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The Foundation Scholarship Story Helping Students Put Their Dreams in Action.

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1 The Foundation Scholarship Story Helping Students Put Their Dreams in Action

2 Scholarship Categories: What Comprises the $377,700.00? Unrestricted Scholarships: $110,000.00  BOAT, SAIL, HOPE Bridge Restricted Scholarships: $50,000.00  Camden County Engagement, John Hunt, etc. Endowed Scholarships: $217,700.00  Szwast, Dinos, Lucas, Rose, etc.

3 Scholarships = Student Success Foundation Scholarship recipients made the Dean’s List for the 2011 Spring Semester at a much higher rate than the student body as a whole (46% vs. 13.5%) 80% retention rate for first-time, full-time students receiving Foundation Scholarship. 59% retention rate for first-time, full-time non-scholarship recipients. Higher retention rates should translate over time into higher graduation rates (will be tracked)

4 The Impact of Student Scholarships Scholarship Recipients College-wide Cohort (based upon fall 2010 enrollment) 110 3, 438 Graduated (Spring 2011) 22 (20% of cohort) 338 (9.8% of cohort) Still Enrolled (as of May 31, 2011) 60 (54.5% of cohort) 1,497 (43.5% of cohort) Mean GPA 3.36 2.53 Success Rate (graduated or still enrolled at CCGA after one year) 74.5% 53.4%

5 Demographics of Scholarship Recipients – 2010-2011

6 Comparison of the Two-Cycle Application Process (reference handout) Cycle 1: High School Seniors  In fall, intended to attract high-achieving, early- applying 12 th graders Cycle 2: Current College of Coastal Georgia Students, Transfer Students, and High School Seniors  In spring, intended to help retain current CCGA students and attract later-applying transfer students and 12 th graders

7 Scholarship Awards to Date 2010-20112011-2012 Total Applications (cycle 1 & 2) 307262 Total Eligible Applicants160140 Total Awards Offered122130 Total Ineligible Applicants147122 or 46.6% of applicants Reasons for ineligibility: 1. Low SAT/ACT Scores (min 1000 SAT, 21 ACT) --30% of applicants 2. Low GPA (min of 3.0 w/ some exceptions) --29% of applicants 3. Incomplete Application--26% of applicants 4. No complete CCGA application on file --15% of applicants

8 How We Compare…2010 USG Student Scholarship Award Data Foundation/Instit ution No. of Students Awarded Total Dollar Amount Total Enrollment% of student body receiving scholarships College of Coastal Georgia 102$220,850.003,4534% Macon State80$140,000.006,2322% Georgia Highlands68$70,000.004,7001.45% Valdosta State285$438,372.5012,8983% ABAC160$260,000.003,3295% Clayton StateN/A$135,000.006,604N/A Georgia College & State N/A$560,000.001,542N/A Columbus State575$1,000,000.008,1787% Kennesaw State550$600,00.0023,0003%

9 2011-2012 Scholarship Recipient Highlights Mallorie Blount, Brunswick High School Terrill Thomas Scholarship & Compton Scholar “After high school I am very excited about starting [to achieve] my educational and career goals at the College of Coastal Georgia. My goal while at the College is to earn an associate’s degree in Radiologic Science…” Ashley Bailey, Glynn Academy, Rose Scholarship “In the near future, I plan to graduate from Glynn Academy with at least a 3.5 GPA to receive academic honors. Afterwards, I will attend the College of Coastal Georgia to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Then, I will attend the Medical College of Georgia to become a Nurse Anesthetist.”

10 2011-2012 Scholarship Recipient Highlights Alicia Taylor, Wayne County High School Brunswick Incentive Grant and Weinstein Scholarship “I have been working at Altamaha Federal Credit Union since June of 2010…it is so important that I earn my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and I believe that College of Coastal Georgia is the perfect place for me to begin this process.” Daren Pocernik, Climax-Scotts High School, Rose Scholarship “Educationally, I am working towards completing my Bachelor of Business Administration because of how it relates to law enforcement. By the summer of 2014, I will be graduating from the College of Coastal Georgia with a Bachelor of Business Administration. Upon graduation, I will seek employment in the federal law enforcement sector.”

11 Goals for Next Year’s Scholarship Cycle Increase applicant pools  Fall 2011 survey of current students to learn about their awareness of Foundation Scholarships  Increased promotion of scholarships at all College-attended recruitment events in summer and fall  Increased emphasis on scholarships for incoming students and parents at summer orientation programs  Targeted mailings to talented high school seniors who meet eligibility criteria  Enhanced presence on College’s website and through use of social media  Focused effort to get faculty to promote to advisees and in classes

12 Goals for Next Year Benefit more CCGA students by expending all available Foundation Scholarship funds for 2012-2013 academic year  Dependent on increasing size of applicant pools for both cycles  Closely monitor spending semester-by-semester and disburse available funding as appropriate  Enable Director of Admissions to offer some scholarship funds directly to most talented students expressing interest in the College of Coastal Georgia

13 Your Role as a Trustee… Remain knowledgeable of the variety of scholarships available to students. (Unrestricted, Restricted, Endowed – we will have more than $400,000 in scholarships to award) Market scholarship opportunities and deadlines to parents and students. (January 1 st deadline for new students and March 15 th for returning students) Market scholarship needs as well as achievements to prospective donors. (We have allocated 38% of our budget to support our students via scholarships and hope to grow this amount to recruit and retain the brightest students throughout the Southeast – many of whom will remain in our community.) Consider budgeting enticing scholarship packages to recruit top talent. (This will allow our Admissions Office to offer packages to top tier students)

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