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DOH GPB Program Implementation Guidelines

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1 DOH GPB Program Implementation Guidelines
DOH menu of programs; a. DOH menu on GPB are composed of DOH regular programs/assistance which funding source are within the DOH regular budget ceiling consistent with the relevant provisions in the GPB Joint Memorandum Circular issuances.

2 b. Eligible medicines are those provided only under the Complete Treatment Package (ComPack). c. Botika sa Barangay is an ineligible project because a moratorium on its establishment has been in effect since d. Provision of sanitation equipment / facilities is an LHU mandate, whereby DOH can only provide technical directions / assistance to LGU in the i8nmplementation.

3 Development and Implementation:
GPB proposals on health are reviewed at the Central Regional Offices and implemented based on existing DOH technical and financing guidelines 1. Proposed project cost may differ from the approved cost because proposal are also reviewed based on the standard amounts. 2. Proposals on Health Facilities Enhancement Program (HFEP) are project are subject to further/detailed technical and cost validation.

4 b. The following are the regular modes of implementing GPBP projects on health and subjects to existing DOH program guidelines. 1. HFEP equipment are procured centrally 2. ComPAcks are procured centrally and delivered directly to the City Health Offices / Rural Health Units 3. Vaccines and Public health drugs/supplies/commodities are procured centrally

5 4. Trainings on health are organized and conducted through Ros a few are centrally – managed 5. Salaries/benefits/allowances of DTTB Rnheals and RHMPP are paid directly from Ros. C. Fund transfers from ROs to LGUs may be possible for the following selected projects subjects to existing DOH program guidelines and relevant provisions on LGU implementation eligibility in the JMC on GPB.

6 a. Health Systems Development nProgram (HSDP) b. HFEP c
a. Health Systems Development nProgram (HSDP) b. HFEP c. Environmental & Occupational Health

7 Approved 2014 BUB LGU INFRA Equipment Description Batuan
Rosariohan BHS 95,000 Improve/revov/expansion of BHS Aloja BHS 285,000 Const/repair/exp of BHS Behind the Clouds Const/repair/exp. Of BHS Bilar Pob Sur 300,000 Purchased of fully automated water anaalyzer with reagent Poblacion Sur Purchased of fully automated blood anaalyzer with reagent BAlilihan Del Carmen Weste 800,000 Expan/renov/expan

8 LGU INFRA Equipment Description Buenavista Brgy Centro Asinan 451,250 Cosnt/expan/of BHS Brgy Bago Brgy Batuanan Brgy Puting Bato Brgy Rufo Hills Cabula-an Island Calape Calapre Mother & Child Hosp 2M Purchase of fully automated Blood Chemistry Machine with reagenta and ECG machine Duero RHU 475,000 Putchase basic medical equipment and laboratory Maribojoc 528,000 Equioment

9 LGU INFRA Equipment Description RHU birthing clinic 475,000 Purchase of complete set of mastenal & Newborn careequipment PILAR RHU 1045,000 Medical equipment TRINIDAD 1M Purchase of Lab equipment TUBIGON RHU Putohan 653,000 Repair exp/nutr room, conference room VACELNCIA Purchase of equipment


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