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How We Go to Market INSTRUCTOR NOTE:

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1 How We Go to Market INSTRUCTOR NOTE:
THE NOTES IN THIS GUIDE FOLLOW THE SELF-PACED AUDIO MODULE. THE FOLLOWING VIDEO LINKS ARE INCLUDED IF YOU CHOOSE TO SHOW THEM PARTIALLY OR IN THEIR ENTIRETY: Appointment-Setting Video Decision Maker Presentation Video Welcome Call Video Group Meeting Video 1-to-1 Benefits Counseling Video Welcome to the tutorial “How We Go To Market.” Click the next button to start the training. How We Go to Market

2 Menu By taking this tutorial you will learn how we go to market which is important to you, because you will see how all roles affect the sales process, which means to you that roles specialization can help ensure that accounts are opened, coordinated and enrolled in a consistent and successful manner; and the real benefit to you is that when you meet the enrollment goals of the decision maker along with your own goals, you will be able to ask for a referral and the sales process comes full circle. In this lesson, you will learn how we go to market - which is important to you because you will see how all roles affect the sales process, which means to you, that roles specialization can help ensure that accounts are opened, coordinated and enrolled in a consistent and successful manner and the real benefit to you is that when you meet the enrollment goals of the decision maker along with your own goals, you will then be able to ask for a referral and the sale process comes full circle. WHO We Target WHAT We Offer HOW We Make It Happen WHEN We Measure Success

3 What’s Our Fit in the Voluntary Market?
How We Go to Market You are with the right company at the right time.. What sets us apart in today’s market are the benefits counseling and enrollment services we provide to accounts of all sizes – both core and voluntary benefits. As an additional value to our personal insurance products we offer services to the employer to help them enhance and better manage their benefits program at no direct cost. Our most competitive advantage is a distribution system that includes thousands of career benefit counselors across the United States. Most of our accounts employ less than 500 employees, but we have many large cases with 2000-plus lives. We meet the benefit needs of all account sizes, and can offer our products and services to employers with as few as three benefit-eligible employees. An excellent field and home office team comes together daily to guarantee continued success, and provide a great resource to our sales representative team. What’s Our Fit in the Voluntary Market? Pioneered payroll marketing in 1955 An original pioneer in the industry Incorporated in 1939 $1 billion company Operations in 49 states and the District of Columbia 70,000 accounts with over 3 million policies in force A distribution system of career benefit counselors across the United States Brokers account for 2/3 of Colonial Life premium Our value proposition: products, services, benefits communication, enrollment services

4 Only Through Colonial Life…
How We Go to Market Benefits Communication and Education, Flexible Enrollment Options, Insurance Products and Excellent Delivery, Service Standards and Reputation… Your accounts can count on us as a long-term partner to help them: Keep costs down. Fill gaps in their benefit programs. Enhance employee appreciation of what an employer provides Realize tax savings. Consider new options. Only Through Colonial Life… Benefits Communication and Education that helps each employee understand and appreciate benefits available at work. Flexible Enrollment Options that save time and money. can you find these benefit solutions all together in one place. Excellent Delivery, Service Standards and Reputation Insurance Products tailored to personal needs.

5 Joe Opener Mary Susie Benefits Counselor
How We Go to Market We help employers design a flexible employee benefits package that fits their specific business needs. When our voluntary products, benefits education, enrollment and value added services are added to an employer’s benefits package, the result is a more loyal and satisfied workforce and, ultimately, a stronger business. In this presentation you will hear how this team of three roles-specialized Representatives work together to complete a typical sale. Video links are also available for your review that will provide you with additional information. We Consistently Deliver on Our Promise My roles-specialized sales team includes an opener, coordinator and benefit counselor. Joe Opener Mary Coordinator Susie Benefits Counselor Roles Specialization is the Key to Our Success

