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The Donna Contois Louisiana Jobs for America’s Graduates

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1 The Donna Contois Louisiana Jobs for America’s Graduates
Louisiana Department of Education Vision: Create a World-Class Education System for all Students in Louisiana Mission: Higher Academic Achievement of All Students Close the Achievement Gap between Race and Class Prepare Students to be Effective Citizens in a Global Market


3 What is JAG? JAG is a dropout prevention and recovery program that delivers a unique set of services for at-risk students to help them earn a high school diploma and for out-of-school youth, to assist them in earning a GED.

4 JAG? Services are provided by a Job Specialist and are centered around the National JAG competencies which include: career development, job attainment, job survival, communication skills, work place skills and life survival skills. Information on JAG participants is entered daily in the JAG National Database System (e-NDMS), which provides an accurate measure of the success of the programs.

5 JAG? The program also provides 12 months of post-graduation follow-up services, with the graduate pursuing postsecondary education and/or entering the workforce in a quality job leading to a career.

6 2010-2011 School Year 75 JAG-LA Programs in 42 districts
42 Multi-Year Programs 9 Middle School Programs 16 Alternative Programs (EMPLoY) 8 Out-of–School Programs Approximately 2,700 active students will receive JAG Services this year, 1,000 additional students will receive follow-up services.

7 Jobs for America’s Graduates and the JAG Model
JAG is a national non-profit organization established to assist States in creating a dropout prevention and school-to-career transition system for at-risk youth. JAG is in 30 states and in over 1,000 high schools, middle schools, community colleges, alternative schools and other locations.

8 The Participant will achieve academic, career and life success!
Ultimate Goal The Participant will achieve academic, career and life success!

9 National JAG After 30 years of operation, JAG has proven to be one of the most cost-effective and successful state-level strategies for tackling: high dropout rates low academic performance youth unemployment and other critical issues related to at-risk youth

10 National JAG JAG has the numbers to validate its success.
Contractual relationship between state affiliate and JAG. Affiliates “promise” to implement the model and adhere to “standards” which have been established through extensive research and analysis.

11 DOE LEA (Supervisors) Specialist
Organizational Chart DOE LEA (Supervisors) Specialist

12 JAG Model Programs Five JAG Models Senior Year Program
Multi-Year Program Out-of-School Program Middle School Program Alternative Program

13 Alternative Model (EMPLoY)
PROGRAM MODELS Out-of-School Model Multi-Year Model Middle School Model Senior Model Serves participants Per site Serves students Per site Serves students Per site Alternative Model (EMPLoY) Multi-year Model 9th to 12th grade students Students may work on traditional high school diploma or GED JAG is an elective course Students have multiple barriers to successfully complete their secondary education Senior Year Model 12th grade students Students often attend school ½ day and work ½ day 12 months of follow-up services provided once the student exits the program Out-of-School Model Students are no longer in a K-12 school setting Most work to complete their GED Career skill development is a major component Serves students Per site Serves students Per site

14 Educational Mission to Prepare Louisiana Youth
EMPLoY Educational Mission to Prepare Louisiana Youth ALTERNATIVE JAG

15 JAG Components #1 Oversight Body #2 Program Management
#3 Program Staff #4 Student Selection #5 Student Load #6 Career Association/Professional Association #7 Employer Marketing and Job Development #8 Competency Attainment # Follow-up Services #10 National Data Base Participation

16 Student Selection Identify the students who most at-risk , “at PROMISE”, of not graduating (9th -12th grades). Develop a strategy to recruit students. Conduct an interview with potential JAG students. Create ways to involve parents in the JAG program. Advisory committee will help in the selection process, but the JAG Specialist has final say in who will participate in the JAG Program.

17 Students who need it, want it and can profit from it!
Who do we target? Students who need it, want it and can profit from it!

18 Student Selection/Load
Student load is a critical consideration when reviewing a program’s ability to deliver quality services and to achieve program performance goals at a reasonable cost per placement.

19 Interesting! In fifteen months, employed JAG students repay the cost of the program through their taxes alone!

20 Career/Professional Association
To use a student-led organization called the National Career Association (NCA), to motivate program participants using pride of membership (belonging), involvement and recognition, to encourage participation in chapter activities for the purposes of reinforcing the JAG competencies and to achieve program outcomes.

21 Career Association Students are elected to offices
Officers from each JAG-LA site attends Student Leadership Conference Officers can run for State Career Association Offices

22 Career Association Activities
Students should have the opportunity to contribute at least ten hours of personal time toward community service projects. Additional activities include; Fundraising, social, civic and leadership.

23 JAG National Competency-Based Curriculum
Personal Skills Development Career Development Job Attainment Basic Skills Leadership & Self Development Life Survival Skills Work Place Skills Economic Empowerment

24 Employer Marketing and Job Development
Major component of the JAG program ~Guest Speakers ~Mentors ~Field Trips ~Job Shadowing ~Work-Base Learning ~Jobs ~Donations/In-Kind

25 Follow-up Services Services are provided to graduates and non-graduates for the duration of a 12 month period. JAG participants are contacted monthly. Employees are contacted every month for the first 6 months and then every other month.

26 Follow-up Services Services provided
Guidance in making plans for additional education. Counseling to improve personal and job performance. Feedback from employer to employee. Encouragement to improve graduate’s potential. Assistance in achieving a positive change of status on the job. Placement in a “quality job”.

