clearer. I am so happy with the results! I almost never break out any more and when I do, I just use the products and my skin is clear the next day. My skin is constantly very smooth and feels amazing! Thank you True Girl for helping me have such great skin! Nicole G, 15

18 Homework


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