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CCI Greenheart Emergency Number: 1-866-788-7801 Non- Emergency Number: 1-866-684-9675 Haldis Toppen: CHI Cultural Homestay International.

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2 CCI Greenheart Emergency Number: 1-866-788-7801 Non- Emergency Number: 1-866-684-9675 Haldis Toppen: CHI Cultural Homestay International 603-601-6157 toll free 1-866-716-6676 Kristina Young CIEE Council on International Educational Exchange 300 Fore St. Portland, ME 04101 1(888)268-6245 INTRAXinc Employers - 855.331.5188 or J1 Students -888-224-0450 or KITTERY TOWN COUNCIL REPS Jeff Thomson 207-752-1313 Chuck Denault 207-475-2048 KITTERY TOWN COUNCIL REPS Jeff Thomson 207-752-1313 Chuck Denault 207-475-2048 Other Contacts

3 When you can get a bike: Tuesdays and Thursdays: June 19 through July 24 from after 6 p.m. Saturdays June 21 through July 26 from 10 to 2 How: Call 207-475-2048 to schedule a pick up or email You must provide your name. Leave a message with your phone number. Someone will return your call after 6 p.m. Where: Location to be determined. Primary may be at the Kittery Community Center Bike rentals: $75.00 deposit is required for a bicycle for the summer. While supplies last, it may include Lights, Bike and Lock Additional $15.00 cash deposit (Kittery J-1 strongly advises to wear a helmet). It is optional but recommended. This is a rental and a cash deposit is required and will be refunded in full when returned in good condition. $ 55.00 will be returned at the end of summer when you return your bike in good condition and with the Lights and Locks (unlocked). $10.00 will be deducted for each missing light and lock with forgotten combinations or keys. Combinations will remain on file with the Local J-1 Coalition. This applies only if issued. For more Information: visit,

4 Transportation: Bikes: The Kittery J-1 Coalition can loan lease to you a bike. It will cost you A $75.00 cash deposit is required and it the bike will include a bicycle light and a lock. You will get $55.00 returned to you at the end of the summer if you return everything in working order. This includes the combination or keys to the locks. Bikes can be obtained at the Kittery Recreation Community Center by appointment only after June 15 th, 2014 Taxi Services: Rockingham - (603) 501-0960 Annie's - (603) 531-9955 - (888) 893-5103 Market Square - (603) 205-1788 Great Bay Taxi, LLC - (603) 326-8294 BobKat Transportation - (603) 205-1788 Clipper - (603) 501-9169 Rental Car Enterprise Rent a Car 647 US Rte 1 in York Maine. Phone is 207-351-1790. You will need your passport, drivers license and a major credit card. You will need to have automotive insurance. The coverage they offer covers their cars. Be careful and ask questions. C&J Bus From Portsmouth to Logan (Boston) airport and South station, Boston. There is also a nonstop to downtown New York City. for schedules and more Grey Hound PORTSMOUTH BUS STOP 54 HANOVER ST. Portsmouth, NH 03801 Coast Buses Postal Money Orders: Kittery Post Office located on Shapleigh Rd. (near Ace Hardware) or Downtown Portsmouth on Daniel Street at the Federal Building. Money/Funds information: Kennebunk Savings on Shapleigh Rd. TD Bank North located on State Rd. Clinic: York Hospital Clinic located on State Road. Internet and Computers: Rice Public Library located on Whipple Rd. 8 Wentworth Street & 2 Walker Street Kittery, ME 03904 (207) 439-1553. Tuesdays & Fridays 10-5, Wednesdays & Thursdays 12-8, Saturdays 10-2. Fax Machines: Ambulance and Police:Ambulance 207-438-9142 Police 207-439-1638 Emergency (all) 911

