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CLA/OCEA -Program Process Binny Arora 20 June 2014.

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1 CLA/OCEA -Program Process Binny Arora 20 June 2014

2 AGENDA page 2 Contract Budget/Flow of Funds Metrics

3 CONTRACT page 3 ScheduleDescription “A”Approved Proposal “B”Approved Budget “C”Eligible Expenses and Ineligible Expenses “D”Program Guidelines “E”Reporting and Metrics Requirements “F”Memorandum of Understanding “G”Communications and Sponsorships “H”Matching Funds Requirements

4 BUDGET/FLOW OF FUNDS page 4 Quarterly payments to OCEA/CLA Reimbursement not advance payment First financial and metrics report due on Oct 15, 2014 (Q1 and Q2) Quarterly financial report- budget vs. actual Attestation by ORS on project spending Quarterly Metrics report

5 METRICS page 5 Outcome Metrics Acceleration Activities Educational Activities Awareness Activities Key Metrics

6 AWARENESS ACTIVITIES page 6 MetricFrequencySource Social and Electronic Media QuarterlyOCEA/CLA Traditional MediaQuarterlyOCEA/CLA Events and Conferences QuarterlyOCEA/CLA

7 EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES page 7 MetricFrequencySource CurricularAnnualOCEA/CLA Extra CurricularAnnual/QuarterlyOCEA/CLA

8 ACCELERATION ACTIVITIES page 8 MetricFrequencySource Client ProfilesQuarterlyCompany Advice, Mentorship and Service Providers QuarterlyCompany Entrepreneurship spaces AnnualOCEA/CLA EquipmentAnnualOCEA/CLA LinkagesQuarterlyOCEA/CLA

9 OUTCOME METRICS page 9 MetricFrequencySource Survival ratesAnnualCompany Funding and RevenueAnnualCompany Jobs, Patents and Products AnnualCompany Regional Mesh NetworkAnnualOCEA/CLA Success StoriesAnnualOCEA/CLA

10 PROGRAM CONTACT Martin Croteau Director, Academic Entrepreneurship (416) 861 1092 x3240 Binny Arora Program Manager (416) 861 1092 x1037 page 10

11 PAGE 11


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