6 Joe Opener It All Begins with Me, Joe the “Opener”
Multiple notes pages support this slide How We Go to Market INSTRUCTOR NOTE: Before showing this slide, ask reps what sources they would use to gather leads. Flip chart their responses. Review the slide and discuss. Specifically discuss referrals. Which lead do you feel would give you the BEST opportunity for a new account? Why is that the BEST lead? (Here we are looking for REFERRAL as the best, if you do not get that – help drive them to it) If you said “referral” you are correct! However, you must know that referrals are earned. In order It All Begins with Me, Joe the “Opener” Open new accounts, gather leads and identify potential groups Joe Opener Libraries - Reference and other sites People I know/Past relationships Network with business associations Community organizations Brokers Customer referrals to ask a decision maker at a company for a referral you must first provide value to them. Once you have given value, all you have to do to get referrals is ask for them. Hi, I’m Joe, and as you’ve noticed… it all begins with me (laugh). Join me as I share the opener’s roles and responsibilities and how important they are to our marketing process. My most important responsibility is to open new groups. How do I do this? By gathering leads and identifying potential groups. Libraries are a great source for doing leads research. They provide online access to an internet site called that provides a great deal of information about companies in your area. With a library card you can even access it from home! Another great source are your friends and past relationships. How often do you think about where your friends work? Put these companies on your group prospect stimulator. The purpose of the stimulator is to jog your memory on the companies you know and do business with. Networking through business associations and community organizations like the local Chamber of Commerce or Rotary can also be very rewarding. I recommend you take an active, service role with this organization so you can get to know the membership. As you become more involved in our business, you’ll meet and develop relationships with brokers. Where do you get your best leads? From customer referrals – they’re the greatest testimonial you can have for quality, service and trust.

7 Joe Opener I Qualify the Lead then Set the Appointment
How We Go to Market A qualified lead includes The company name and current address, name of the business owner, phone number, number of employees and whether they offer benefits to their employees. After I have my qualified list of leads I call them to set an appointment to make a decision maker presentation. You can get a copy of our recommended leads script on Propr or in the Appointment Setting class. The script is a successful prospecting tool. It is predictable, repeatable and has been proven to be very successful. It’s important to understand that phone prospecting a few hours several days during the week ensures your chances of success. I recommend that you follow the suggested hard calendar of your territory and district. I Qualify the Lead then Set the Appointment To qualify a lead, identify: Company name and current address Name of the business owner Phone number Number of employees/whether they offer benefits to their employees Call to set the appointment with the Decision Maker Use the recommended Leads Script Predictable, repeatable and proven to work Download from Propr; or take the Prospecting Class If you have not already attended the Colonial College Appointment Setting Class you will want to do this as soon as possible. To register for a class go to the Prospecting course page on Propr. INSTRUCTOR NOTE: ask reps if they know what a qualified lead means. Flip chart and discuss. Joe Opener

8 Joe Opener Presenting to the Decision Maker 20 Minute Appointment
How We Go to Market After the appointment has been set, you’ll need a professional presentation to share with the decision maker. Go out to Propr and get our Decision Maker Presentation. It is the suggested script that will help you know what to say, and an agenda to walk you through each step of the presentation. When you package the script with our “Benefits That Count” brochure, you’ll have a very successful tool. One of the most important steps of the presentation is the “discovery”. Using the Discovery Form, I ask questions to better understand the business and its needs. The answers that a decision maker provides will point you in the right direction, and you’ll be able to position the right products and services. Presenting to the Decision Maker 20 Minute Appointment Decision Maker Presentation and Script Benefits That Count Brochure (for small accounts) Benefit Solutions That Count Brochure (for large case accounts) Discovery Form Our “Benefits That Count” brochure was specifically designed to help you close smaller accounts. The “Benefit Solutions that Count” brochure is used for large case accounts. This brochure covers several of our services in more detail. Both brochures help you move through a logical flow of positioning us as the solution to their benefit issues and helps the decision maker say “yes.” SHOW DM PRESENTATION To get the Discovery form and review the presentation in its entirety go to: Propr > Sales & Service > Playbook System Joe Opener Decision Maker Presentation Video

