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What is Diaper Rash? Diaper rash is common in babies. The rash usually isn’t serious & can be easily treated. Diaper rash is found not just on the skin.

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1 What is Diaper Rash? Diaper rash is common in babies. The rash usually isn’t serious & can be easily treated. Diaper rash is found not just on the skin inside your baby’s diaper area. The skin looks red & irritated. The rash usually begins between your baby’s legs. It may feel warm. It can spread to the stomach area, genitals, & skin folds of the upper thighs. If the rash isn’t treated, it may become infected. It may look very bright red with red bumps & blisters. What causes Diaper Rash? Too much moisture Rubbing & friction Skin contact with urine & feces Allergic reaction to the diaper material or to creams, powders & wipes

2 7 Ways to Prevent or Minimize Diaper Rash 1. Change diapers frequently 2. Change “poopy” diapers right away 3. Try different brands 4. Use comfortable diapers 5. Wipe well 6. Use unscented wipes or just plain water 7. Apply diaper rash cream every diaper change Identifying Specific Diaper Rashes 1. Contact Diaper rash – regular diaper rash (appearance: flat, red, irritated skin) 2. Intertrigo – specific rash that occurs within the skin folds & creases around the diaper area where the skin rubs together (appearance: heat & moisture mixed w/ urine cause a red, burn- like appearance) 3. Impetigo – occurs when bacteria invade the damaged skin (appearance: coin-sized blisters or red raised patches that ooze a honey-colored crust) 4. Seborrhea – an inflammatory condition that can affect different parts of the body (appearance: big, red, sharply demarcated patch over the groin, genitalia & lower abdomen. It can be more raised, rough, thick, greasy than other rashes 5. Yeast rash – when skin is damaged, yeast can invade the skin (appearance: red, raised, patchy rash w/ sharp borders, mostly over the genitalia but w/ satellite spots sprinkled around the diaper area. 6. Allergy ring – variety of foods can irritate baby’s bottom, specially acidic foods such as citrus & tomato based sauces (appearance: red ring around baby’s anus)

3 EnfaCare Anti Rash Cream Formulation:  10% VCO – Anti-bacterial, Anti-Viral & Anti Fungal Action  7% Zinc Oxide – Easy absorption  1% Shea Butter – Moisturizes & heals .75% Glytinon K – Anti-irritant .1% T3 Oil – Antimicrobial & anti-inflammatory activity combined with its penetrating ability  1% Aloe Vera- has excellent moisturizing anti-mould & anti-inflammatory properties Aloe Vera A member of the lily family. Aloe Vera derives its name from the Arabic word ‘alloeh’ which means bitter. There are nearly 240 varieties of aloe growing in dry regions of Africa, Europe, Asia & America. The aloe vera plant has been used since ancient times for healing infection & burns. It has been used by African hunters to reduce perspiration & has been hailed as a medicinal plant with many beneficial properties. When aloe vera leaf is broken, it oozes a thick sap that drips from the open end. This bitter sap is used to accelerate wound healing & reduce inflammation. Tea tree Oil Tea tree oil is a strong organic solvent that can penetrate the skin unlike many other products. This helps in clearing skin infections such as boils, warts, sores, & ulcers Fungal infection can be treated by tea tree oil. Be it fungal nail infection, athlete’s foot or vaginal infections, tea tree oil has healing properties that can help in reducing inflammation & killing the bacteria. Tea tree oil blends easily with the skin’s oils & alters the chemical barriers of the skin thereby making it inhospitable for the growth of fungi & other organisms. Used to promote healing & reduce chances of scarring

