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A fighter, a composer, a man with legends Introduction The theme of the Great Patriotic War is a burning topic. The memory of it cleans human souls.

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2 A fighter, a composer, a man with legends

3 Introduction The theme of the Great Patriotic War is a burning topic. The memory of it cleans human souls. Many years have passed since the last shoots of the war, but people still remember horrors of the war. Our country is the eternal witness of the immoral deeds of the defenders of the country for the independence of the Motherland. Russian people fought heroically near Leningrad, Kursk, Moscow, Stalingrad. The war came to every city, town, village, house. 400 people from our village went to the war and only few of them returned home with victory. One of them is Grigory Moklakov, a soldier, a composer, who went to the war at the age of 19 and at the battle near Stalingrad he became blind forever. But he is still alive and composes songs for us. And while he is with us we would like to know the truth about the war. It is impossible to listen to his stories without tears. We know that the war brought a lot of big troubles, separations, tears. Millions of children were left without parents and they became homeless. Today we must do everything possible to prevent wars.

4 Urgency This theme is very urgent, because the man even being blind and disabled in the war is still living, but not only for himself but for people.

5 Aims and tasks of the research work: be courageous and steadfast on the example of the great man of our village, a soldier and a blind composer Grigory Moklakov. acquaint you with the creative work of the veteran and the composer. 3,to honour our countrymen and heroes of the Great Patriotic War Hypothesis: Moklakov Grigory Vasiljevich will forever stay as a patriot of the war and of his creation. Hypothesis: Grigory Moklakov will forever stay as a patriot of the war and of his creation.

6 Progress: сollection of materials from newspaper articles about Grigory Moklakov, a meeting with the hero of the war. In our work we also relied on the interviews and meetings with the war veteran that took place in our school. Grigory Vasilyevich loves his native village, the school where he learned, and people who live in this big and beautiful village of Kovaly. He devoted his songs to our countrymen – heroes of the war Nikita Zarubin, Lena Stepanova, Nina Kapitonova

7 Methods: a conversation and a meeting with Grigory Moklakov, a video, a review of the literature about the war-veterans. Technical means and equipments: a digitial camera,a notebook, a pen.

8 Grigory was born in the village of Kovaly on the 23 of July in 1923.

9 They were three in the family. He was the second child. He had two sisters. He was born in the field during the harvest time. In 1930 at the age of 7 he went to school. His house was near the school. Grigory was an intelligent and an active pupil. He was fond of music from his schooldays. In 1940 he finished the school. At the age of 17 Grigory began working. From the 22 of December till the 22 of June he was appointed as the team-leader of the telephone cable stretchers. But the last day of the contract was broken by the war. A month later on the 23 of July on his birthday Grigory met a real war. Childhood, Schooldays, Harsh Youth

10 A month later on the 23 of July on his birthday Grigory met a real war

11 Legendary road of the patriot of the Motherland Kanash Ramenskoye Moscow Region. Stalingrad 62nd Army Kovaly He met the war in Ramenskoye in Moscow region. In September their division was transferred to Stalingrad. It was his last feat there and in one of the battles of the age of 19 he became blind forever.

12 The last feat of the soldier in the war September 4, 1942 The division was a part of the 1st Guards Army. On September 5th the division had to counterattack. Grisha Moklakova was a skilled and a courageous scout. On the night of September 5 the scouts went to a reconnaissance. The night was very dark. Each scout had a submachine gun and grenades,.It was impossible to hide because of flat steppes. The Germans probably heard the rustling and began to shoot. Gregory got up and threw a grenade at the enemy's fire. The machine gun stopped... Comrade Grigory threw his second grenade into the position of the enemy. Fascists opened a furious fire on the Russian scouts. When Gregory threw the next grenade,Suddenly a fascist bullet exploded his submachine gun. Shrapnels hit both eyes of Gregory... Gregory was in blood. He was uncosciousness and he was sent to the hospital.

13 1943 -1946 -the Head of the country club 1946-1950 – he studied at music school in Zagorsk 1951-he was a member of the village council 1952 -1962 –he was an instructor of Urmarsky Recreation Area 1962 -1966 – he was a director of the All-Russian Society for the Blind in Kanash 1966 -1991 –he was an editor of the company of Cheboksary Production Association "Energy" 1972 – was published a collection of songs of Moklakov"Let songs ring" 1991 –he was a consultant of Folk Art 2002 – was published the album "Songs of courage and love"

14 The songs of Grigory Moklakov On the history of the war he writes poems and composes songs. The composer devotes his songs to the victory, to his countrymen, heroes of the war

15 Memory of the Soldier. In his songs he sings about his solider- friends, about the Volga, about the Great Victory. He was a scout. In one of the battles a fascist bullet exploded his submachine gun. And Gregory, a 19 year old young man, became blind forever… He was walking in the village with his son Andrey. He was glad to know that in the village there was a museum devoted to the soldiers of the 62 nd Army. A blind solidier was standing near the Don. He was still strong and unbroken by the war. He could not see the Volga steppes. But he came to enjoy the land that he had defended and to breathe the air of the Don. Everyone who is thinking about the defenders of Stalingrad remember a blind soldier who had come to the place of the batlle. The stories of war veterans inspire our ideas about the strength and courage of human souls.


17 Every year on the 9 of May Grigory Vasilyevich comes to the village of Kovaly to meet with the veterans of the war. In spite of his being blind he recognizes most of the inhabitants of the village on their voices.



20 He never forgets his relatives and he always finds time to meet with them. Our meeting with the veteran`s sister Seraphima Vasiljevna

21 From his causin Pjotr Nikolaevich and Maria Grigorjevna Moklakova

22 meets with his countrymen and schoolchildren of Kovalinskaya school. He is the leader of the union of blind musicians of Chuvashia. He and his friends organize concerts in different districts of our republic.

23 In the capital of Chuvashia and our village there is a museum. In the museums there ara places devoted to Crigory Moklakov.


25 Conclusion The further is the war away from us, the more we realize the price of the great victory of Russian people over fascists. Fewer veterans come to the Victory Day. 27 million people died during the Great Patriotic War and there are three million unidentified soldiers. The price of the Victory is very expensive. Gregory Moklakov is one of the talented and original composers who fought against fascism and became blind defending our Motherland. His songs make us think about it.

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