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Responsibilities: Fine Fragrances (Waters) Spa Responsibilities: Specialty Bath ZZZ Baby.

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2 Responsibilities: Fine Fragrances (Waters) Spa Responsibilities: Specialty Bath ZZZ Baby

3 BRAND HISTORY FY1998 September 1997 Healing Garden launches as the first aromachology brand in the mass market environment with 4 core fragrances (44 RG SKU’s Total). Simultaneous launch in Canada. FY1999 Aggressive New Product Activity - introduction of 4 new fragrances, 1 new form (75 RG SKU’s Total). Healing Garden launched in Europe. FY2000 Continued New Product Focus - 1 new fragrance, 2 new forms. Line rationalization study identified consolidation opportunities. (95 RG SKU’s) FY2001 Brand focus on streamlining SKU’s, reducing excess inventory, improving profitability. (92 RG SKU’s). FY2002 The Healing Garden enters the Fine Fragrance category. (93 SKU’s)

4 Brand Vision The healing garden is the total well-being master brand in the mass market retail environment. We will continue to reinforce and extend our aromachology authority positioning into new product categories and target other consumer groups. We will extend beyond aromachology to encompass other aspects of well-being: through strategic partnerships and licensing agreements in appropriate categories.

5 Positioning Statement The healing garden is a comprehensive line of aromachology products offering consumers well- being through a variety of holistic fragrances derived from natural essential oils and botanical extracts.

6 Core Values Total well-being Honest Natural Seeking quality of life

7 The Healing Garden Consumer Consumer Profile - Age range 20 - 49, with concentration in 25 - 34. - Higher education level (72% some college or more). - Higher household income $50,000+. Ethnicity - 86% of purchasers are non-ethnic. - Limited penetration among ethnic targets. Psychographic Profile - The Healing Garden purchasers describe themselves as down-to-earth (78%), Natural (77%), Fun-Loving (73%) and Casual (71%). Purchase Intent - 60% is for self purchase (vs. 56% for Bath and Body Works). - 40% purchase HG as a gift (vs. 21% for Bath and Body Works). Source: Coty Demographic/Psychographic study 2/01, IRI Household panel data

8 Visual Identity Key Insight People are seeking physical, mental and spiritual well being. Message “Power of plants to promote a sense of well being”. Moment Spontaneous, caught moment. Visual Support Nature, outdoors, botanicals, anchored in reality, always in the healing garden, bright and open. Voice Honest, genuine, intimate, approachable. Body Language Comfortable, centered, relaxed. Facial expression Content, friendly, expressive of inner calm and peacefulness. TaglineHolistic fragrances for mind + body + spirit

9 Innovative product introductions Compelling packaging re-stage Fully-integrated multi-media campaign



12 Jasmine Sensuality Pink Tangerine Energy Orange Gingerlily Positivity Yellow Cucumber/ Lindenblossom Refreshment Light Green ZZZ Theraphy For Sleep White/ Midnight Blue Lavender Relaxation Purple Green Tea Balance Green Juniper Clarity Blue Specialty Bath Fragrance Landscape

13 Body Lotion 7 oz. and 1.85 oz. Shower Gel7 oz. and 1.85 oz. Body Mist 7 oz. and 1.5 oz. Bath Soak10.0 oz. Room Spray 4.0 oz. Candle 5.5 oz. Starter Kit5-piece Specialty Bath SKU Line-Up



16 Clear communication Specific benefit call-outs, colorful icons Natural colors stress holistic and natural identity Appeal through translucent caps and pumps

17 Enhance emotions through the power of scent



20 MAY 2002 INTRODUCTION ZZZ THERAPHY Shower Cream Body Mist




24 APRIL 2002 ZZZ THERAPHY FOR BABY mineral oil-free lotion tear-free wash aloe-enriched powder





29 Why The Healing Garden Spa Theraphy? August 2002 1. A branded, advertised name in a hot growth segment; aromatherapy 2. Products are on trend with today’s consumers Upscale, natural and modern packaging Department/Specialty store quality and look 3. Price positioning of affordable luxury with upscale quality 4. Maximize impulse purchases More sophisticated line Name brand supported by advertising Department/Specialty store type presentation 5. Further advantages for The Healing Garden Spa Theraphy Combines premium Spa industry imagery with functional treatment benefits Opportunity to expand the category by attracting Department/Specialty Store Spa product buyers to Mass retail Extend The Healing Garden’s core brand equity beyond Fragrance to encompass tangible/therapeutic skin benefits (Aromachology - Aromatherapy)

30 Aromachology Aromachology is the effect of fragrances on human behavior and emotions to improve mood and quality of life. For the Healing Garden Lavendertheraphy = Fragranced Bath & Body products that enhance emotions. Aromatherapy Aromatherapy is the use of natural essential oils and herbs to offer emotional and physical benefits. It is generally used in combination with body massage and touch. For The Healing Garden SPA Theraphy = Moderate / Intensive Body Treatment products with physical skin benefits + fragrance for emotional benefits. Total Well Being The Healing Garden SPA Theraphy offers consumers more than just aromachology, it offers aromatherapy, the ultimate benefits for total well being.

31 Herbal nutrient complex of botanicals and vitamins Light, soothing aromachology scent Daily Body Exfoliator with Olive Stone & Jojoba Meal 7.0 fl oz $7.95 Moisture-Rich Shower Cream with Sunflower & Calendula 7.0 fl oz $7.95 Smoothing Body Butter with Clary Sage, Wheatgerm & Buchu Leaf 7.0 fl oz $7.95 Moisture-Rich Body Toning Spray with Lemongrass 7.0 fl oz $7.95 Skin-Soothing Bath Soak with Soy Protein & Oatmeal 8.5 oz $8.95

32 refine

33 renew

34 refine renew replenish

35 refine renew replenish rejuvenate

36 refine renew replenish rejuvenate relax

37 Body treatment products Physical skin benefits


39 FIRSTS fine fragrances body treatment living hydroponic flower technology



42 September 2002 sheer passion

43 Building on the success of The Healing Garden Waters fine fragrance collection. Expanding our exclusive technology and positioning to include the third most desired state of well-being.

44 The Healing Garden Waters Sheer Passion breaks free of tradition. It stirs the senses with a voluptuous blend of Waterborn TM essences that whispers a new freshness and purity. Pink Hyacinth Orange Grapefruit Cucumber Living Golden Sundust Orchid TM Moonflower Jasmine Tuberose Musk Sheer Wood Notes Moss








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