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Horizon Middle School June 2013 Balanced Scorecard In a safe, collaborative environment we provide educational opportunities that empower all students.

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1 Horizon Middle School June 2013 Balanced Scorecard In a safe, collaborative environment we provide educational opportunities that empower all students to reach their fullest potential. Amended Mission/Vision Statement more closely aligned to district mission.

2 Demographics African American American Indian AsianCaucasianHispanicOtherPacific Islander Total 2007-08 <52787859<5X834 2008-09 5331081911<5X882 2009-10 <53110804135X866 2010-11 <533108468<56908 2011-12 5369814522873 2012-13 93011836922899 Ethnicity % of Students with Free or Reduced 2007-0810% 2008-0911% 2009-1012% 2010-1111% 2011-1213.5% 2012-1312.3% Lunch Statistics 7 th Grade 8 th Grade 9 th Grade School 2007-0896.3%95.6%95.5%96.28% 2008-0996.6%95.9%95.6%96.02% 2009-1096.5%96.1%96.0%96.04% 2010-1196.45%96.05%96.08%96.11% 2011-1296.67%96.41%95.85%96.39% 2012-1396.60%96.62%96.23%96.47% Attendance







9 2012-13 Goals/Objectives Horizon’s Three Plan Aligned to District Balanced Scorecard Initiatives Backwards Mapping: Year 3 Goal: In order to ensure students are career, college, and community ready, all Horizon students will create and follow a personal educational portfolio that identifies key aspects of their person learning styles, strengths, and areas of growth. The plan will include long-term career goals as well as yearly educational and personal growth goals. progress.

10 District Goal: Develop instructional practices to ensure individual student success Horizon Goal 1 : Through a school-wide focus on informational text, reading strategies, and data driven instruction, Horizon Middle School will increase the number of students meeting reading growth goals by 4%. Objective 1: All Horizon teachers will receive training in locating and utilizing data to make instructional decisions especially regarding reading skills. Objective 2: Students will continue to engage in 90 to 120 minutes of informational text reading per quarter. Objective 3: Using data, teachers will differentiate instruction and reading strategies when using informational text.


12 Library Statistics (2006- 12) 2006-072007-082008-092009-102010-112011-12 2012-13 Total Books Circulated16,76417,92618,42018,57320,300* 16,979 * 16,624 Total Patrons in the Library46,36047,28564,01958,89460,469** 56,062 ** 60,947 Average Daily: Reading & Research Classes72116133134135 134 Avg. Daily Walk-ins: Classroom414567636260 64 Avg. Daily Walk-ins: Special Services121511 9 10 Avg. Daily Walk-ins: Study Halls8259111707172 81 Avg. Daily Walk-ins: Home Base36621232119 32 Avg. Daily Walk-ins: Before & After School222116182119 26 Avg. Daily Walk-ins: Staff20 26 24 Total Avg. Daily 285282379339347340 372 * Some of our students are now using e-Reader devices, so a gradual decline in the "Total Books Circulated" is predicted to continue. However, we saw an increase this year of library patrons! ** 2011-2012 is the first year with the Automated Patron Counter; all other years were only estimates. February, 2012 and February 2013 - Automated Patron Counter stopped working for a couple of weeks, so some estimating involved during those two weeks.. Horizon Library now has over 350 Fiction and NonFiction eBooks in the online catalog which can be accessed via any electronic device with Internet access. Library Statistics (2006—2013)

13 District Goal: Develop instructional practices to ensure individual student success Horizon Goal 2: Students will answer 60 facts correctly in one minute or will demonstrate a 50% increase in multiplication fluency measured by the timed fluency test. Objective 1: Following a baseline assessment, students engage in fact review at least 1 time per week. A timed test will be administered one time per month. Students will graph their improvements. Objective 2: Teachers will differentiate for learners who demonstrate proficiency and for learners who are not demonstrating growth. Results: Results indicated that classrooms with consistent fact review and student charting showed an increase in fluency.


15 District Goal: Align instructional practices with data Horizon Goal 3: Teachers will engage in data discussions and coaching opportunities to refine their instructional practices and differentiation strategies. Objective 1: All teachers will receive training in using MAP and other sources of classroom and school data as measured by documentation in grade level team meeting minutes. This information will be used to tier students as part of RtI process. Results: All grade level teams participated in a 4 week training regarding RtI. Teams also received instruction from BPS technology department regarding use of MAP. One team meeting per week was dedicated to the discussion of data, instructional decisions, and RtI.

16 AdvancED Results


18 RankIndicator#DescriptionStudentParentStaffAvg. 14.3 School maintains facilities, services, and equipment to provide a safe clean, and healthy environment.3.704.184.504.13 24.4Students and staff use a range of media and information resources. 34.1 School has resources and provides services that support its purpose and direction to ensure success. 41.3 School leadership implements a continuous improvement process with clear direction for improving student learning4.003.954.244.06 52.1 Governing body establishes policies and practices that ensure effective administration.3.91 4.184.05 64.6 School provides support services to meet the physical, social, and emotional needs of the student population.3.86 4.234.05 74.5 Technology infrastructure supports the school's teaching, learning and operational needs.4.01 3.984.00 AdvancEd Indicators above 4.00

19 AdvancEd Indicators Below 3.75 243.11All staff members participate in continuous program of professional learning. 3.70 253.12 School provides and coordinates learning support serves to meet the unique learning needs of students.3.863.623.613.70 265.2 Professional and support staff continuously collect, analyze and apply learning from a range of data sources, including comparison and trend data about student learning, instruction, program evaluation, and organizational conditions. 3.64 273.5 Teachers participate in collaborative learning communities to improve instruction and student learning. 3.803.453.63 283.2 Curriculum, instruction, and assessment are monitored and adjusted systematically in response to data from multiple assessments of student learning and an examination or professional practice.4.09 3.153.62 293.8 School engages families in meaningful ways in their children's education and keeps them informed of their children's learning progress.3.713.703.243.55 303.3 Teachers engage students in their learning through instructional strategies that ensure achievement.3.603.733.183.50 RankIndicator#DescriptionStudentParentStaffAvg.

20 Other Notes of Interest Professional Development Book Study on RtI All teachers participated in 15 Fixes discussions/ 30 teachers took course for credit Teachers worked in department level and grade level content area groups to develop common assessment, proficiency scales, and SBG Science teachers began discussion of Next Generation Science Standards English department implemented new curriculum Focus on Common Core and Literacy Standards in Social Studies and Science Adjustment in Counseling Department Added 1 counselor per grade level; will follow students as they move from grade to grade Counselors involved in RtI and attend weekly team meetings Co-Teaching and Co-Planning

21 Where do we go from here? Standards Based Grading: Full Implementation Grade 6, Transition Year for Grades 7 and 8 6 th Grade Transition: Continuously monitor student/teacher adjustment to middle school concept Data and RtI Continued focus on RtI Academics Begin discussion of RtI-B using standards based behavior rubric and behavioral expectations. Peer and Instructional Coaching Various models of peer, team and instructional coaching will continue to support transition, SBG, and RtI Informational Text Focus on reading and writing informational texts Literacy Standards and Common Core

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