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Safety Information for Students 3Rs of Explosives Safety 1.

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1 Safety Information for Students 3Rs of Explosives Safety 1

2 What Are Munitions Munitions include: Artillery rounds Bombs Grenades 2

3 What Are UXO UXO stands for unexploded ordnance. Unexploded ordnance (UXO) are military munitions that failed to function properly upon use. 3

4 Munitions May be hard to identify Come in many shapes, sizes and types, even small munitions can injure or kill Include “simulators” and “practice” munitions, which are also dangerous Can be dangerous regardless of age 4

5 Which Are Most Likely UXO? 1 546 3 2 7 5

6 New Projectile 6 Used

7 New Rocket 7 Used

8 Munitions can be encountered almost anywhere such as: Active military installations Weapons and/or munitions test sites Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) A home, as part of a souvenir collection 8 Encountering Munitions

9 WWI training site that is now in a residential development in Washington, DC. UXO from live-fire using the same kind of weapon shown above. 9 Encountering Munitions

10 The DANGER is real! Souvenirs recently collected or purchased and brought home or even Civil War cannon balls and artillery projectiles can be: Kept for years without incident, until they detonate Believed, incorrectly, to be harmless, until they are proven otherwise Deadly 10

11 The 3Rs of Explosives Safety Follow the 3Rs of Explosives Safety: Recognize – that munitions are dangerous Retreat – do not approach, touch, disturb or move it, but leave the area Report – call 911 and report what you saw, and where you saw it 11

12 Recognize Munitions may: −Not look like a projectile, rocket or bomb −Look harmless, but they are dangerous −Be shiny or rusty −Be clean or dirty Even though a munition may not have been moved for years or has been moved dozens of times, it may still explode. Leave it alone! Leave it alone! 12 Grenade fuze

13 Retreat Do not go near, touch, move or disturb a munition or suspect munition. Carefully, leave the area, the same way you entered it. 13

14 Report Report what you saw and where you saw it to: – The police or local law enforcement – A trusted adult, like your parent or a teacher Local authorities will clear the area. Specially trained personnel will dispose of the item. 14

15 Be Safe Remember, munitions can kill! –Leave them alone –Get away from them –Report them to law enforcement immediately Keep yourself and others safe. 15

16 Remember, if you encounter or suspect you have encountered a munition: 16

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