9 Joe Opener I Negotiate Good Working Conditions
Multiple notes pages support this slide How We Go to Market INSTRUCTOR NOTE: Before you show this slide, ask questions about each of these working conditions to find out what the reps know. Working Conditions are critically important, but do you know what they are? When we present our products and services, we also set the expectation of “how” we will be successful for the decision maker. We call this working conditions. Remember, you don’t really have an account until you have a completed, successful enrollment. Setting good working conditions helps us achieve a successful enrollment. The Group Meeting is used to help employees understand and appreciate the benefits offered by their employer, help employees understand how their enrollment process will work, and the new benefits that will be offered. Use group meetings to deliver a I Negotiate Good Working Conditions Group Meetings Delivery of a consistent message to everyone Helping employees understand and appreciate their benefit offerings 1-to-1s Being able to see each and every employee in a private setting Discussing personal needs Internet Internet connectivity to our online Harmony’s enrollment platform consistent message to all employees at one time…it will reduce the amount of time you spend in the one to one meetings. One to One Benefits Counseling is an important working condition. Being able to see each and every employee allows us the opportunity to provide customized presentations in a private setting, so each employee can open up about his or her needs in a safe, secure place. Always negotiate a private room with a table, chairs, internet access and electrical power to ensure your success. Internet Connectivity Harmony® is an online web based enrollment system that is our preferred enrollment method . We will discuss its capabilities later in this training. Time is another important working condition. Establish the time needed for your enrollment early in the process. The enrollment type will dictate how much time is needed before the enrollment starts, how long the one to one meetings will take and how much time after the enrollment is needed to prepare the reports. Data is a critical working condition. The type of enrollment we conduct determines how much data is needed from the account. We’ll need employee data provided to us electronically in an Excel spreadsheet. As a Colonial Life Representative, you and your account have access to a secure method of sharing data. This tool is called Secure File Transfer. Finally, set Enrollment Goals by identifying everything that you and the decision maker have agreed upon. These goals give your enrollment team focus and direction. A few examples of enrollment goals include updating employee address and phone information, increasing participation in core benefits and/or Section 125, and helping employees understand and appreciate all that the employer does for them. When the opener sets enrollment goals it will give them an opportunity to talk with the decision maker after the enrollment and ask for a referral. Joe Opener Set these expectations with the decision maker because success depends on good working conditions! Time Prep time before the enrollment 1-to-1 sessions Time for reporting after enrollment Data Electronic employee census info Sharing data through our Secure File Transfer Tool Enrollment Goals Agree on enrollment goals such as updating employee info, etc. Meet goals so you can ask for a referral

10 Joe Opener …and, when the Decision Maker Says “Yes”
How We Go to Market INSTRUCTOR NOTE Cover each item on list Have examples of completed forms for them to review. Be sure to demonstrate the Opener Folder with the leave behind data sheet and the Post Yes Script. RESOURCES: Post-Yes Script – Opener Folder When I hear “YES” from the decision maker, I know it’s time to complete the paperwork. You’ll need: A New Account Set-up Sheet to collect the company information, and A Commission Set-up Sheet to ensure you get paid! The New Account Set-up Sheet and the Commission Set-up Sheet must be completed for every account. …and, when the Decision Maker Says “Yes” It’s time to complete the paperwork! New Account Set-up Sheet Commission Set-up Sheet Flex Supplemental Form Section 125 App ER Contribution Form These other forms are used based on the needs of the account: The Flex Supplemental Form is required if you are setting up a Section 125 plan or if our benefits are added to an existing Section 125 plan. A Section 125 Application is also required if the account does not have a current pre-tax program in place and wants to use our vendor partner to set up and assist with their Section 125 plan. The online Employer contribution form is completed when the employer contributes to any of our products. It is very important that you meet with your manager or trainer to learn about all these forms in detail. Joe Opener

11 Joe Opener I Conduct the Welcome Call 1 My Welcome Call
How We Go to Market After the decision maker signs all the paperwork - the opener (or the coordinator) will fax it to the New Account Setup department. Once the paperwork has been received a call is made to the New Account Setup department. The opener (or coordinator) and a representative from the account which might be the decision maker, the plan administrator or a payroll manager completes the Welcome Call. My Welcome Call solidifies the business relationship between the new account and home office, and must be completed prior to the start of the enrollment. One objective of the Welcome Call is to reduce billing errors, which is a major complaint about some of our competitors. Reducing billing errors is a major step in becoming a partner with the account, and not just another vendor to the account. I Conduct the Welcome Call 1 My Welcome Call Solidifies the relationship Reduces billing errors Creates a partnership Makes us unique Sets up the account’s: Billing Control Number (BCN) Commission Account Number (CAN) Premium Effective Date (PED) Coverage Effective Date (CED) Risk rating (if disability is offered) 2 Again, be sure to meet with your manager to understand this process in detail. Most companies don’t do Welcome Calls; providing this service makes us unique! Show 20 sec of the Welcome Call Video – NOTE You will need to launch the demo from the Tutorial (from the Menu on page 2, select the last option, Welcome Call Demonstration). During the Welcome Call, the home office provides me with the information I need to set up the account. There’s the (BCN) or Billing Control Number for the account. They also assign a (CAN) or Commission Account Number that is used to reflect the commissions that will be earned according to each role. The (PED) or Premium Effective Date identifies the first premium due date and (CED) or Coverage Effective Date identifies the policy effective date. If you’re offering our disability products, you will also be given a Risk Rating, which determines account eligibility and pricing for disability premiums. Finally, the home office sends an to the account contact. When this is replied to, it prompts the contact to set up a profile for access to Colonial Connect, a customized website developed just for your account’s Plan Administrator. This website gives the PA access to billing, claim forms, CCH HRAnswersNow and Secure File Transfer. All of these terms will be explained to you by your manager or trainer. Be sure to attend all training when it’s available in your area. Joe Opener 3 Welcome Call Demonstration 4

