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Presented By: Robert M. Heffernan, MBA, CFP ® President, Benefits Technologies Partnering With Benefits Technologies.

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1 Presented By: Robert M. Heffernan, MBA, CFP ® President, Benefits Technologies Partnering With Benefits Technologies

2 Introduce Benefits Technologies. Why supplemental benefits? –For your client –For you Explain our business philosophy & process. Next steps. –Pilot program - Success breeds success. –Two pronged approach to your clients. 1 Agenda

3 2 Enrollment Solutions Specialists Over 80 full-time insurance professionals – 22+ years experience Over 300 contracted Benefit Specialist across the country 2,000 active client groups across the nation Employing over 1.5 million people nationwide Group sizes ranging from 50 to 130,000 employees Tools and resources to help employees m ake informed decisions Who We Are

4 3 Our Services – Wide Variety – Partnership with professionals Power of Options – No “cookie cutter” approach – Unique circumstances – Specific needs Enrollments – What fits best (Business Activities; Demographics; etc.) – Goal: Educated employees making informed Decisions We listen closely to the needs We assess the whole picture We offer solutions Service and Administration What We Offer

5 By the Numbers: 44% Employer may reduce benefits 65% Having enough money to cover increasing out of pocket costs Only 25% have 3 month savings cushion 59% Premature death 52% Premature death of a spouse 4 Why Supplemental Benefits? Employee Concerns

6 68%Important in managing health care costs 66%Feel they are more financially secure 40%Broader selection of voluntary benefits 43%Interested in working with a benefits specialist 5 Market Trends & Industry Statistics Employees Agree Solution – Offer Supplemental Life & Health Protection

7 Percentage of employees responding favorably to their benefit package: 6 Perception is Reality Those with above average healthcare benefits Those with below average healthcare benefits With effective benefit communication 83.6%76.2% Without effective benefit communication 25.7%22.1%

8 Stronger relationship with your client – Protects you from someone else bringing this to the table – Demonstrates “Full Service” feature of the BOK Referral Revenue* – 250 employee group = $500 - $1,200 in compensation – 1000 employee group = $1,000 - $5,000 * Depends upon participation, products & conditions 7 What Can This Partnership Do For You?

9 Broker/Consultant Mentality - Objections Historically core benefit focused Belief – many consultants don’t buy into it. Don’t want us diluting the value of benefits Healthcare Reform threatens Brokers livelihood Health Insurance covers everything medically but not everything financially Spreadsheets can be helpful Decisions are made based on contractual provisions VB products are not mirrors of each other Pricing models - voluntary benefits are a poor value – for right or wrong Don’t like heaped commissions Many consultants like levelized commissions. Need predictable revenue. The way they are compensated doesn’t fit into the traditional VB model. Voluntary benefit counselors push too much product on employees Billing and administration not worth the headaches – it jeopardizes my client 8 Brokers and Consultants Barriers to Voluntary??

10 The Challenge! Get past the prejudice, get past the pricing, get past the spreadsheet – and let’s find a solution for your client! 9

11 10 unum Benefits Technologies Leading Producer with every major supplemental benefit carrier Preferred Underwriting Concessions Most Popular Supplemental Benefits Permanent Life Insurance Accident Critical Illness/Cancer Disability Types of Coverage Voluntary Group – Identical product for all employees Individual – State approved product Carriers & Voluntary Benefits

12 Product Mix Analysis The right product for the right situation Product Due Diligence Comparative Analysis Make use of the total Benefit Marketplace 11 Compensate for Increased Employee Cost Sharing Reduce Risk Exposure Provide assistance through it all Benefit Options