27 Transition /Follow-Up 9th grade
92% return-to-school rate for 9th graders. 66% of 9th grade follow-up students should achieve “in school connected (IS/C) status by years’ end. 85% positive outcomes for 9th grade follow-up students (attendance, behavior and GPA).

28 National Data Management System Objectives (e-NDMS)
To collect and report data to JAG as a means of tracking and evaluating program success in keeping students in high school through graduation, helping non-graduates receive a high school diploma (or GED), and transitioning graduates and DOR participants into quality jobs.

29 E-NDMS Who is served. What services are delivered.
In simpler terms, e-NDMS collects data on: Who is served. What services are delivered. What outcomes are achieved.

30 JAG-LA Multi-Year Program Benchmarks
90% Graduation Rate for in-school programs and a 50% Graduation Rate for out-of-school programs. Postsecondary Education and/or entering the workforce in a quality job leading to a career. 120 contact hours. 10 hours of community service. Attainment of required competencies.

31 JAG-LA Middle School Benchmarks
80% competency attainment. 120 hours of contact time. 10 hours of community service. Competency attainment (37 Competencies). Academic Remediation should count for a minimum of 15% of all contact hours. 66% improvement on self-perception pre and post-test scores by the end of 8th grade.   

32 EMPLoY Alternative JAG
At least 80% of EMPLoY students will achieve a gain in reading in excess of one Grade Level Equivalent. At least 50% of EMPLoY students will receive a GED during the course of the academic year. At least 80% of EMPLoY students will earn dual enrollment, articulated credit or earn a BESE- approved IBC during the academic year.

33 EMPLoY Alternative JAG
At least 50% of EMPLoY students will earn a National Career Ready Certificate by scoring Bronze or higher on WorkKeys® during the academic year. All EMPLoY students will participate in a work-based learning experience of at least 40 hours duration in the academic year or following summer. Attendance will improve 10%. Achieve 120 contact hours, including 10 hours of community service

34 It takes a very SPECIAL person to be a JAG Specialist !

35 JAG-LA Specialists’ Responsibilities!!!
Participant Folders Student Portfolios Specialist Portfolios Monthly Reports Developing Chapter of Work Employer Marketing & Job Development Plan Monitoring Database Community Partnerships Competencies ~~~ SUCCESS OF THE PROGRAM~~~

36 JAG-LA Specialists’ Responsibilities!!!
Career Association Progress Reports (twice a year) Provide Follow-up Services Putting together an advisory committee Mentor Provide Remediation Oversee workbase-learning Assist with Dual Enrollment ~~~ SUCCESS OF THE PROGRAM~~~

37 JAG-LA Outcomes JAG Standards 96% 90% 56% 50% 71% 60% 52% 93% 80% 63%
In-School Programs National Standard Out-of-School Programs Graduation Rate (Program participants complete requirements for high school diploma or GED) 96% 90% 56% 50% Total Civilian Job Placements and Military Services (Participant employed, enrolled in a post-secondary education institution, or serving in the U.S. military on a full-time basis) 71% 60% 52% Total in Positive Outcomes (Participants employed in civilian jobs full-time or part-time or serving in a branch of the U.S. Military) 93% 80% 63% Total in Full-Time Placement (Participants employed secure full-time jobs in civilian labor market or in the U.S. Military. A full-time job or a set of jobs that provides 35 or more hours of work per week) 95% Total in Full-time Jobs (Graduates employed full-time, enrolled in a postsecondary education on a full-time basis, or to combine work and school to achieve a full-time status) 76% 88%

38 JAG-LA was recognized at the 2009 JAG National Training Seminar and received the following top state awards: “Five of Five” Performance Award for achieving all five standards set by the National JAG Organization. “State GPA High Performer” for delivering world-class services to the Class of 2009 and achieving extraordinary outcomes (middle, multi-year and senior model programs). “High Performer Middle School Program” for number of participants, non-whites and males served. “High Performer Out-of-School Program” recognized for one of the top five organizations implementing the out-of-school model program. “High Performing State Organization” recognized for being one of the top five high performing state organizations .

39 Allen Parish Media Center, Allen Parish
18 JAG-LA Programs received “5 of 5” Performance Club Awards for individual JAG Programs (recognized for achieving all 5 of the performance standards, established by the national JAG Organization). Allen Parish Media Center, Allen Parish Butler Educational Complex, Bossier Parish Andrew Price Alternative School, Terrebonne Parish Marksville/Bunkie High School, Avoyelles Parish Avoyelles High School, Avoyelles Parish Assumption High School, Assumption Parish Bonnabel High School, Jefferson Parish L.W. Higgins High School, Jefferson Parish

40 “5 of 5” continued John Ehret High School, Jefferson Parish
Sulphur/DeQuincy High School, Calcasieu Parish Caldwell High School, Caldwell Parish E. S. Aiken Optional School, Rapides Parish Louisiana Technical College-Baton Rouge Louisiana Technical College-Lafayette Plaquemine High School, Iberville Parish Pickering/Rosepine High School, Vernon Parish Leesville High School, Vernon Parish Wossman High School, City of Monroe

41 Counselor’s Role in a JAG Program
Recruitment Student qualifications If requested, serve on the JAG Advisory Committee Provides appropriate documentation Social security numbers Grades from previous years Standardized test scores Copies of IEP’s or 504 Plans Behavior Reports Works with the Specialist to provide more in-depth counseling/guidance.

42 For more information, please contact
Dianna Keller at (225) or Debbie Desormeaux at (225)

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