5 Maine Bicycle Laws Maine bicycling laws generally give bicyclists the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle operators. Bicyclists may use public roads, and they must obey traffic laws such as stopping at red lights and stop signs, yielding to pedestrians at crosswalks and yielding to traffic when entering a road from a driveway. Bicyclists must ride with traffic, not against it. Bicycle are expected to ride on the right as far as is “practicable,” but there is a variety of situations in which a rider may legally take a larger share of the travel lane, including: setting up for a left turn, proceeding straight where a right turn is also permitted, passing other vehicles, and to avoid obstacles or other unsafe situations. Bicyclists MAY ride on designated bike paths and in bike lanes, but they are NOT required to do so, even when such paths or lanes parallel a road. Bicycles have a right to be on most roads in Maine, but may be prohibited from riding on divided highways and other roads as per local and state ordinances and rules. Bicycles are not required to ride in shoulders or bike lanes in Maine. Bicyclists must have and use headlights at night, as well as rear reflectors and foot/ankle/pedal reflectors. They also must have functional brakes on their bikes. Cyclists under 16 must wear bike helmets. In most cases, sidewalk riding is allowed and legal unless specifically prohibited by a municipality/local ordinance. Please check with your local municipalities. Maine Motor Vehicle Laws Related to Biking: Motorists must give at least three feet of clearance when passing bicyclists. Motorists who are passing bicyclists proceeding in the same direction may not make a right turn unless they can do so with reasonable safety. Motorists may cross the centerline in a no-passing zone in order to pass a bicyclist if it is safe to do so. Motorists should not unnecessarily sound a horn. Honking your horn when approaching a bicyclist could startle them and cause a crash. Maine law states "a person may not unnecessarily sound a signaling device or horn". (Title 29A, Chapter 17, Section 1903) Motorists may open car doors only after checking to see that it can be done safely, without interfering with traffic. Other things to consider Operators must make sure their brakes and all equipment work. Use a rack or bike bag or a back pack to carry things. Never hang items on your handle bars. Be prepared for all types of weather. Allow extra time for stopping distances.

6 Papa Wheelies Bicycle Shop - (603) 427-2060 Pedal Power Cycle - (603) 431-2453 Trek Bicycle Store of Portsmouth - (603) 319-1688 Alternative Bike Shop - (603) 436-2453

7 A starting point for J1 students to build relationships, experience the seacoast and come together with friends and the community. A Local web site designed to keep you informed via automatic emails or informational pages during your stay here in the Seacoast.


9 GET YOUR BIKES POLICE and TOWN HALL KITTERY POST OFFICE and ACE Harware TD BANK Kennebunk Savings York Hospital The Malls Post office Portsmouth NH. Social Security Office Rice Public Library Internet and Computers Memorial Bridge to NH


11 1.This is a contract between (please Print)___________________________________ and the Kittery J-1 coalition of Kittery Maine USA. 2.You will deposit $75.00 for the rental of a bicycle with lights and a lock. $55.00 will be returned to you when the BIKE, LIGHT and OPERABLE LOCK are returned in good condition. You can only return the bike to a representative of the Kittery J-1 Coalition. You need to return the bicycle and equipment where you picked it up unless you made special arrangements with a Kittery J-1 Coalition representative. 3. Bicycles come with a lock. This lock is to be used all the time. If your bicycle is lost or stolen or damaged beyond repair you will not get your deposit back. If the lock is lost or damaged, an additional $10.00 of your deposit will not be returned to you. You must return the lock opened and with the same combination you rented it with. 4. We strongly recommend you wear a helmet. A helmet requires needs an additional $15.00 cash deposit, which will be returned to you when you bring the helmet it back to the Kittery J-1 coalition. 5. Bikes have headlights and flashing tail lights. If these are not returned in working condition, an additional $10.00 will not be returned to you for each light not working or missing. You are responsible for replacing batteries. LIGHTS MUST ALWAYS BE USED WHEN OPERATING A BIKE IN THE DARK. 6. These bicycles are the property of the Kittery J-1 coalition and are to be used for transportation of one person. They are to be used in Kittery or Portsmouth only unless authorized by the Kittery J-1 Coalition. If a bike breaks down, it is your responsibility to get help and get it fixed. The Kittery J-1 Coalition is not responsible, You are!!! 7. Riding a bicycle can be dangerous and a fall or accident could cause serious injury. By signing this agreement, you are indicating you know how to ride a bicycle safely and understand that the Kittery J-1 is not responsible in any way for assisting you with the use of such bike. You need to obey all traffic laws. You should always wear a helmet and while operating at night, where reflective clothing and use proper lights. You should inspect your bike when you receive it and make sure it works. You assume all responsibilities and liabilities once you receive possession of your bicycle and agree to hold harmless the Kittery J-1 Coalition and any parent organizations or members and any affiliated agencies from any injuries or financial damages resulting from the use of this bicycle. You will not let anyone else to use this bicycle without the expressed written consent of the Kittery J-1 Coalition. Only one rider will be on the bicycle at any given time. I have read and understand the above agreement and my responsibilities. I will return the Bike, Lights, Locks and if applicable, the HELMET in good condition and the end of the season or anytime before. Signature_________________________________________Employers Name___________________________________Your Phone #______________________ Country of Origin___________________________My Email Address___________________________Sponsoring Agency________________________________ Date Borrowed______________Date Returned___________Signature of Kittery Representative.____________________Amount of Deposit retained____________ $75.00 Bike, Lock and Light $15.00 for Helmet Bike Number______________________________Lock Combination_____________________

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