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Team K^3 + C Final Team Presentation Khin Oo, Kim Gleffe, Carlie Bolin, Katelyn Harder AEM 190511/16/11.

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1 Team K^3 + C Final Team Presentation Khin Oo, Kim Gleffe, Carlie Bolin, Katelyn Harder AEM 190511/16/11

2 Mission Overview Objective 1: ▫Test the Water Pressure vs. Temperature chart  We are trying to prove the graph to be factual Objective 2: ▫Test if some sound frequencies are lost as the air thins in near space  We are trying to prove this theory Objective 3: ▫To record the internal and external temperature, relative humidity, and pressure  We are trying to show the relationship between temperature, relative humidity, and pressure throughout the flight

3 Team Management Team K^3 + C Carlie Bolin Writing Photos Presentation Katelyn Harder Build boom Cold soak Zip-tie Presentations Test camera positioning Taping Inflation of balloon Writing Khin Oo Built new top Test camera positioning Yank test Build boom Cold soak Reposition the innards Zip-tie Presentations Taping Writing Photos Kim Gleffe Writing Presentations Photos Fix payload before launch Zip-tie Taping

4 Components/Equipment Heater Circuit 3 Pack 9 Volt Battery (for heater circuit) Weather Station (temperature, pressure, relative humidity) HOBO Data Logger (temperature, relative humidity - built in) HOBO Temperature Probe (2) Digital Voice Recorder Buzzer (on another payload) 1" thick pink Styrofoam Flip Ultra Video Camera Zigbee Advanced Sensor Suite (temperature, temperature, pressure, relative humidity) 9 Volt Battery (for zigbee) Tubing, rigging strings, key rings, zip ties, glue Pneumatic tubing Tupperware Accelerometer PVC tubing (probe cover) Water Parts List

5 Design Overview – Budget and Mass

6 Block Diagram HOBO Data Logger (Monitors "interior health" of payload) HOBO Temperature Probes (Will collect temperature data and send to HOBO data logger) Flip Ultra Video Camera (Records visual data of water experiment) Zigbee (Transmit advanced sensor suite data back to the ground) Advanced Sensor Suite (Probes collect temperature, relative humidity, and pressure data; sends data to zigbee) 3 Pack 9 Volt Battery (Provides power for heater) Heater Circuit (Heats the inside of the payload to prevent freezing of components) Accelerometer (Collects x, y, and z orientation data)

7 Programming Camera: recorded the flight Hobo: data every 2 seconds Advanced sensor zigbee suite: data approximately every 10 seconds Accelerometer: every 1 second Voice recorder: continuous recording

8 Payload Layout

9 Payload Construction The interior of the payload and surrounding components

10 Payload Pre-flight Testing Tests completed ▫Payload survival test ▫Yank test ▫BSE ▫Camera ▫Pneumatic tubing ▫Thermal testing ▫Voice recorder ▫Siren

11 Payload Survival Test After three failed attempts we finally were able to get it right. We figured out that we need to attach the lid more securely as it would fall off during the first three attempts.

12 BSE Tests Pneumatic Tubing Tests Freezing Water in the tube No leaks All three of the tests were successful

13 Cold Soak Testing Camera Thermal The camera was half exposed for the whole flight so we tested to be sure it would be warm enough for the whole flight while still being half exposed We tested out the heater along with the inside components The heater worked great

14 Cold Soak Graphs

15 Yank Test Test the security of the innards and the structure of the box

16 Tests We Didn't Run Video camera with different states of water Voice recorder testing

17 Expected Science Results Water experiment –We tried to show that at a point in the atmosphere, the water will go directly from a solid to a gas Sound experiment –We tried to show that some frequencies are indeed lost as the payload reaches the upper atmosphere

18 Flight Day Finishing the payload before takeoff Tinting the water for our experiment red Attaching the camera

19 Flight Day The inflating of the balloon Our payload right before flight

20 Recovery The Middle Schools payload recovery The recovery of the class balloon

21 Flight Day - After Inspection It suffered no external or interior damage that we could see When it was recovered it was still running but soon after was turned off or was out of data space so didn't record any new data

22 Science Results

23 Altitude Graphs



26 Accelerometer Data



29 Stratostar Data




33 Water Experiment Video

34 Conclusions/Lessons Learned Summary – Water experiment: It changes states but not according to the chart Didn’t reach perfect points – Could try Different vessels Measure water even if some spilled Jello or other matter

35 Conclusions/Lessons Learned Summary – Sound experiment: Couldn’t get sound off to analyze Tried 2 Windows 7, Vista, Lion We got sound – Could try Different recorder Different sound/range

36 Words of Wisdom Think of everything before you start making holes. Time is your frenemy. Get things done early! Make sure everything is functioning before you seal it. The more tape, the better! You know you don’t get to eat until you find the balloon. Get friendly with Excel. Get a wireless mouse…don’t use trackpad to make graphs.

37 Thanks! Professor Flaten Joey Alex Sean

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