12 Joe Opener Mary After the Welcome Call…
How We Go to Market INSTRUCTOR NOTE: It important that you discuss the Sales Contact and Service Contact roles how it affects Harmony® access. After the Welcome Call is completed, I give all of the account information to my coordinator, Mary. The home office will grant access to the Harmony shell based on the names identified for the Sales Contact and Service Contact on the Commission Account Setup Sheet. This is typically the opener and the coordinator. Keep in mind, if the Welcome Call isn’t completed or the new account paperwork isn’t finished, signed and faxed in to the New Account Setup department, the Harmony® shell will not be created and the coordinator will not be able to build (set up) the account for the enrollment. Now Mary will tell you what she does! After the Welcome Call… I hand off the account’s information to my coordinator, Mary The home office grants access to the Harmony shell based on the names identified for the Sales Contact and Service Contact on the Commission Account Set-up Sheet. Joe Opener Mary Coordinator

13 Mary Now It’s Time to Coordinate the Enrollment Coordinator
How We Go to Market Now It’s Time to Coordinate the Enrollment INSTRUCTOR NOTE: discuss the importance of each these bullet points. It’s my responsibility to contact the account to set-up or confirm the dates and times of both the pre-enrollment (Group) meetings and/or the one-to-one enrollment meetings. I’ll ask for an electronic spreadsheet with the employee profile information. If this enrollment includes Core I will ask for the employee deduction information as well. I verify when the enrollment results, which are the new employee deductions, must be delivered to the account, in time for the first payroll deduction for the employees. My primary responsibilities are to: Contact the Plan Administrator to set-up or confirm dates and times for group meetings and 1-to-1 benefits counseling sessions Gather employee information (electronic census data) Create the enrollment guide Build packets and conduct pre-enrollment meetings with benefit counselors Sometimes attend group meetings Help determine the enrollment method I’ll also create an enrollment guide which is a written set of enrollment instructions for the benefit counselors. The guide lays out every detail of the enrollment so there are no misunderstandings during the enrollment. I also build packets which include all account specific information for the benefit counselors and hold pre-enrollment meetings with them. From time to time I’ll attend and may be a part of the group meeting. Based on the opener’s notes and my conversation with the PA an enrollment method will be decided upon. Mary Coordinator