13 The Process 12 System goes offline Reports generated Reports are audited to safeguard against inaccuracies Reports are distributed Benefits Technologies provides service after the enrollment for the employer and employees for the Voluntary Benefit plans (Billing, general customer service, claims, perpetual enrollments, etc.) Post Processing & Servicing Educate employees on the benefits made available to them Assist all employees in selecting or waiving their benefit options Those choosing to select benefits, will receive assistance in choosing coverage levels, adding/changing dependents, beneficiaries and personal data Enrollment Beta release In-house testing and validation Benefit Specialists account training Benefit Specialist software and equipment readiness check Live version launched Testing & Training Communication campaign is developed and executed Data validation begins Configuration of the customized scheduling & enrollment system Post enrollment files are defined and file specifications and delivery are outlined Communication & Construction Plan activities and required resources needed for the project Data requests are executed Case Profile is developed along with roles, responsibilities and project timeline Definition Document is developed Collaboration & Fact Finding Agreement to offer our services Initial set-up meeting Identify client’s specific goals Review business drivers Define the scope of the project Inception With our focused experience, we are proficient in executing enrollment projects successfully using our proven 6 step implementation process

14 Pre-Communication iSelect Enrollment Scheduler Scheduling Efficiency Ensures A Successful Enrollment 13 iSelect Scheduler iSelect Online employee scheduling tool Used with Call Center and Face-to-Face Ensures efficient scheduling Minimizes wait/down times Enrollment date and time sensitive based on available Benefit Specialists Simple login and user interface Employee freedom, flexibility & convenience Time zone flexibility Customizable with logo and scrolling text communication

15 14 iSelect Scheduler Scheduling Efficiency Easy 3 Step Scheduling Process For Your Employees Instant Email Confirmation and Scheduled Reminder 1 Day Prior Proactive Approach With Live Monitoring & Report Capabilities

16 Personal Educational Consultations The professional benefit enrollment specialist provides the “missing link” 15 The Benefit Specialists  Professionals with high regard to security and confidentiality  Benefit education focused  Non-commissioned  Making informed benefits decisions without inappropriate “pressure”  Technology savvy on the enrollment systems, call queues, communication messaging and various other tools necessary to complete their job of educating employees

17 16 Privacy and Security Multi-Layered Approach to Privacy and Security Taking proactive control over the security of sensitive information following HIPAA Guidelines and beyond Physical: Controlled access to facilities Protected infrastructure and equipment Physically separated networks as appropriate Use of headsets for telephonic enrollments Administrative: Only licensed Insurance Professionals Background checks by state and Insurance Carriers HIPAA Compliance and Confidentiality Agreement Strict security training Best practices for data transmission and storage Periodic security protocol review Technical: Enterprise-class anti-virus and firewall software Multiple security zones Enrollment systems use SSLv3 and 128-bit encryption Secured software-based VoIP Encrypted data transmission

18 The Power of OPTIONS 17 Professionalism Our consultative approach ensures that your employees are getting “best-in-breed” benefit programs and that you understand how the programs help your employees Education Our experienced non-commissioned benefit enrollment specialists ensure that your employees make educated benefit decisions for themselves and their families Customization Our entrepreneurial approach result in unique solutions and custom branding for each client Proven Process Our state-of-the-art- enrollment/communication strategies ensure that all aspects of your enrollment are successful from the pre-communication campaign through post-enrollment wrap up Cutting Edge From our front end state-of-the-art enrollment system to our back end technology/data management systems, we use customized software to make sure that we are providing the most efficient and best enrollment process available Why Benefits Technologies?

19 Pilot Program – Identify suitable clients – Initial Contact Use Enrollment Questionnaire Setup Questionnaire – Set follow-up appointment with BENTEC representative Success breeds success 18 Moving Forward Next Steps

20 Employee Enrollment Do your clients have…. a geographically challenging population? outdated or missing employee data? a self service enrollment system with low utilization? Do your clients still… enroll their benefits on paper? manually key in employee elections? pay for communication services? Administration Are your clients…. paying for ineligible dependents on the benefit plans? bogged down with ongoing plan administration? having difficulty with new hire processing? 19 Get into their Heads Talk Their Language Feel Their Pain

21 Advantages Of Offering Voluntary Benefits Prudential 2011 2008 vs. 2011 2008*2011**Change Voluntary benefits often cost less than if you purchase the same benefits outside the workplace 39%49%+10 Voluntary benefits offered by your company give you access to a wider range of useful benefits than you might otherwise have available 33%47%+14 I don’t know enough to say27%13%-14 *2008 base: Percentage of all plan participants **2011 base: Percentage of plan participants whose employer currently offers one or more voluntary benefit

22 21 The Power of OPTIONS Questions? Benefits Technologies

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