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To balance the system Types of Compost Tea Brewers.

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3 To balance the system

4 Types of Compost Tea Brewers








12 Viktor Schauberger

13 High quality compost.

14 Annual PlantsPerennial Plants Succession Group EarlyMidLateOld Growth Fungal : Bacterial Ratio Bacterial 0:1 – 1:2 Balanced 1:1 Fungal 2:1 – 200:1 High Fungal 201:1 – 1000:1 Example Plant Groups Leafy greens, grasses Woody annuals, grasses Berries, nuts, stone fruits, grasses Conifers, oaks, nuts Example Species Spinach, carrot, broccoli Tomato, corn, wheat Strawberry, apple, timothy grass Pine, pecan, chestnut

15 Food for the Microbes BacterialFungal Non-sulfured MolassesKelp Cane syrupHumates, Humic and Fulvic acids Maple syrupRock dusts (phosphate, granite, etc) Sorghum syrupFruit pulps Fruit juicesAloe vera and Yucca Fish hydrolysate Mix at ½ to 1 Tablespoon per gallonMix at 1 to 4 Tablespoons per gallon

16 Mineral Catalysts

17 Other possible inputs Bacterial and Fungal Inoculants Any organic fertilizer Any specific nutrient source that your soil test recommends can also be added to the tea to make it more bioavailable.

18 Step 1: Setup your commercial brewer OR make your own with a food safe container, such as a 5 gallon bucket, an aquarium pump (at least a two outlet size, larger if possible), at least 4’ of food safe tubing connected to the pump, and also connect airstone(s) or weight the end of the tubing.

19 Step 2: Fill your container with clean, chlorine and chloramine free water. Rainwater is the best choice. Do NOT use water that has been through a water softener! Place your container in an area where spills will be acceptable.


21 Step 3: Drop the airstone or weighted tube into the container of water, plug in the pump and start bubbling.

22 Step 4: Add your inputs.

23 Step 5: Brew for 12-48 hours, depending on amount of aeration and desired microbe population.

24 Soil Drench Sprayer

25 AmountMinimum Rate Maximum Rate Fequency of Application General Use1 gallon per 250-500 square feet 1:161:1 Varies Gardens80 gallons per acre 1:161:2 Weekly Lawns80 gallons per acre 1:81:1 Monthly Farms20 gallons per acre 1:41:1 Bi-Monthly HydroponicsDepends on resovoir size 1:501:8 Every 1-2 weeks

26 Compost Pile Innoculant Seed Soak Dipping plant cuttings Diseased plants Tree root soak Houseplants


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