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3 HEMP – Cannabis sativa L. Hemp aka cannabis is a dioecious plant probably originating in Asia. New archeological findings put forward a theory that its first industrial use was at the territory of the Czech Republic. Dated 26 thousand years ago seem to prove presence and use of cannabis in prehistory – the CR might even be the cradle of cannabis plant same as for some of European psylocibe mushrooms (Psylocibe bohemica). It is grown around the World, due to maritime transport it was widely spread and became popular for medicinal and industrial purposes. Probably one of the oldest plants ever cultivated by mankind.

4 Classification of cannabis Due to massive crossings on the Czech territory we find mostly hybrids of original strains, therefore is no more valid the former division in varieties of Cannabis sativa L. - the sativa plant with low level THC for industrial purposes, and the indica plant with high level THC for medicinal and recreational use. At present we divide cannabis to legal industrial plants and to illegal natural plants not destined to industrial use. Assessing the morphologic features of individual plants, we classify the strains of natural cannabis as sativa or indica prevalent hybrids.

5 INDUSTRIAL HEMP Plants selected to THC level lower than 0.2%, obligatory to buy new certified seeds every year similarly as in case of GMO crops. I propose to bring this limit to 3% and allow for traditional growing with seeds from the precedent harvest. In the CR cultivation over 10x10 m of surface is subjected to a notification to the State authorities. Stalk and seeds are used industrially, the plant for purification of contaminated soils (heavy metals are drawn out of the ground and stocked in stalks). In gardens as phyto-protection and weed control in the cultivation of fruit and vegetables.

6 INDUSTRIAL HEMP Examples of stalk use The stalk is processed to short fiber, tow and hurds. Fiber and tow – paper, pulp, insulation mattings, cordages, bio-degradable plastics, fabrics. Hurds – pellets and briquettes for heating, building materials and panels, horticultural growth mats, animal bedding.

7 INDUSTRIAL HEMP Examples of seed use Raw material for industrial purposes, seed grain, feedstuff for animals. Hemp seeds also as raw material for oil production and for human food products. Seeds contain up to 30% of oil – produced by cold pressing or extraction - contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins and cannabidiol (CBD). Use of hempseed oil – food products, cosmetics, paints, washing powders and detergents, fuel. Use of oilcake – food products, feedstuff and fuel. Seeds of ALL cannabis strains are THC free, therefore products made of them can‘t make feel high.

8 NATURAL HEMP In the USA illegal since 1937, 1st US Drug Tsar Harry Anslinger put trough in 1961 the UN Convention on Narcotics (HQ in Vienna), which was followed worldwide. This Convention prohibited cannabis and needs to be modified in order to legalize it! No legalization of cannabis is possible until cannabis is taken away from the list of banned substances of the Convention. The change may be proposed only by the government of a signatory country.

9 NATURAL HEMP Hemp with THC content higher than 0,3% is illegal in the Czech Republic, while psychoactive effects begin only at 3% THC – why? Recreational use – relaxation, but also if abused – toxicomany. Medicinal use – pharmaceutical medicines, in self-medication. Used non-pollenated (sinsemilla) buds of female plants aka marihuana, leaves and roots.

10 NATURAL HEMP Use as a recreational drug Cannabis and addiction Classification of current addictive substances substancewithdrawal compulsive usetolerancedependence intoxication

11 NATURAL HEMP Use as a recreational drug Cannabis and addiction Classification of current addictive substances scale: 1 (the strongest), 6 (the less strong) Withdrawal: presence and seriousness of characteristic withdrawal symptoms Compulsive use: potential of the substance to push the user to repeated use (when effects weaken), measured by tests on humans and animals Tolerance: how much of the substance is necessary to satisfy the increasing craving + stable level compared to the „start“ value Dependence: combined indicator: measure of the difficulty for the user to stop with the substance use + percents of users with developed dependence + self-evaluation of users regarding their substance needs Intoxication: measure of the modification of cognitive and other mental functions

12 NATURAL HEMP Use as a recreational drug - risks Cannabis smoking harms the respiratory system. Long-term heavy abuse in adults might cause mental and physical impairment that usually pass on after few weeks of abstinence, but in children and teenagers might cause irreversible damage. If there is a „gateway drug“, then it is alcohol and nicotine at the age of 12 – they are much more harmful than marihuana used with moderation. The greatest risk connected with cannabis is in its illegality!

13 NATURAL HEMP Medicinal use First notions on the medicinal use of cannabis in China 4700 years ago. Quoted as a medicine in Ancient Egypt papyruses. Hindu vedas say that cannabis, „protects men of diseases and makes our living longer“. Roman historian Pliny the Elder noticed its use against joint pains.

14 NATURAL HEMP Medicinal use Cannabinoids – a discovery of the 2nd half of the 20th century. 1954 Palacky University (CR, Olomouc – Alma Mater of Dr. Hanus) held a scientific conference „Hemp as a Medicament“, where Prof. Jan Kabelik presented his discovery of antibacterial effects of the extract of cannabis indica. 1964 Raphael Mechoulam described the structure of THC. 1988 discovery of specific CB1 THC receptors (W. Devane). 1992 isolation of anandamide, endocannabinoid equivalent of THC (by Devane and L. O. Hanus, Czech analytic chemist researching in the Hebrew University ) – called upon its effects on human psyche (ananda=bliss in Sanskrit ).

