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I. Words for ProductionII. Words for RecognitionIII. Idioms and Phrases.

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1 I. Words for ProductionII. Words for RecognitionIII. Idioms and Phrases

2 1. gossip [`GAs1p]  vi. 閒聊,散布小道消息 Steve likes to gossip with his friends. I. Words for Production Derivative Reading

3 gossip [`GAs1p]  n. [U] 流言蜚語 Don’t believe all the gossip on the Internet. Most of it is not true. Back to Gossip

4 2. earthquake [`3T&kwek]  n. [ C] 地震 Before an earthquake, some animals may act strangely. Reading

5 3. actually [`8ktS51lI ] adv. 實際上 Today is actually Wednesday, not Thursday. Reading

6 4. rumor [`rum2] n. [C] 謠言,傳聞 I heard a rumor about that singer. People say that he has been married twice. Reading

7 5. urban [`3b1n] adj. 都市的 Many people prefer living in urban areas to living in the countryside. Reading

8 6. legend [`lEdZ1nd] n. [C] 傳奇,傳說 There are several legends about the white snake. One of them says that it can turn into a pretty woman. Reading

9 7. government [`G^v2nm1nt] n. [C] 政府 The government should help people have better lives. Reading

10 8. harmless [`hArml1s] adj. 無惡意的,無傷大雅的 Johnny played a harmless joke on us. He did it just for fun. Reading Derivative

11 harmful [`hArmf1l] adj. 有害的 Smoking is harmful to one’s health. Back to harmless

12 harm [hArm] n. [U]; vt. 傷害,危害 The change has done us more harm than good. Henry is so kind that he wouldn’t even harm a fly. Back to harmless

13 9. attack [1`t8k] vt. 攻擊 A dog on the street suddenly attacked Eddie. Reading Derivative

14 attack [1`t8k] n. [U][C] 攻擊 The world was surprised by the sudden attack on the U.S. on September 11, 2001. Back to attack

15 10. cause [kOz] vt. 引起,導致 His death was caused by a high fever. Reading Derivative

16 cause [kOz] n. [U][C] 原因,起因 The police officers are trying to find out the cause of the fire. Back to cause

17 11. serve [s3v] vt. 供應 ( 飲食 ) We love this restaurant a lot because it serves good and healthy food. Reading

18 12. customer [`k^st1m2] n. [C] 顧客 That shop lost a lot of customers because of a bad rumor on the Internet. Reading

19 13. forward [`fOrw2d] vt. 轉寄 ( 郵件 ) Please forward this e-mail to Mr. Brown after you read it. Reading Derivative

20 forward [`fOrw2d] adv. 向前,往前 Michael ran forward to catch the ball. Back to forward

21 14. cancer [`k8ns2] n. [U][C] 癌 ( 症 ) Mr. Wang has lung cancer and looks very unhealthy. Reading

22 15. beating [`bitI9] n. [C] ( 反覆地 ) 打 David got a beating for lying to his mother. Reading Derivative

23 beat [bit] vt. 打 (beat-beat-beaten) My brother likes to beat drums on holidays. Back to beating

24 16. bill [bIl] n. [C] 帳單 If you don’t pay the electricity bill, the power will be cut off. Reading

25 17. foundation [fa5n`deS1n] n. [C] 基金會; [U] 創立 This foundation helps poor students. The school has grown fast since its foundation in 1973. Reading Derivative

26 found [fa5nd] vt. 創立 The R.O.C. was founded in 1911 by Dr. Sun Yat-sen. Back to foundation

27 18. sincerely [sIn`sIrlI] adv. 真誠地 I sincerely hope that you can play in the basketball game with us. Reading Derivative 回到目錄

28 sincere [sIn`sIr] adj. 真誠的,誠懇的 We believe that he is sincere about saying sorry. Back to sincerely

29 1. crocodile [`krAk1&daIl] n. [C] 鱷魚 II. Words for Recognition Reading

30 2. toilet [`tOIlIt] n. [C] 廁所 Reading

31 3. lung [l^9] n. [C] 肺 Reading

32 4. tumor [`tjum2] n. [C] 腫瘤 Reading

33 5. brain [bren] n. [C] 腦 Reading

34 6. donate [`donet] vt. 捐獻 Reading 回到目錄

35 III. Idioms and Phrases 1. for sure 確切地,肯定 Andy looks upset. No one knows for sure what’s wrong with him. Reading

36 2. such as 例如 I like to eat fruits, such as apples and bananas. Reading

37 3. for instance 例如 Jim has been to many countries. For instance, he has visited the U.S., Japan, and Korea. Reading

38 4. close down 關閉 The store will close down if its business doesn’t get better soon. Reading

39 5. think twice 對 ( 某事 ) 仔細考慮 You should think twice before making a decision. Reading 結束放映

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