14 Co-Browsing (requires virtual meeting room)
How We Go to Market INSTRUCTOR NOTE: Ask questions about each of these methods to see how much the reps know and understand. Choosing the right enrollment method is very important so let’s discuss them. Our number one preferred enrollment method is always an individual 1-to-1 benefits counseling session. We specialize in meeting face to face with employees at the account. We can do these online or offline, and all sales representatives involved must be licensed in the state where the application is taken. This type of enrollment allows employees to ask specific questions that impact them directly. Co-browsing enrollments are for employees not able to meet face-to-face at the account, but are able to meet via phone and video conference to virtually enroll. This method can save travel time and expenses when the account has remote employees. The video conference service must have the ability to share or give control functionality so the employee can sign the application. Benefits counselors must be licensed in the employee’s resident state and should use the employee’s resident state as the app signed state. Call center enrollments are for those employees who are not able to meet at the business site but can call to enroll. This is usually the desirable option if the account has a large population of employees who cannot be reached by a traditional 1-to-1 benefits counseling session. This type of enrollment does require home office approval by contacting your underwriting risk manager for consideration and restrictions. The Harmony system will pre-populate the employee’s resident state as the app signed state. Sales representatives must be licensed in the employee’s resident state to enroll via call center, as well as certified for call center enrollments. Refer to the Propr course page to take this training. I Help Joe Choose the Right Enrollment Method We offer many enrollment options: Harmony® Enrollment System Agent Assisted Co-Browsing Call Center Self-Enroll Express Enroll Paper Applications Census Enroll Auto Enroll Connections Co-Browsing (requires virtual meeting room) 1-to-1 Agent Assisted Paper Apps Self-enroll is done through the Harmony system where employees can log in and enroll themselves. This is an option for employees who may have missed their opportunity to meet 1-to-1 with a benefits counselor. Self-enrollments work best when core benefits are also enrolled through Harmony. This option is not a preferred enrollment method because of potentially low participation and high risk. Self-enroll does require home office approval by contacting Underwriting for considerations and restrictions. The typical commissions for the benefits counselor role are split between the opener and the home office. The home office submits the business, not the benefits counselor like they do for all other enrollment methods. The applications for self-enroll are submitted after the enrollment period stop date. Express Enroll is our new enrollment method. This option should be considered when you are working with a broker or employer who will not allow any of the enrollment options already mentioned. This can only be used for the first enrollment of new accounts to allow the broker or employer to see the value Colonial Life can provide. The setup is field-enabled in Harmony and the account must have a minimum of 50 lives. The product offering is limited, and the employer can select up to three of the following products: Group Critical Care, Group Accident, Group Medical Bridge, Group Disability or Whole Life. A licensed sales representative must be present at the Group Meeting and licensed where the Group Meeting takes place. This option requires a paper sales summary, and is processed as manual business. Census Enroll in takeover situations with less than 100% employer paid products is available for Group Critical Care, Group Disability, Group Term Life, Group Medical Bridge and Group Accident. The capability can also be used with Group Cancer if an additional product line is included. With Group Cancer, there will be a 50% reduction in compensation for all sales roles. To use Census Enroll, accounts must have a minimum of 100 currently enrolled lives. Benefits counselor compensation will be coded to the home office. Census Enroll is also available when the employer pays for 100% of the employee’s coverage. There are two options: 100% Employer Paid Employee Only Coverage and 100% Employer Paid All Covered Levels. If the employer elects to pay for the employee-only coverage, then the employee has the option to purchase Spouse and/or Dependent coverage. It is available for all Group product lines – with the exception of Group Term Life. Auto-enroll is available for accounts with 250 or more eligible lives and requires approval by Group Underwriting. Auto-enroll census data should be submitted to the home office using existing secure file transfer. It is only available for the following group products: Group Medical Bridge, Group Critical Care, Group Accident and Group Term Life. The employees must Opt Out if they do not want coverage; otherwise, they will be automatically enrolled in the products. The enroller compensation will be coded to the home office. Colonial Life Connections is available for an account to use their current enrollment platform and bridge to the Harmony system. Harmony Connect accommodates the account’s enrollment platform for a subset of the benefit offerings. The transition is seamless to the employee so decision makers, plan administrators and business owners can be assured of a streamlined enrollment process. Make sure you attend the Harmony® enrollment class for more detail. To get more information on the Harmony system go to Propr > Sales & Service > Enrolling Mary Coordinator Self-Enroll Connections Express Enroll Auto Enroll Call Center Census Enroll

15 Mary After I Confirm the Enrollment Method with Joe… Coordinator
How We Go to Market After I get the “thumbs up” from Joe, to continue with the enrollment, I contact Susie, our benefits counselor and provide her with the Enrollment Guide I’ve prepared. I enter key account information in the Enrollment Guide like the enrollment’s dates, times, and locations. It also lists paperwork dates and deadlines for our voluntary and core enrollment paperwork to be turned in. After I Confirm the Enrollment Method with Joe… To do: Get Joe’s sign-off to continue Add dates, times and locations to the Enrollment Guide Meet with Susie to prepare for enrollment Mary Coordinator

