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Louisiana Math and Science Partnership Project MSP Regional Conference – Chicago March 2008.

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1 Louisiana Math and Science Partnership Project MSP Regional Conference – Chicago March 2008

2 Louisiana MSP Project 2006-07 Content-rich professional development in math and science 27 regional projects Collaborations with 39 school systems, 4 archdioceses, 9 universities and 6 community resource centers 600 teachers statewide 15,237 students directly impacted

3 Types of Projects Middle School – Math, Science, Integrated Math-Science All designed differently to meet needs of districts High School Algebra I/Physical Science State focus – project content coordinated End of course test – Algebra I Elementary Grades 3-4 Math Science (added 2007-08) State focus – project content coordinated High stakes testing in grade 4

4 Components of Evaluation Teacher Content Assessment On-line Survey State Data System

5 Teacher Content Assessment Pre-tests and post-tests for content knowledge Submitted to Assessment Research and Technology Section of the Louisiana Department of Education High School and Elementary Projects Same Test – state-wide Paired comparison T-test

6 On-line Survey Pre-survey and post-survey on-line Multiple choice and open-ended responses Teachers’ demographic background, educational level, teaching experiences, previous professional development opportunities, level of knowledge or ability in teaching math/science, personal Rating of training experience Feedback about programs (strengths and weaknesses) Comfort level in teaching math/science after training

7 Key Question Can teacher participation in the MSP program transfer effectively into the classroom and improve student learning?

8 How to Address Key Question? Standard Assessment of teacher content knowledge Qualitative data from teacher surveys Difficult Collection and analysis of student data

9 State Data System Create on-line state system compatible with state test data bases Require district agreement to provide access to data Identify students who are taught by teachers participating in the MSP programs Construct comparison groups using students who are similar in demographic background but who were not taught by MSP teacher participants Access student data on high-stakes test for comparison

10 Data Analyses Mean scaled scores Percent of students scoring “proficient” on the Louisiana standardized tests Program level and state level analyses Report by grade and content area Student demographics and comparison groups

11 Student Demographics MathScience NumberPercentNumberPercent Grade 51,3309%1,40510% 64,04127%3,52624% 72,60018%3,72625% 84,19929%3,68425% 92,54217%2,41816% Gender Male7,62750%7,71150% Female7,58350%7,58750% Ethnicity Native American1281%670% Asian1761%1701% African American7,77951%7,10146% Hispanic3082%3422% White6,83445%7,63650% Free/Reduced Lunch 9,68966% 9,39663% Statewide Total15,237100%15,329100%

12 State MSP Scores - Grade 6 iLEAP Mean Scaled ScorePercent Proficient Non-MSP Participant MSP ParticipantDifference Non-MSP Participant MSP ParticipantDifference Education Classification Regular Education 286310+2456%70%+14% Special Education 228252+2422%35%+13% Ethnicity Native American 304313+955%70%+15% Asian342352+1077%87%+10% African American 264283+1942%54%+12% Hispanic262293+3142%61%+19% White308329+2169%82%+13% Free/Reduced Lunch 267289+2244%59%+15% Paid Lunch312337+2572%84%+12% Statewide Total 279305+2651%67%+16%

13 Scores by Project - Grade 6 iLEAP Taught by Non-MSP ParticipantTaught by MSP Participant Mean Score Difference Project Name Total NumberMean Score Total NumberMean Score EBR High School1626552275+10 EBR Middle School Math 1634278756288+10 Iberville High School 206250135282+32 Iberville Middle School Math 115254198292+38 Jefferson MSMSP455256282296+40 Livingston Math Institute 217298312315+17 Math TIPS6525298281+29 Meaningful Math through Modeling 492293330315+22 Monroe City Impacts Math 186294249291-3 Northwest M&S Middle School 856285978321+36 Project Prism27128864307+19 SAVE Math246300333325+25 Concordia140265128299+34 Parish Math Program 1022875298+70 Statewide Total4,9092793,990305+26

14 Louisiana MSP Evaluation Plan Questions?

15 Contact Information Louisiana MSP Program Coordinator Louisiana Evaluation and Assessment - Nell McAnelly University Partner - Louisiana State University

16 The instructional practices and assessments discussed or shown in this presentation are not intended as an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Education.

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