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Independent Learning: A few brief ideas Strategies to use in and outside of the classroom.

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1 Independent Learning: A few brief ideas Strategies to use in and outside of the classroom.

2 Aim To consider what can be done to develop effective learning habits and to share some practical strategies.

3 What are the benefits of independent learning for pupils? Improved academic performance Increased motivation and confidence Greater pupil awareness of their limitations and their ability to manage them Enabling teachers to provide differentiated tasks for pupils

4 5 features of a powerful learning experience Varied presentation in class. Interactive Collaborative Self monitoring Independent – An expectation that they should work things out for their selves regularly, with guidance if needed.

5 Collaborative Learning -Reverse Thinking A few suggested applications. Focus on learning: What would be a really bad way to revise? What would a really hopeless learner do in a lesson? What is the worst way to approach homework? What is the most stupid thing to do when you are finding something difficult? Curriculum ideas: What are the least important lessons we can learn from the industrial revolution? What would be the worst way to deal with the threat of an earthquake? What would a really terrible experiment write-up look like?

6 One I have used in class – KS5 “What’s the best way to completely destroy the success of a corporate takeover” Build up from there – What in your opinion is an ideal corporate takeover?

7 Equations – Make them justify it. A few suggested applications: Develop and equation to summarise the causes of World War Two A perfect tennis serve = ? The secret to Shakespeare's genius is = ? A powerful short story = ? Abstract expressionism = ? Global Warming = ? A successful balance of payments = ?

8 Independent Compare and Contrast Go away and find out - What differences and similarities do you notice? (Zimbabwe, Oct 2007) The method of reporting back is entirely up to you.

9 Mandalas Create independent learning opportunities through the use of one. Like a mindmap, but a little more logical. Allows students to increase their selectivity in independent study. Use of colour and symbols can be used. As a homework they are an excellent way for students to independently study a topic and break it down.

10 They look like this… Topic

11 Suggested applications outside of Business/Economics History – To encourage selectivity, e.g. inventions, developments that most affected the Victorians English – As a shifting and sorting tool. Give them, a passage or poem and invite them to pick out the most relevant/important/interesting themes and break them down. Psychology – To consolidate understanding at the end of a topic, e.g. to sum up what has been learnt about ‘Biological rhythms, sleep and dreaming.’

12 Diamond Nine A few suggested applications… Nine problems caused by traffic congestion Nine solutions for global warming

13 Diamond Nine – Important Historical Inventions Alcohol The Internet Antibiotics Anesthetic Printing Press Plumbing Tools Language Cooking

14 Networking Intellectual Curiosity – Collective questions. You need a focus item and pens. Do some questions prompt other questions? Provide Articles

15 INDUCTIVE THINKING To work out useful rules, definitions or key features of a concept What’s always true about...? What makes a great...? What’s the general rule for...?

16 What’s the question? – Great Starter for independent thought. China India GDP Balance of Payments Roughly 8%

17 Research Circus Students generate 5 focus questions and note these on their record sheet. In pairs they move from one ‘station’ to another, with a fixed amount of time allowed at each. Their focus should be on identifying evidence to help answer their chosen questions. A sixth box is included for particularly interesting facts they discover along the way. Research stations might contain text books, fact sheets, websites viewed at computers, phone apps, film clips, maybe someone to interview. Great for web research.

18 Redesign e.g. How would you redesign the Houses of Parliament? Develop by - Setting parameters i.e. how could you redesign this to make it more effective/easier to use/more affecting? Giving a physical object and some materials for redesign Giving more abstract briefs – how would you redesign democracy/the horror genre/multiplication?

19 Independent Learning starter. Questions you would like to ask e.g. Today we will begin studying local government. Write down the questions you would like answered.

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