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Preventing the spread of germs, colds and flu around the workplace.

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1 Preventing the spread of germs, colds and flu around the workplace.
Germ Warfare Preventing the spread of germs, colds and flu around the workplace.

2 Cold & Flu Season Is Here
Many experts agree the office just may be the worst for spreading germs! Office equipment can harbor viruses & bacteria What places in the offices do you think are germ hot spots?

3 Top Germ Hot Spots 5. Blackberry (PDA)
4. Office refrigerator (and other places in the office kitchen) 3. Candy dish in the “gathering place” 2. Your telephone 1. The FAX machine

4 Germ Warfare Checklist
1. Wash your hands – thoroughly and often 2. Clean your desktop 3. Enforce rules to keep the office kitchen germ free 4. Get a flu shot

5 Wash Your Hands Proper hand washing is one of the most important steps in preventing illnesses, colds & flu 80% of infections are spread by the hands 20 seconds of scrubbing with warm water & soap You can sing a fun song to ensure you are washing long enough Happy birthday twice!

6 Wash Your Hands An alcohol-based hand sanitizer, like the one given out at this program, can also be used. Not to replace hand washing Use if you do not have access to soap & water Keep in briefcase, purse or pocket Cover your coughs & sneezes with your sleeve Germs are caught in fabric Germs are not airborne or on hands

7 Clean Your Desktop Wipe desktop & office equipment with disinfectant wipes Wipe desk, telephone, keyboard, mouse, door handles, buttons, etc Germs can last up to 2 days, so wipe down hot spots every couple days “Canned air” sprays help remove crumbs on keyboard

8 Clean Your Desktop Keep desk surface clean, especially if you eat there Wrap & dispose of uneaten food immediately Don’t store leftovers in your desk Be sure to wash hands before & after eating Use hand sanitizer if you can’t get to a sink

9 Enforce Office Kitchen Rules
No food left in refrigerator (or anywhere else) overnight Wash dishes with hot, soapy water right away – don’t leave overnight Heat moist sink sponge in microwave to kill bacteria Use paper towels & discard after using Clean coffee pot at least once a week

10 Get a Flu Shot – FREE! The flu shot does not give you the flu
COVA Care, COVA HDHP & covered family members get free shot or nasal spray DHRM website: Wellness benefit pays 100% for flu vaccinations at doctor’s offices

11 What if you still get sick?
Colds & flu are viruses Antibiotics treat infections, not viruses REST & drink plenty of fluids If symptoms worsen contact doctor Stay home & prevent spread of illness to co-workers

12 CommonHealth Germ Warfare Reminders!
Wash your hands thoroughly and often Use hand sanitizer Cough into your sleeve Clean your office area, including the kitchen Get a Flu Vaccine

13 Questions?
Please visit the CommonHealth website for more information & great resources

14 Thank You for participating!
Have a healthy day!

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