16 Susie Benefits Counselor
How We Go to Market INSTRUCTOR NOTE: Be sure to discuss the difference in Harmony® Online and Offline When a Colonial Life laptop is needed What materials go into the employee enrollment packet Being prepared with for the enrollment with the necessary supplies GROUP MEETING VIDEO As a benefits counselor my responsibility begins by ensuring that Harmony® is available for accessing online or offline enrollments. If the account will be enrolled offline, I must download the database to my Colonial Life issued laptop. It’s Time to Prepare to Enroll Susie Benefits Counselor Confirm my Harmony® access (Online/Offline) Download the database to my laptop (Offline only) Prepare the enrollment packets Check my equipment and enrollment resources Attend group meetings (if necessary) I prepare enrollment packets for the employees based on the specifics set up by the opener and coordinator. It’s really important that I to check to ensure my printer’s also working, I have extra ink cartridges, and that I have a power cord and paper applications. If the power goes out, I’ll need paper apps so I can continue the enrollment. Sometimes a benefits counselor is asked by the opener or coordinator to attend a group meeting. I always go, because it helps both me and the employees. We get a chance to meet each other before sitting down for our one-to-one meeting. To learn more about enrolling , register for the Benefits Counselor class at Propr > Training > Enrollment. I always take advantage of the working conditions Joe negotiates so our enrollments are successful! Group Meeting Video

17 Susie Benefits Counselor
How We Go to Market There are many tools and support materials that help me communicate with employees during the enrollment. My primary responsibility is to discover their personal needs and find benefit solutions for them. Three documents I may provide to employees are: The employee’s Election Form, which the employee must sign. It’s a deduction authorization form that outlines each selected benefit and the premium cost per deduction period. It also contains the necessary IRS Code Section 125 language, to keep the account in compliance. The Benefits Statement shows the employee’s “Hidden Paycheck”. It identifies what the employer contributes annually to the employee’s total compensation package. When employees understand and appreciate all that the employer does for them, it helps drive down turnover and build loyalty. I provide this communication and education 1-to-1 Benefits Counseling Sessions I take pride in helping each employee understand and appreciate the benefits available at work. To communicate the value of their benefits, I use: Employee Election Forms Benefit Statements Salary Illustration at no direct cost to the employer. Joe always makes sure to position this service as he negotiates one-to-one working conditions where appropriate. I may also print each employee’s Salary Illustration during the one-to-one meeting. It illustrates how an employee’s benefit choices affect their net pay. It also shows the estimated tax savings if they choose to “pretax” their premium. Since all three of these documents contain sensitive private information, I never communicate any of this information to other employees or their co-workers. When all my one-to-one meetings are completed, my final responsibility is to audit paperwork and submit the business to the home office in a timely manner. 1-to-1 BENEFITS COUNSELING VIDEO Susie Benefits Counselor 1-to-1 Benefits Counseling Video

18 Wrapping up the Enrollment
How We Go to Market INSTRUCTOR NOTE: Be sure to discuss the importance of: Getting the deduction information to the Plan Administrator or Payroll Dept by deadline The use of Secure File Transfer Follow-up with the decision maker Being pro-active to discover billing issues early At the end of the enrollment, the coordinator and opener meet to ensure that employee choices (deductions for our voluntary products and/or the core product elections) are quickly communicated and delivered to the Plan Administrator/Payroll Dept by the pre-determined deadline. The deduction information that we give back to the account are the election forms and Harmony® data return reports. All Wrapping up the Enrollment Employee choices are quickly communicated and delivered to the Plan Administrator Election forms and Harmony® data return reports are delivered through Secure File Transfer or by hand, to provide a ‘personal touch’ Call to check on the first bill electronic data will be given to the PA through Secure File Transfer. However, we can hand deliver the election forms providing a “personal touch” to the account. Doing this creates an opportunity to gather feedback about the enrollment from the employer’s perspective. It’s also a great time for Joe to discuss how the enrollment went, and ask for a personal referral, if they’re pleased with the enrollment results. Either Joe or I can call the Plan Administrator when they receive their first bill whether it’s paper or electronic. We’ve found that being pro-active helps us discover billing issues early and set the stage for a positive long-term relationship. It’s all a part of the excellent service our team provides, and that sets us apart from any other voluntary benefits carrier. Thanks for another successful enrollment!

