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End of Fall Term Checkup SYSC-4907  Group Procedures  Progress Report  Oral Presentations  Poster Fair.

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1 End of Fall Term Checkup SYSC-4907  Group Procedures  Progress Report  Oral Presentations  Poster Fair

2 Group Projects  For all deliverables, there is a choice between individual and group reports – Each individual may write their own OR – A common group portion is prepared and shared by all members, followed by individual contributions.  It is the supervisor’s decision with the following stipulations : – Each individual must contribute an equal portion. – The author of each portion must be clearly evident

3 Progress Report  Purpose : A mid-point checkup on the progress achieved, with reference to the original proposal.  Other purpose: An exercise in writing  Can also be used as initial step in oral presentation  Idea: Present a draft of your background and design  Typical format: About 2 pages long.  Background and design chapters would be nice!

4 Progress Report  Must make reference to your proposal  Show clearly how much progress has been made  Make a prediction as to how the rest of the project is likely to develop  Refine your schedule for the final term  State any variation from the project proposal that now seems necessary. – A chance to re-define your project, now that you know more

5 Oral Presentations  Oral Presentations – Within a strict fixed 10-minute period, you shall sell your project, not only to your supervisor, but to a second “outside” faculty member and to your fellow students. – In contrast to the other written deliverables, it is a visual performance that requires different skills and attitudes. – Laptop and projectors are booked for the week, but be warned: Setup time is part of your allotted time  Overhead projectors are also available. – Groups may “share” the allocated time.

6 Oral Presentation Dates  Week of January 19 – 23, 8:30am – 4:30pm  3 parallel tracks  Groups Availability schedule due : Last Day of Classes, Fall term  The OR of all your lecture and lab times only. All other times you are considered to be available  Best if you also consult with your supervisor (especially for preferred times)‏  Schedules that are too restrictive will be verified by manually looking up your schedules.  Changes allowed during 1 st week of Winter term  Schedule will be posted ASAP in January.

7 (On-line) Oral Presentation Form – Consult with your supervisor(s) to make sure it does not conflict with their schedule. 2:00- 2:30 21:30-2:00 311:00-1:30 XXXX12:30-1:00 XXXX12:00-12:30 XXX11:30-12:00 FriThursWedTuesMonTime

8 Draft report – end of February Due after break week to supervisor. Introduction Background Requirements Design Implementation Testing.

9 Poster Fair – mid March – A poster fair is like a science fair. – A poster display will exhibit the final product of your project. – Visitors will be wander about, asking you questions whenever interested. It’s a chance for you to talk about your work. – The poster fair will offer many opportunities.  It will be used as part of the grading process.  Faculty will also use the time to acquaint themselves with other projects and to assess the individuals within a group project.  You can evaluate yourself against others.  Third year students will attend as preparation for their own projects.

10 Poster Fair Friday March 27 th in the Unicentre Galleria Tentatively from 8:30am – 11:30pm Set up prior to 8:30, tear down after 11:30. Tables will be assigned – check web site. External visitors will be invited to see your work (eg: had Live 88.5 two years ago).

11 (Paper) Poster Demo Form  ALL students MUST prepare a poster, but demos are optional.  Submit a form ONLY if you want a demo.  One form per group  First-come first serve  Special requests for a demo (hardware/admin rights, etc) should be made before the first Monday in March to lab support. Requests made on the day of the poster fair are summarily ignored.

12 (Paper) Poster Demo Form You may request any of the following : – A particular room among those being used for the poster fair : 5 th and 6 th floor labs in Minto. – A particular location within a room. For example, you may identify a specific workstation either by describing its position or giving its hostname – Use the name given on the posted maps 1. A location with extra space. Please describe. Supervisor’s Signature : ______________ Date and Time received at the System’s Office : ________

13 Poster Demo  Check out your site before the day of the Poster Fair!  Bring locks for stuff that can wander off.  For assistance with your site, email – Request must be received a minimum of 1 week before the fair – Technicians will not help on the day of the fair.

14 Opportunities – Get Involved  Competitions  Wes Nichol Business Design Competition.  IEEE Student Design Competition in late March.  PEO Student papers night.  The IEEE Computer Society International Design Competition.  The Ontario Engineering Competition (contact CSES).  The Canadian Engineering Competition (contact CSES).  National Engineering Week.

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