4 Shea Butter The presence of fatty acids & vitamins favor quick skin healing & sun protection. Shea butter is well tolerated by the skin, it usually does not trigger any allergic reactions thereby, making it ideal for use by persons with sensitive skin. Rough & chapped skin is soothed & healed, shea butter penetrates the skin easily & does not clog the pores. Excellent skin moisturizer Reduces itchiness due to excessive dryness of the skin Offers sun & wind protection Restores elasticity of the skin Zinc Oxide This is the main ingredient in most commercial diaper creams such as Balmex, Desitin, A&D with Zinc Oxide. Compared to the creams for preventing rashes, zinc oxide is “stickier” than petrolatum (creams for mild diaper rash/preventing rashes). Zinc Oxide lasts longer as a barrier between your baby’s skin and the irritating environment inside the diaper. Virgin Coconut Oil Various fungal infection can be rapidly cured by the topical application of monolaurin or virgin coconut oil itself. Complexion clears up fast, virgin coconut oil when applied on the skin is rapidly absorbed into the dermal cells within 2 to 3 minutes & leaves the skin soft & smooth without any oiliness. Any viral, bacterial, or fungal infection is cured by a few applications, preferably repeated several times a day. Candida albicans, a yeast infection is rapidly killed by caprylic or lauric acid, it is as effective as clotrimoxazole at a much cheaper cost without any side or adverse effect.

5 VCO on Diaper Rash Diaper Rash is an infection caused by candida in the stool. Candida loves warm, dark, moist environments, which is exactly what is found in a baby’s messy diaper. To relieve this problem, change the infant’s diaper immediately after each bowel movement. Wash the skin thoroughly with soap & water. Make sure the baby’s skin is completely dry. You may want to let the baby go without a diaper for awhile to expose the infected area to air & sunlight. Coconut Cures page 219

6 Body of the detail presentation: “Good day doctor, At some time or another, most of our baby patients do come down with various diaper rashes despite the mother’s efforts to prevent them. So our Company, Biolink Pharma have come up with the safest & most effective solution & remedy. For the baby’s diaper rash, nothing beats the natural healing effects of Enfacare, Made from the mildest and safest ingredients. It contains virgin coconut oil, zinc oxide, tea tree oil and aloe vera leaf, Enfacare soothes the baby’s skin and gets rid of unwanted diaper rash. According to the Philippine Coconut Research and Development Foundation, virgin coconut oil is rich in medium chain triglyceride (MCT), primarily lauric acid (C12), and a type of fat proven to fight many viruses including herpes, HIV, bacteria, fungi, among others. The 8% caprylic acid in coconut oil is effective against fungus and provides quick healing of wounds. It is also effective for skin conditions like rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and relieves all kinds of skin itchiness including diaper rash and dandruff. The Los Alamos National Laboratory, meanwhile, declares that zinc oxide acts as a barrier between the baby’s skin and the irritating environment inside the diaper. Applied thinly to a baby’s diaper area (perineum) with each diaper change, it can protect against irritating rash. Tea tree oil, another active ingredient of Enfacare, is active against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is also rich in terpene alcohols (terpinen-4-ol) - the active germicidal component, and 1,8-cineol (eucalyptol), which gives eucalyptus its medicinal properties. The National Institutes of Health and Human Services also adds that tea tree oil is effective in treating many skin conditions such as cold sores, blisters of shingles and chicken pox, warts, acne, large inflamed rash, nappy rash, and fungal infections such as ringworm, athlete’s foot and thrush, vaginal infections, as well as dandruff. On the other hand, aloe vera leaf is proven beneficial for abrasions, acne, boils, burns, cracked skin, dandruff, dermatitis, insect bites, skin rashes, stings. It is considered safe applied to the surface of the skin, accelerates rate of healing, decreases swelling and redness, increases availability of oxygen to the skin, reduces inflammation, relieves pain, has moisturizing effect on the skin, prevents infection, and relieves itching. Further, shea butter is high in unsaponifiables (7-12%) which gives it its unique healing properties and provides relief from dry skin to minor dermatological diseases. Numerous studies also show that the vitamin E in Shea butter helps increase micro-circulation to the skin, resulting in increased blood supply to and from the skin, and serves as an anti-free radical agent, thereby aiding in preventing the deleterious effects of sun and environmental exposure. Shea butter has been proven to improve a number of skin conditions, such as dermatitis, skin allergies, skin rash – including diaper rash, insect bites, sunburns, minor burns, skin cracks, and small skin wounds. Doctor, these are just few of the studies that prove the efficacy and safety of Enfacare. Thank you.”

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