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Confronting and Preventing Sexual Harassment in School.

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1 Confronting and Preventing Sexual Harassment in School

2 Pine Cobble: Creating a Safe and Respectful Community

3 Objectives Teach students to do the following: Define the term “sexual harassment” Identify examples of sexual harassment and be able to distinguish it from positive attention and harmless flirting Consider appropriate responses to sexual harassment

4 Pine Cobble Handbook Promoting a safe and respectful community Anti-bullying curriculum The Four Core Values: Community Character Safe and Nurturing Environment Passion for Learning and Teaching

5 Nine Pillars Respect Responsibility Gratitude Compassion Self Control Patience Honesty Cooperation Courage

6 Teachable Moments

7 Before You Begin: Safety and Guidelines Ground rules: – Be courteous – Be respectful – Listen without interrupting – Everybody’s input matters – Do not make inappropriate comments – Protect confidentiality: Talk about situations and people you know but without mentioning specific names

8 Be Prepared Disclosures Massachusetts State Law Pine Cobble handbook policy and procedures Refer Be aware of stereotyping Parent involvement Create safety in the classroom – Refocus to ‘put it in writing’ – Question box

9 Be prepared for after the lesson: Kids labeling ‘he’s harassing me’! Humor and patience Remember “unwanted” and “uninvited”

10 Let’s Brainstorm What is sexual harassment? Verbal Physical Other

11 Invading personal space

12 Verbal

13 Gossip

14 Girls can harass boys too.

15 Definitions: Any unwanted physical or verbal behavior that has sexual overtones – Sexual jokes – Touching in inappropriate ways – Spreading rumors about another person’s sexual behavior – Cyber-bullying/texting/snapchat

16 Not to be overlooked… How kids perceive adults – Too Close Teacher, Parent Massage – Kids Talk- Harmless Intention becomes Harmful Gossip

17 Title IX A law that protects you from sexual harassment defined as: Unwelcome, unwanted sexual behavior, which interferes with your right to get an education Threatening Any form of gender discrimination, which is illegal. Any violation of your civil rights. Hostile or demeaning conduct targeting someone's sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity. A violation of laws that protect both male and female students from harassment by members of the same or opposite sex.

18 Title IX & Mass State Law Severe and Persistent Schools must ensure nondiscriminatory, safe environments in which students can learn. Mass State Law: There are two types of sexual harassment: "quid pro quo" harassment and "hostile environment" harassment.

19 What is the percentage of students who are targets of sexual harassment in middle school and high school?

20 Prevalence of Sexual Harassment in Schools Approximately 80% of students in U.S. secondary schools report they have experienced sexual harassment, but it also occurs frequently in elementary schools (American Association of University Women, 2010). 4 out of 5 students report being harassed during middle school and high school.

21 Watch video Confronting Sexual Harassment in Schools: What Every Student Needs to Know Human Relations Media, 2012

22 Summary and Discussion How this has raised all our awareness These are the years that kids are figuring our who they are and where they fit in Elaine’s ABC’s of Adolescence: Acceptance Belonging Control

23 Summary and Discussion Hopefully you have a good working definition of what sexual harassment Have some tools and strategies to offer students Discussion and Questions

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