19 How Do We Measure Success?
How We Go to Market We’re not afraid to be graded. In fact, we provide post- enrollment surveys so employees can grade us on their enrollment experience and the quality of their benefits counselor – AND we provide those results to our customers. Accountability - its’ always a huge part of our competitive advantage, and the value we bring everyday to working Americans. We also quantify how much better employees understand their benefits through our benefits counseling “report card”. I use it to position why doing business with us and providing 1-to-1 working conditions – is a great idea based on what employees are saying. How Do We Measure Success? Post-enrollment surveys Benefits Counseling ‘Report Card” Post-enrollment/benefits counselor survey LIMRA Customer satisfaction survey Harmony enrollment reporting Some great tools for positioning our dedication to quality assurance are: [click through bullets] Post-enrollment/benefits counselor survey. LIMRA Customer satisfaction survey. Harmony enrollment reporting. Hmmm. . . An overall employee satisfaction score of 94.0…I’d say our team delivered on this enrollment!

20 Coordinator Benefits Counselor Opener
How We Go to Market As we conclude, notice that we’ve come full circle. Our market distribution system doesn’t end with post-enrollment. When we all do our jobs well, the cycle will continue – beginning again when Joe calls on the referral he received from the decision maker. That puts him back into the cycle and the process repeats. WELCOME CALL BCN CAN PED/CED Risk Rating Colonial Connect Account Activation Coordinator Call P.A. to set dates & times Gather data & build database Build enrollment guide “YES!” Paperwork: New Account Set-up Sheet Flex Supplemental Form Commission Set-up Sheet Section 125 App ER Contribution form – online- (if applicable) SET ENROLLMENT GOALS Create a common goal Educate employees to understand and appreciate employer benefits (get and keep good employees) Increase participation in CORE benefits ENROLLMENT METHODS Harmony® S.A.S. Paper Apps WORKING CONDITIONS Meetings – Group, 1-to-1 Internet connectivity Time to meet with employees Room, table, chairs, electrical power and privacy Data – Census Benefits Counselor Attend/conduct group meetings Prepare for the enrollment Conduct the 1-to-1 enrollment Audit paperwork and submit business ENROLLMENT TYPES (15 mins) Colonial Life only (30 mins) Core Communication and Colonial Life (45 mins) Core Enrollment and Colonial Life BENEFITS COMMUNICATION Benefit Statement Salary Illustration Election Form DECISION MAKER PRESENTATION “20 Minute Appt” Introductions Discovery Colonial Life Advantage Next Steps Value Added Opener GATHER LEADS Reference USA People you know Past Relationships Referrals Networking Business Association Brokers POST ENROLLMENT Deliver Election Forms to Plan Administrator Call Plan Administrator when 1st bill is received CALL TO SET THE APPOINTMENT

21 Lesson Quiz The Opener does not: Gather leads Phone prospect
Correct answer: #3 – the opener does not build the account in Harmony. The Opener does not: Gather leads Phone prospect Build the account Make decision maker presentations All of the above

22 Lesson Quiz Correct Answer: #3- All new account paperwork is completed, signed and faxed in to the New Account Set-up department, the welcome call with the account representative is completed. What must be completed to ensure the shell is created in the Harmony system? The welcome call must be completed The New Account Information Form and the Commission Account Set-up form is signed All New Account paperwork is completed, signed and faxed in to the New Account Set-up department, the welcome call with the account representative is completed

23 Lesson Quiz The Coordinator is responsible for
Correct Answer: #5. All of the above The Coordinator is responsible for Verifying account information Creating the enrollment guide Scheduling the benefits counselors who will enroll the account Post-enrollment reporting All of the above None of the above

24 Lesson Quiz What is the benefit of setting enrollment goals?
Correct Answers: #6 1,4 What is the benefit of setting enrollment goals? Gives the entire enrollment team direction and focus Shows the agents how much money they can earn Helps the benefit counselor enroll products Is a great reason to stop by the decision maker’s office after the enrollment and ask for a referral 2 and 3 1 and 4

25 Lesson Quiz Who submits business to the Home Office? The opener
Correct Answer #3. The Benefits Counselor Who submits business to the Home Office? The opener The coordinator The benefits counselor Your neighbor

26 Lesson Quiz Who should conduct the Group Meeting?
Correct answer # 5 the situation is the boss and it may be different for each account. Who should conduct the Group Meeting? The opener, because it is their account The coordinator, they have detailed knowledge of the benefits being offered The benefits counselor, they will be the ones to conduct the One to One meetings with the employees The whole enrollment team The situation is the boss and it may be different for each account

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