15 NATURAL HEMP Medicinal use 1955 - ACTA UNIVERSITATIS PALACKIANAE OLOMUCENSIS - TOM. VI. Prof. Jan Kabelik – The study „HEMP AS A MEDICAMENT“ The study is divided into the following sections: History of the medicinal use of hempHistory of the medicinal use of hemp. Properties of isolated substancesProperties of isolated substances. Methods and results of the bacteriological experimentsMethods and results of the bacteriological experiments. Survey of clinical experiencesSurvey of clinical experiences. Therapeutic results in stomatologyTherapeutic results in stomatology. Cannabis indica in oto-rhino-laryngologyCannabis indica in oto-rhino-laryngology. Importance of hemp seeds in the tuberculosis therapyImportance of hemp seeds in the tuberculosis therapy. References of the studyReferences of the study. Summary of the study:

16 NATURAL HEMP Medicinal use L. O. Hanus and W. Devane

17 NATURAL HEMP Medicinal use Our body produces endocannabinoids activating the same receptors as vegetal cannabinoids in cannabis plants. Endocannabinoid system is present in all vertebrate animals – works as a global regulator of vital systems in our body, i.e.: food intake, digestion, reproduction, nervous, skeleto-muscular, endocrinous systems, metabolism of fats and sugars, immunity. Helps our organism to cope with physiological, biochemical and psychical stress generated by its interactions with the environment. Dr. Robert Melamede: free radicals accumulated in our body due to the ageing represent friction, while endocannabinoids are the oil. Dr. Robert Melamede Endocannabinoids have a positive influence on our ability to learn new things and to cope with them, to adapt ourselves to new circumstances in our lives.

18 NATURAL HEMP Medicinal use Pharmaceutical use of cannabinoids – they might replace a great share of current drugs: Analgetics Antiphlogistics Cardiac drugs Anihypertensives Antiasthmatics Antibiotics Antiepileptics Immunomodulators Hypnotics „Movement disorders“ drugs Alcohol withdrawal syndrome drugs

19 NATURAL HEMP Cannabis medicinal effects Destroys cancer cells and preserves the healthy ones; Antibacterial effect on Gram+ microorganisms – treatment of common inflammations instead of antibiotics; Bronchodilatory effect – asthma; Antiemetic effect – chemotherapy; Food intake stimulator/regulator – anorexia, AIDS and cancer treatments; Analgesia (pain relief) – arthrosis, cancer, post-surgery and phantom pains; Spasticity relief – sclerosis multiplex, palsy, muscular weakness; Lowers intraocular pressure, preventing glaucoma;

20 NATURAL HEMP Cannabis medicinal effects Anticonvulsant effect – epilepsy; Treatment of movement disorders – dystonia, Parkinson‘s and Huntington‘s diseases, Tourette syndrome; Beneficial effect on degenerative illnesses of aging – arthrosis, diabetes sequels; Neuroprotective effect – Alzheimer‘s disease, reduction of damages caused by strokes and after head accidents - preventing brain edema if taken up to 4 hours since the impact; Immunity system dysfunctions – rheumatoid arthritis, sclerosis multiplex, psoriasis, allergies and atopic eczemas, Crohn‘s disease, diabetes of 1st and 2nd type;

21 NATURAL HEMP Cannabis medicinal effects Anxiolitic effect – treatment of anxiety and depressions; Antipruritic effect – dermatitis, eczemas; Emollient effect – corns and hard skin. Cannabinoids can cure diseases and impairments linked to remembering of traumatizing memories – posttraumatic stress, phobias and certain forms of chronic pains. Used in detox cures – hard drugs and alcohol.

22 NATURAL HEMP Medicinal use – Self-medication Types of cannabis application External – cannabis extract, ointment, tincture, soak, suppository. Internal – cannabis extract, infusions and decoctions (best in milk), tonics, cannabis powder in food, cannabis butter, space-cakes. Inhalation – best through a vaporizer, or in pipe, joint – cannabis extract or dried buds.

23 NATURAL HEMP Medicinal use - Self-medication Cannabis in the prevention of diseases – hempseed oil helps to stimulate immunity system through increased production of endocannabinoids. When disease is serious or chronic, treatment by sufficient intake of cannabinoids under the form of cannabis extract (Rick Simpson‘s hemp-oil, Other problems treated internally by cannabis tincture, milk, butter, or externally by tincture and ointment; infusions and decoctions externally and internally (supporting treatment). CB receptors are not present in the areas of brain responsible for respiratory and cardiovascular functions – therefore cannabinoids do not cause disorders of these systems, do not overburden the liver, and therefore they are considered as the safest medication possible.

24 NATURAL HEMP Medicinal use – Self-medication For any treatment of serious diseases consult your doctor if possible. Information on my natural hemp ointment in English: In Czech: You can write me and ask:

25 Cannabis prohibition is against the common interest of all mankind! From January 2010 will enter in force new Czech Penal Codex allowing the cultivation of 5 plants per adult (no more penal offence, but still subject to fine by local self-government authorities). For 3 months of treatment with the hemp-oil are necessary 0,5 kg of 20% indoor cannabis or 2 kg of buds of common 5% THC outdoor, which is a quantity hard to obtain from only 5 plants in our climatic conditions. Support the creation of a legislation allowing for cannabis self- medication without fear of persecution. Legalization of cannabis will be possible only after this plant is eliminated from the UN list of narcotics, which can be done only upon the proposal made by a government of one of the signatory countries. ASK YOUR GOVERNEMENT TO DO IT!

26 What can you do about it? Do not let the BigPharma brainwash you, do not believe, that they think only to the well-being of their patients. It is not true – they are interested in the well-being of their large shareholders at the first place – i.e. you could find among them the former US Defense Secretary under the 1st GWB mandate Donald Rumsfeld (Tamiflu manufacture). Ask your politicians to make cannabis extract (hemp- oil) treatment widely available also in your country. If it is possible for the people in Israel, why our governments couldn‘t do the same for us?cannabis extract (hemp- oil) treatment Tell everybody, that HEMP CAN SAVE THE PLANET!


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