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CHC Operations Barry Holleman September 24 th, 2008.

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1 CHC Operations Barry Holleman September 24 th, 2008

2 Cardinal Health Canada Operations Become the premier service provider to enable our customer to continuously work safely and efficiently


4 ImplementationClinicalTechnical StanCharleneMurray Current & Developing Capabilities

5 We welcomed…. Murray Beaton Bill Batrynchuck Steve Koritko Russ Allen Leah Hrehorski Mike Horst Andre Lavoie Jason Malkoske Chantal Gourlay Mark Gourlay Michelle Kitsco Angela Jodoin Vicky Plante Stacey Lutes Martin Pelletier Ashwyn Singh Curtis Lam Preetesh Manek Sue Wagner Elizabeth Leduc Dale Shuya Elaine Royer

6 Attention Areas –Transition Efforts Service –Transition Efforts Canada –Marketing –Contracts –Processes –Voice of the Customer

7 Continuous Improvement

8 What About the Elephant….

9 What About the Elephant… Elephant Dies In Crash MEXICO CITY, Sept. 23, 2008 AP) A five-ton elephant escaped from a circus and wandered onto a busy highway, where it was hit by a bus. Both the driver and pachyderm were killed early Tuesday. Bus driver Tomas Lopez, 49, was killed and at least four passengers were hospitalized after the pre-dawn collision in Ecatepec, just north of Mexico City. State police spokesman Juan Sanchez said the elephant escaped from its cage at the Circo Union, but he declined to give any other details. He said officials were investigating.

10 Discussion Guide –Implementation Support –Clinical Support –After Sales Service Technical on-site Call centers –Corrective Actions Cubie BioID

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